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Monday, 16 April 2018

Siblings | April 2018

It has been an awfully long time since I last joined in with Siblings, I promise myself I will write the post and then get sidetracked with something else. But, I've seen so many beautiful reminders I just had to try and get back into it.

Now, a lot has changed with these two, of course, it has been almost a year so I would not expect them to be the same as back then. But I'll talk about them recently...

We have just, of course, finished two whole weeks with these two together every single day! Now, that seems to have had both pros and cons. Of course, they absolutely adore each other and are constantly looking out for one another. However, their personality similarities can cause us a few issues every now and again - although it seems to be quite often as Isla finds her place in the pack.

The first week of this Easter break we went on holiday to Cornwall, before we left they were planning everything they were going to do together - swimming, building sandcastles and playing when we got there they didn't let any of this slip, everything they planned they did together.
Most of the time, they were the cutest pair of siblings ever, showing their love then you would get Isla becoming jealous of something and deciding she isn't Jacks biggest fan right now.

Then we came back home, where I found them in a mix of playing games together, building lego together and Jack reading stories to Isla when she asked. These cute moments take away all of those where they are bickering.

Whilst their personalities and similarities clash, they are still the most loving and adorable pair of siblings. Even now, I'm still enjoying watching their relationship flourish on a daily basis.

The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful

Sunday, 8 April 2018

7 Things to Consider When Buying a Family Car

7 Things to Consider when Buying a Family Car
Your choice of family car is important. While the most important factors are often reliability and price, it needs to deliver a lot more to work for family life. So, if you’re considering buying a new car for your family, here are 7 important things to consider.
When you buy a car, you want to know that it will safely get you from A to B. That’s why it’s essential to check a vehicle’s Euro NCAP rating. An NCAP assessment covers four areas: adults, children, pedestrians and safety assist. So, check before purchasing to protect your family.
Obviously, you need to make sure your family can comfortably fit in the car, but there are other considerations, too. For example, would you like more children? Do you have pets that travel with you? Or do you like taking long trips? The last thing you want is to buy a car only to find it lacks space.
While space is important, you should keep an eye out for storage, too. Kids come with a lot of stuff, so you need somewhere to put it. Are there spaces for cups? Pockets on the back of seats? Or storage in armrests? These can be easy to overlook, but good storage will keep your car as organised as possible.
If you mainly use the car for shopping trips and school runs, then this is of little concern. But for families who like to go camping or need to pull a trailer, it’s important. Consider the kind of things you like to do. This will ensure you select a car with the right power.
Hatchbacks, estates and SUVs are popular with families. However, just because one family loves their hatchback doesn’t mean a perfect fit for yours. Think about how much boot space you require, if you need to be able to go off road, or the ability to add further seating.
Although most people consider the price of the car – making used cars from V Cars an appealing option – they forget to factor in running costs. This includes things like tax and petrol. As such, calculate the actual cost of the car, to make sure it’s suitable for your family.
As a family car, it must be child friendly. In addition to the above, additional features can make or break a family vehicle. Therefore, when shopping, you could look for cars with extra features, like UV tinted windows or built-in DVD systems.
Follow these tips to help you purchase the right family car. Good luck!

Thursday, 5 April 2018

Easter Holiday Activity Ideas for Kids.

Easter Holiday Activity Ideas for Kids
Easter is upon us which can mean only one thing: school holidays. Providing the opportunity for some quality family time, the Easter holidays can be a lot of fun – that is, as long as you’re prepared.
If you’re yet to make plans, then not to worry. Here are some fun Easter holiday activity ideas to keep your kids entertained.
Keep them Learning
School holidays are a great opportunity for your kids to unwind and relax, but as a parent, you can also use this as a time to encourage their learning. To make this fun, plan museum trips. There are loads of free museums in the UK, with many right on your doorstep, so it’s a great way to have a fun-filled and cheap day out.
Easter Egg Hunt
How can it be the Easter holidays without an Easter egg hunt? You could organise your own in your back garden – an easy way to pass a couple of hours. Or, if hiding all of those eggs sounds like too much effort, attend one of the 250 egg hunts organised by National Trust. With all the hard work already done for you, it’s an easy, fun and cheap family day out.
Build a Fort
Every child loves building a den or fort out of blankets, but with the temperatures finally picking up, it’s a perfect excuse to take this fun outside. Get as creative as you can and have an enjoyable afternoon constructing a fort with old sheets, bedding and blankets. Or, to make the fun last longer, invite their friends or introduce a dressing up box.
Join a Club
With a few weeks to fill, why not use this as an opportunity to get your kids into new activities? Clubs are a great way to do this. Providing creative outlets and helping them to learn new skills, they’re also good for making friends. There’s kids’ clubs for all interests, including chess, books, crafts, cooking, dance and drama, so there’s bound to be something your little one will love.
Try New Sports
If a club doesn’t appeal to your child, then how about a new sport? Kids love trying new things, so find local sports clubs and see what they’d enjoy. This could be football, karate, rock climbing, horse riding, roller derby or cricket. Invest in some affordable equipment – like Heelys from Skate Hut or these cheap cricket bats – to get them started.

Hopefully these fun activity ideas will help you fill your Easter holidays, and keep your kids happy!

Monday, 2 April 2018

Creating Our Perfect Garden Space

Creating the perfect garden space is something I long for, and hopefully this year we will be able to achieve that. But one thing I won’t be changing is my artificial grass.

When we moved into this house almost three years ago now we expected a slightly larger garden and had big aspirations. The reality is we kind of just shambled it all together, laying out the different areas so the kids could get the maximum play out of it that year. You see the problem with our plot, and potentially all new builds - the garden is like a mud pit. It was very boggy and the water just gathered and would take days to disappear. Walking to the tumble dryer which is in the shed at the bottom of the garden would mean lots of muddy footprints coming back in.

I’m no gardener, in fact, I really dislike weeding and pulling up anything, so anything low maintenance is key for me. We decided long before getting the keys we would get fake grass. We intended to get it straight away but had to make manage with some real grass initially. A year after moving in, we got our artificial lawn laid and it has been the best decision we ever made.

We spent ages picking a lawn which suited us best, we didn’t want one which looked overly fake so ended up choosing one with a variety of tones in, and it looks much better than next doors – but I didn’t tell you that.

However, the best thing about the artificial lawn is no more mud. We still obviously have the clay underneath which generally would leave everywhere soggy, but with all the drainage on top of that, and then the grass it quickly soaks away meaning the kids can get straight back outside to play.

The initial outlay for the lawn was quite a lot in comparison to normal grass, however, the benefits for us have far outweighed that, and it’s been the best purchase in the house so far.

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There are many benefits of fitting artificial lawn, including:
- Artificial lawns require no maintenance – well apart from the odd brushing every now and again to keep it looking good.
- It stays green, no brown mush as the weather turns.
- It’s safe for children and pets which was our main reason for purchasing it – we just give it a good jet wash down every few months to get rid of the pesky smells and mess the animals may leave.
- No mud!
- Perfect for hayfever sufferers.

So, onto our future plans, we hope to remove the bark areas because of the drainage issues and replace it with decking. We will replace the swing set with the trampoline and also get a new shed. We intend to relay the patio area and hopefully have no weeds grow through afterward. To finish it off we will be building a cooking area too. We have recently started building a large vegetable patch area which is raised, we currently have grape vines in there but will be planting others in. 

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Brio Ball Pounder | A Review

As Isla gets older shes showing more interest in toys and objects which are allowing her to discover more and learn cause and effect. Through playing she is learning a lot more about the world around her. 

Recently, we received a new toy from the Brio range which is the Ball Pounder, the name alone explains the toy but honestly it's not as scary as it initially sounds. 

Brio are well known for their exceptional quality wooden toys, and this Ball Pounder is no different to the quality you can expect from them. 

The 5-piece set comes complete with 3 bright multi-coloured balls, a child-friendly hammer which has a bright yellow handle and a rubber top, and a bright red bucket. However, there is more to this than initially meets the eye, not only does it provide it intended purpose however, the balls provide different textures being partly rubber and partly shiny. As you move the balls around they also make different sounds. 

Each of the items are in good proportion for little hands, whilst some of the items may come across a little heavier, they were easy enough to manipulate around.

Isla has had so much fun with this toy, she has lined up each of the balls before proceeding to hit them through the small hole. Within the hole, there is a small C shaped plastic which allows the ball to stay up and means it requires a good hit to fall through. 

This toy is suitable for children of 18 months upwards and provides many benefits to the children. It has an RRP of £24.95 and is available from good retailers. 

Please Note: We received this product in exchange for an honest review. All words and opinions are my own and not influenced in any way. 

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Providing Support To Your Loved Ones As They Grow Old.

As your family members begin to grow old they will increasingly need more support from you and your younger family members. They will often need to have a little more care than they did before and their independence may waver, which is why it is our job to be there to support them the best we can. There are plenty of ways we can support our older family members, and here are a few.


One of the main things which will affect your relatives as they grow older is their inability to carry out certain tasks alone. Due to injury, illness and their bodies growing weaker- our elderly relatives can become less independent and this can take a huge toll on them. You can be there to help them feel much more loved and help them out with their daily lives, and this will allow them to stay living at home in a familiar environment for much longer.

A Care Home

Care homes get a bad rep sometimes, but they can actually be a great place to look after your elderly relatives and keep them healthy during their old age. Care homes such as Porthaven offer a huge support to the elderly, giving them a private room which they can decorate, the access to gardens and lots of communal areas to spend time with similar people. It can be a great way to keep your older relative healthy because they will be surrounded by people their own age and will always have access to care when they need it.

Mental Support

When you begin to lose your independence and even when you are forced to leave your own home, it can take a huge toll on mental health and confidence. Many elderly people begin to retreat into their own bubble s they grow weaker because they simply don’t have the strength to leave the house. You can help your elderly relatives by spending more time with them when they need us and to even take them out to meet other elderly people who they can get along with, to give them that extra confidence.

At Home Care

If you don’t want to send your relative away to a care home there is the option of bringing them to live at home with you instead. This will mean a bit of preparation on your part with adding a stair lift, recliner chair and toilet rial- however having your relative at home with you can be great for everyone involved. You will need to dedicate some time to doing up the house and moving their things in, however having your family all together can be great for everyone involved. It give you more time to bond, look after them and to make amazing memories with your loved one. You can have a much healthier and happier life all as one big family this way, and your elderly relative will be able to get the care they need whenever they need it.

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Tuesday, 20 March 2018

How to Keep Costs Down.

Keeping costs down

Sometimes we think with our hearts and not with our heads. Making New Year’s resolutions can often be disastrous, with 80% of people failing by February and regretting it instantly. One of the most common New Year’s resolutions is to cut down on spending, and although this sounds achievable, if you don’t have a fully-pledged strategy in place, the likeliness of failure spirals out of control.

We understand that people can be victim to an unexpected expense — whether this is a home appliance breaking or making that third trip on a bus with only a return ticket. It all adds up. For that reason, we’ve made some assessments on how those extra savings can come in handy if something like that was to occur.


Start off with something small, but something that will make huge changes when it comes to your bank account. Using a megarider ticket, you will be able to travel as much as you want and can tailor your own needs to the ticket type. Whether you’re in need of a weekly bus pass for your travels, or a monthly one — you will find yourself making a huge saving in comparison to buying a ticket every day.

If you’re a driver, did you know that the average motorist in the UK will spend an astonishing £168,880 over their lifetime? With efficiency growing in public transport, there is no reason for you not to consider making the bold move that could help you fulfil your resolution this year and save you a fortune.

When it comes to payments across the year, petrol costs a driver £1,052.04. Servicing a vehicle costs can add up to £441 over a twelve-month period — which can change depending on the individual’s situation. MOTs can cost up to £168.46 annually. Cost of parking is on the rise, and with more vehicles on the roads, there seems to be a higher demand. Over the year, a motorist can find themselves paying £145.80 on parking. When it comes to insurance, this can sway dramatically as younger drivers will find themselves paying a higher cost to be on the road — on average, insurance costs an experience driver £436 every year. Tax can equate to £116.35 on a yearly basis. Car supplies can cost a driver £29.61 and if you were to go abroad and wished to drive, holiday rental cars can leave you £180 out of pocket. Speeding tickets equal £25.12 for the average driver here in the UK. This would cost a driver £2,594.38 in total where commuters find themselves paying considerably less for a significant service — imagine the saving you would make with a megarider ticket!


According to research carried out by MyVoucherCode, people in the UK visit coffee shops at least three times per week — although it has recently become unavoidable, as currently there are over 21,000 outlets around the country! This means that Brits visit coffee shops around 156 times a year with an average spend of £8.52 — with travel expenses, this could go up to £13.85. This creates an annual average spending of £2,600, a majority of which could be saved if you were to opt for taking your own coffee to work.

Branded coffee company, Douwe Egberts, has said that a 250g pack of ground coffee can make up to 30 cups. When looking to see how much a 1kg pack would cost, Amazon has priced the coffee at around £15, meaning that each cup of coffee would cost close to 13p. Try taking a flask to work and even purchasing an on-the-go coffee cup that will see you through your day.

If the rise in prices for cigarettes hasn’t already put you off, knowing that you could save a whopping £3,796 (if you smoke 20 a day) should be the driving mechanism for you to quit. has stated that non-smokers pay around £6,309 less for life insurance, which could be something worth investing in for the new year.

An alternative that many smokers are trying to save money is vaping. 10ml bottles of liquid cost around £5 on average — saving those who turn to vaping around £1,900.

Many of us find it easier to just buy lunch on the way to work — or popping out on our lunch breaks. But what if we told you that, on average, forking out for lunch every day could cost you £1,288 according to research carried out by VoucherCloud. Evidently, you could make a huge saving by preparing your lunch at home — whether this is making a quick sandwich or taking in a tin of microwavable soup to heat up. When we looked at the total working days in 2017, there was 252 — if we went by Poundland’s price of tomato soup, which is 50p, you would find yourself paying £126! A massive saving for anyone looking to cut down on costs.

Unexpected expenses

We’ve all been victim to an unexpected expense, with 54% of 2,000 people asked saying that they suffered from an unexpected expense within the household. On average, these costs totalled £248.70 — showing that any saving is beneficial for occurrences like these. 47% of these issues happened in the kitchen, a room which is essential to the day-to-day running of any home, and if you don’t have the money to pull out instantly, it could cause an everyday stress. Using the savings you would have made by taking your own lunch and coffee to work, quitting smoking, and travelling smarter — you will be able to make life easier. It was also found that 35% of people had to use a credit card to cover the costs of unexpected expenses. With 18% of them not being able to pay more than £100 on their own, 17% had to borrow from friends and family!

Thinking smarter for 2018 is a must, how will you be changing your ways to save money?

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