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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Dreaming of a long haul holiday

Jack has been on two holidays abroad, both to the same place, once when he was just 5 weeks old and once last week. These holidays have only been across to Europe but I keep thinking about taking him somewhere further afield, although now it would be in tow with two children

One place I've always wanted to take my children is Florida to Disney, yes I know everyone goes there but it is such a lovely holiday. There are other places in which I would love to go, more exotic places such as the Caribbean but for now I'll be dreaming. 

When I was younger my parents saved really hard to take me to Florida, but I think I went at the wrong kind of age. I was 13 at the time but still thoroughly enjoyed it. I would love for my children to have the whole Disney experience. I would also love to explore other parts of America, there's plenty to see and do there.

The only thing that scares me about booking a holiday somewhere a bit further afield is travelling with the children on a plane. Ok, well at the moment just Jack, but when his sibling comes along, how would I cope with two to entertain.

So here are some tips on long haul travel with children:
- Book your child a seat of their own, long haul you will be glad of a little extra space.
- Whilst waiting for a flight, let your children have some time to run about and let off some steam.
- Get them something new, even just a colouring book and wrap it as a present, the excitement keeps them interested for longer says AAUBlog
- Pack plenty of snacks 
- Keep it simple don't pack too much for on the plane says Mummy2Monkeys a colouring book, ipad with apps on or a few simple books is plenty.

There are plenty of other tips available around and you could always visit eShores for a good place for information and advice on long haul travel. 

Now I can go back off to dream of these holidays and save some pennies to put them into action.

Where would you really like to travel too?
Also, do you have any additional travel tips?

This post is in collaboration with eShores

Monday, 13 April 2015

Week 28.

What an eventful week Week 27 turned out to be. I intended to update regular as I had some time off work but I still didn't manage it. I'm now officially on the final stretch and in the third trimester. 

Well I've mentioned it was eventful, I ended up in delivery suite in the middle of the week as baby decided she didn't want to move, all the time I was there she still didn't move but heartbeat was checked and all fine. When we got home on the evening she did move maybe she was having a lazy day. Movements from baby are becoming a lot more regular, with regular patterns occurring. Others are now able to feel and see babies movements.

Bump popped a little more this last couple of weeks, and I'm beginning to see the growth but baby seems to hide a little at work and I'm still just managing to fit within my work uniform tops. 

This week baby is measuring around 38cm and weighing in around 2.5lbs. Baby can now open her eyes and turn her head in towards the uterus if she notices a continuous bright light. Shes getting used to blinking and now has eyelashes. 

Friday, 10 April 2015

Britax Advansafix

We are big fans of Britax, and I absolutely love being part of the Mumbassador team for them. I enjoy sharing their amazing products with you and this time I'm sharing their Advansafix car seat.

The Advansafix is a group 1-2-3 car seat, which means its suitable from around 9 months until 12 years old (9-36kg). This in return means it good value for money and suitable for parents who are on a budget as there is no need to upgrade the seat. With this car seat there is also the added security of the 5-point harness which is suitable up to 25kg (normally 18kg), this allows you to keep your child within the harness for longer. Following on from this you can use the seat with the standard seat belt. There is also the added bonus of the ISOFIX, Top Tether and seat belt installation in all modes, in return limiting the movement of the seat. The headrest is adjustable to grow with your child, and for the early days, there is the seat recline option for those naps.
Top Tether is not something offered in all cars, so its best to check the Britax Fit Finder first to see if your car is suitable for this seat. 

With this car seat, it was the first time we gave the ISOFIX a use, I was worried it would be complicated and not as secure. I was also worried we wouldn't install it correctly making it unsafe. However, there was nothing for us to be worried about. When we figured out how to install it, should have read the instructions, the installation indicators let us know it was in place securely and we even wobbled it around a lot to check. I feel comfortable knowing Jack is securely in place as well as being comfortable.

With the seat now in place and secure, it was time for Jack to try it out. He was rather excited about this. Jack seemed really comfortable when sitting within the seat, and we have been on plenty of journeys with the seat and had no problems. 

Overall, I find this a fantastic car seat, it features all of the high standards which you can expect with Britax keeping your little ones safe. It comes with an RRP of £220, which may seem steep initially but when you think of how long the car seat can potentially last, up to 12 years, its a small price to pay. I would certainly recommend to anyone looking for a new car seat. 

Please Note: I received no financial compensation for this post, I received the car seat free of charge as part of the Britax Mumbassador program, all opinions and wordings are my own.

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Pictures and Memories...

I love photography, I love looking how creative people are with photographs and I love looking back on ones in which I have taken. I would love to progress my photography further, for a while I've been thinking of getting a new camera but often put other things first. They do say a picture speaks a thousand words. I feel that in the future I will regret not taking some better photos of Jack, and his future sibling, but also our days out, our memories. Even now in Jacks short three years I often look back on images of when he was small, images of our trips out, so many memories in a photo.

I also feel that my blog would benefit a lot from some better photography, maybe the person behind the camera needs lessons too. I love taking photographs, although the family often look at me weird if I choose too, I mean my little camera and phone just aren't cutting it. But memories are much better then weird looks right?

These days there is so much choice in cameras, but I think a camera such as the Panasonic bridge camera is a good option.  They are a step up from the traditional ‘point and shoot’ cameras whilst not being as fiddly as a DSLR. Many now offer as good a picture as a DSLR would. They offer opportunities to alter settings more so than a point and shoot giving the user more control with the settings allowing them to be more creative. I do own a lovely bridge camera as well as a point and shoot and although they both take lovely pictures, the bridge is definitely much clearer.

Now that the summer is fast approaching, I think I will definitely need to improve and take some beautiful photographs in the natural light.

Published in conjunction with Panasonic

Friday, 3 April 2015

Thomas and Friends Wooden Pre School Board Games

Jack is finally at an age where playing isn't just about toys, we can play board games with him. Ok not your typical monopoly or whatever but simple ones.

Recently we were sent two games from the new Thomas and Friends wooden pre-school games range, these were Tic, Tac, Toe and Dominoes. Neither of these are games in which Jack has played before so it was all new to him.

Well Jack loves Thomas and all things trains, and I love wooden stable toys so it was win win all round really. The first thing that caught my attention with these games was the quality of them, they were made from lovely wooden pieces with bright colourful images on them. The images whilst being bright and colourful are painted on however are not easy to scratch off.

Tic, Tac, Toe.
I know this game better as naughts and crosses, and its a lovely traditional game which is easy to play. The game comes on a small square board which is quite thick, with largish thick counters. The aim is to connect three holes within the track with your piece. Jack found this game really enjoyable, at first he didn't quite understand to take a turn when playing but once explained he knew what to do and soon got the aim of winning. Upon completing a game he would ask for more. Its a fantastic game to help develop hand-eye co-ordination and image recognition. Not only did we use this game to play naughts and crosses but as a memory game too where I would ask Jack to find the different trains and see if he could point to the correct one. 

Wooden Dominoes & Track Puzzle.
The dominoes were of equal quality to Tic, Tac, Toe with bright colourful pictures which were clear of each character. This game is multi-purpose as you can play a traditional game of dominoes and be the first within the team to get rid of all your dominoes by matching the pictures. Or, for an extra piece of fun you can flip all of the dominoes and build a train track for Percy and Thomas to ride on, or your small trains if you prefer. Jack and I played a traditional game of dominoes which he really enjoyed, he enjoyed matching the pictures and seeing what he would need to find next. Again, this game encourages children to develop their hand-eye co-ordination as well as image recognition.

Wooden toys are simply one of my favourite kind to purchase, don't get me wrong we enjoy plastic toys too. I find them great at lasting a little longer with a crazy boisterous boy. Jack has enjoyed playing with these toys and sitting quietly both during the day and as a calm down toy before bed time. I would highly recommend both of these toys to others. 

Please Note: We were provided these games to test for the purpose of this review. No payment was received and all opinions are my own and honest.  

Monday, 30 March 2015

Week 26.

Ok, so I guess I'm not very good at this whole weekly update thing. Working full time is sure getting in the way, I'm incredibly tired by the time I get home. 

I'm still not feeling the second trimester bloom, I'm incredibly tired from work and struggling to sleep at night despite going to bed earlier than normal. I think standing all day at work isn't helping but I'm guessing the weeks will fly by, although they don't feel it right now.

My bump must have finally popped some as finally last week work said I now look pregnant, okay I must have just been fat before hand. We visited my best friend the end of last week and she commented on my bump and how its so much different than with Jack. 
Since my last update I've had an appointment with the midwife, where everything was well baby is quite happy in there with a lovely strong heartbeat. I'm fine too with my blood pressure remaining stable throughout. I've also invested in some maternity wear, good job really as my 'normal tops' are starting to get tight or rise up. 

This week baby is measuring around 36cm and weighs around 760g. This week babies eyes begin to open, and she is beginning to take small breaths. Baby is currently packing up with fat to help regulate her temperature ready for the big world. 

Thursday, 26 March 2015

It's A...

So I've known the gender of this little one for almost 10 weeks now. 
I've thought of many ways to do my gender reveal but time and weather have not been my friend so it's just a simple reveal...

Yep, a little girl.
I'm excited to have one of each and Jack's excited to be getting a baby sister, but I don't think he really minds. 
I cannot wait to dress a little girl up.