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Monday, 20 February 2017

Jack | Now you are five!

Five years ago I became a mother, to you the most amazing little boy I know! 
Jack, I am so incredibly proud of you and everything you have become, even more so now your a big boy as you keep letting me know. 
You've caused me a fair few grey hairs this past year, but I wouldn't be the same without you. You've become an incredibly motivated young boy at school and enjoying your learning now you're settled. 
Your knowledge on somethings astounds me each and every day. 

Even the days you guilt trip me into more time playing on the computer, or getting to watch a film in bed. I'm proud to be your mama.

You are an amazing big brother to your sister and she admires you and looks up to you every day for inspiration.

I love you more and more each day, and I'm proud to call you my little boy, for which you will always be my baby.

Monday, 13 February 2017

The Elisabeth Arms, Bilston has a makeover

Recently The Elisabeth Arms in Bilston had an extensive refurbishment giving a whole new look along with a new menu. We were invited along for a try of the menu as well as have a look at the changes. 
The Elisabeth Arms, Bilston

The Elisabeth Arms, isn't a restaurant I had visited before, I remember once we went to go there, pulled up on the car park which was busy (good sign) but it just didn't look inviting from the exterior so we never went in. This time however, on arriving at the car park, I was pleased with how warming and inviting it looked compared to the first visit I made there. 
The Elisabeth Arms, Bilston

We went on a Saturday evening, so a reasonably busy time which I think is the perfect timing as you get a real feel for how they can cope when busy, also as we always go out for meals as a family, I always want to find somewhere who are good at accommodating families, especially those with younger children. 

The Elisabeth Arms, Bilston

As I hadn't been to the restaurant before or a Sizzling before I was unsure how the seating was but from observing, I believe you go in and find your own table. Ours was a reserved table so after asking a member of staff we were shown to our table however again, watching others they just headed along to their reservation tables also. 

The Elisabeth Arms, Bilston

We sat at our table and made our meal choices before going up to the bar to order. The menu had a wide choice of food available, and on our visit everything was available. As it was a bit busy in the restaurant it did take a short while for our meals to come out, but nothing longer than I would have expected. Whilst we were waiting one of the waitresses came over and offered Jack some colouring sheets which he enjoyed whilst awaiting his food. 

Our food arrived with the children's meals coming first followed by ours. Jack had opted for chicken nuggets and chips with beans, whilst Isla enjoyed a pizza which was served with some salad sticks. Ashley had the Rack of BBQ Glazed Ribs whilst I was a pig and had the All American Platter,we both had ours with sweet potato fries rather than standard chips. Overall the meals were delicious, served hot and full of flavour. They were a lot bigger plates than I was expecting for the price too but very much enjoyed. 

As Jacks meal came with a desert within the price, we had a desert too. Jack had the build your own sundae, Ashley had the Rocky Road Sundae and I had the Kit Kat Sundae. We didn't do Isla's meal on the deal as she doesn't tend to eat much however we did get her a desert of a cookie, but she didn't eat this.

Overall we really enjoyed our meal and the service in which we received at the restaurant. It will definitely be somewhere in which we will return too within the future. 

Please Note: I received a £50 voucher towards the cost of our meal in exchange for an honest review however this does not influence my decision in any way. 

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Pizza Hut Restaurants at intu Merry Hill | A Review

One meal we generally always agree on as a family is pizza. Jack especially likes pizza we get delivered compared to those we cook ourselves – and I have to agree with him. But how would he rate going out to eat pizza in a restaurant?

Well, when I told him we would be heading to Pizza HutRestaurants he did seem super excited. The following morning he was still equally excited greeting me with ‘Morning Mommy, don’t forget we are going to pizza tonight’.

Now I haven’t been to a Pizza Hut Restaurants in a while, in fact mum and I were trying to work it out and still haven’t. We have had collections from our local one but not sat in for a while. I have to admit though the pizza we collected just wasn’t overly nice. But when I head they had now started doing pasta too I was keen to try them out.

Pizza Hut Restaurants at intu Merry Hill

Recently we headed to Pizza Hut Restaurants located within intu Merry Hill, where we were given a £50 voucher to spend. I went along with my mum, Jack and Isla; my mum can find pizzas a bit hit and miss so probably wasn’t the best companion but thankfully it was a hit in fact we all found it a hit.

Pizza Hut Restaurants at intu Merry Hill

So onto our food and visit, so we visited the Pizza Hut Restaurants located in the lower mall of intu Merry Hill. It was a nice and quiet location of the shopping centre with access from outside or within the centre. We sat on a large round table which both of the kids really loved. Upon arrival our menus were already on the table as we had pre-booked so we set to choosing what to eat.

Pizza Hut Restaurants at intu Merry Hill

Pizza Hut Restaurants at intu Merry Hill

Jack knew instantly what he wanted – ‘pizza with macaroonee and pineapple please’ -  that is pepperoni and pineapple to you and me. Jack had his off the bigger kids menu so he could have the two toppings which meant it also came with a side for which he chose mozzarella sticks. We got Isla cheesy pasta shapes from the smaller menu. Then it was onto mum and I, mum opted for a meat feast with a BBQ base, deep pan. Whilst I had a BBQ American deep pan, we then had an additional side of cheesy fries and onion rings.

Pizza Hut Restaurants at intu Merry Hill

After placing our order we were told to help ourselves to the salad bar, I’m not sure where I’d been hiding but I was unaware of the salad bar before this point. However up we headed and I was surprised to see a wide selection including fruit and savoury too – Jack loved the apples.
Pizza Hut Restaurants at intu Merry Hill

Pizza Hut Restaurants at intu Merry Hill

Shortly after our food arrived, Jack and Islas initially followed by mums and mine. All of the food was piping hot so you could tell it was made to order. Our individual pizzas were perfectly sized and not too stodgy – yum! Jack never managed to eat all of his so we were given a box to take the remainder home.

Pizza Hut Restaurants at intu Merry Hill

Pizza Hut Restaurants at intu Merry Hill

Following this was desserts, mum and I didn’t order any as the children’s both come with dessert and Isla wasn’t going to ear one. Jack therefore had Islas ice-cream and mum and I shared Jack’s waffle, although we did end up with an adults rather than child’s portion. The waffle was delicious, very soft and fluffy with a little crunch on the edges. As Jack’s was ice cream he got to go to the ice cream factory, doing his own ice-cream was one of his highlights he then topped with some sauce and toppings – child heaven.

Pizza Hut Restaurants at intu Merry Hill

Pizza Hut Restaurants at intu Merry Hill

I almost forgot our drinks – we had them right at the beginning. Normally I wouldn’t mention drinks as we always just have soft drinks nothing spectacular. However it was a highlight for Jack again, we had unlimited soft drinks and Jack opted for an orange squash with his meal – which was free on the kids menu. At Pizza Hut Restaurants you do your own squash, Jack loved putting his desired cordial in and topping with water.

Pizza Hut Restaurants at intu Merry Hill

The staff within the restaurant were lovely too, very friendly and courteous to all, not just us but the other customer within the restaurant too which was nice to hear around us. Ensuring we all had an enjoyable experience.

Pizza Hut Restaurants at intu Merry Hill

Our experience within the restaurant has certainly encouraged me to want to pay another visit. The food quality and taste was exceptional too, better than I remember from the last pizza we had from there.

Please Note: I received a £50 voucher towards the cost of my meal, however all views and opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.

Saturday, 28 January 2017

Wibbly, Wobbly Jelly Belly...

I must be a fool to think I will ever loose weight, I'm beginning to think I'm destined to be this size forever now. Yet again another week is over and I've achieved nothing, last week I said I hoped to begin the couch to 5k. However, I've still not. I've had no childcare as all my plans went to pot so therefore I've been stuck in the house with a screaming poorly toddler, oh then a grumpy school aged when hes back.

I always used to say I'm obviously happy with how I look because I don't do anything about it, I've tried many times to loose weight and failed miserably each time. I always begin well and then fail. However, I currently hate the way I look, hate my 5000 chins, hate my wobbly belly and certainly hate how unfit I am. I look back at older photos thinking it will inspire me but it doesn't, it makes me even more miserable. Jack even put his head on my tummy the other day and randomly came out with 'wibble wobble jelly belly', no one has ever mentioned anything to him yet he thinks I've a jelly belly. Oh, then there was when I got described as a 'large build lady', all of this should be encouraging me to loose but I'm more miserable, and do you know what happens when I'm miserable, I reach for snacks and I don't mean fruit.

I think right now, I'm trying to balance too much, trying to sort out a work/home balance, trying to dedicate the time to my blog which I miss along with trying to loose weight. Then there is trying to keep the children and pets happy along with a clean and tidy house. I think everything is just getting to much, I'm still not finding time to eat properly or drink correctly and I'm just pushing myself heavier and heavier on the scales.

So, at this moment in time, I hate the body I am living in but I'm still struggling so much to make the changes I need too. I live in hope that one day, I will be back to being happy with how I look.

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

#WeightLossWednesday - Kicking Myself In...

Ok, so this whole weight loss thing has not started how I hoped it would. 
In fact this year its not even started at all. 

So, I've weighed in again, I'm still the same as the beginning of the month, and hopefully I can try and work on this. 
Ashley is trying his best to loose some weight, and has joined the gym. I think with him now in a similar mindset I will hopefully be able to work at it. 

Today, I'm going to try and start the Couch to 5k taking the dog with me to get her exercise in too at the same time. I'm hoping to find out my fit bit again although I can't quite remember where I put it. 
I'm hoping that bit of exercise will start me on the right path and with that and some healthy eating and drinking enough I will be able to set the path straight. 

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Sunday, 22 January 2017

The Cross Point, Brewers Fayre Coventry has a Refurb

Last weekend we were invited along to the newly refurbished The Cross Point, Brewers Fayre restaurant over in Coventry. We rarely go out for meals anymore, but Brewers Fayre is a reasonably priced family friendly restaurant. 

As just mentioned, the restaurant at Coventry has recently undergone a refurbishment and honestly looks amazing. Its got a modern feel, which is really homely and comforting throughout,with traditional styling thrown into the mix too. 

We had a table booked for 7.30pm, the location of the restaurant is near to a cinema, so an ideal location for those visiting the cinema too. The restaurant has an instant warming feeling upon entry, with a welcoming front of house area too. There is plenty of seating area around. Also situated within the restaurant is a play area, this is located separately to the restaurant but still accessible. Upon our arrival, there were plenty of tables already taken, but still room for more. 

Within the menu there is a wide choice of food, along with the daily deals which are on too, including the buffet option. Each of us had a different meal, I had a lamb shank, Ashley had a steak and the children each had a portion from the children's menu. Each meal was a decent portion size and was filling. But of course, we had to sample the puddings so Ashley and I shared the fondue, and Jack had a funny face ice-cream from the children's menu.  

We enjoyed our meals and the dining experience we had too. The service we received was good too, any problems we have they were happy to assist. The refillable drinks machine was empty so they refilled it. 

Please Note: We received a £50 voucher towards the cost of our meal to sample the menu. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Project 365 | 2017 - Week Two and Three

January 7th - Cheeky madam sitting on the arm of the chair...

January 8th - No photos today :(
January 9th - Show and Tell at school today and Jack decides to take all the bears for Goldilocks.

January 10th - How gorgeous are my earrings?

January 11th - I think some little puppy left behind some evidence...

January 12th - Trying on your big brothers swimming goggles, such a fun activity.

January 13th - Snow prints view, finally a small dusting of snow, was attempting to get the dog from the bedroom window but she kept hiding.

January 14th - We went to do a review this evening and I loved this quote.

January 15th - Finally finished painting our downstairs bathroom, brought the paint a while ago but decided to do this weekend, selfie time.

January 16th- Another no photo day. 
January 17th - The girls at work recommended these as a Protein boost, yep I didn't even manage this one serving...

January 18th - Poorly boy off school today with high temperature.

January 19th - Bedtime Pouts...

January 20th - The mini one caught the high temperature so sporting being poorly today