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Saturday, 14 February 2015

Boy or Girl?

Morning Sickness.
According to old wive's tales, having more morning sickness generally means your having a girl. Now this was correct for my last pregnancy I didn't have any in the early stages and only a little throughout and I ended up with a boy. Yet again I've had no sickness so again predicting a boy

Skull Theory.
The idea of this theory is that male and female skulls are shaped slightly different, there is no evidence behind it. According to the theory your likely to be carrying a boy if your baby has a sloping forehead and squared lower jaw where as a girl has a more rounded lower jaw and top of the head is tapered. Now from this theory I'm predicted a baby girl.

Nub Theory.
Another theory done from scan photos. this one more on 'the angle of the dangle'. Whilst the nib looks very similar on both male and female scans, some say the angle will differentiate, If the nub is pointing up 30 degrees or more its a boy, whilst less than 30 degrees is a girl. So although I'm not too good at this theory I've spoken to people who are who suggested definitely a pink bundle.

So apparently, craving salty things predicts your having a boy whereas sweet things predict a girl. I don't particulary have cravings as such but I can be found eating more sweet things than usual. Therefore predicting a pink bundle. 

Chinese Gender Theory.
This theory is based on a chart found in an ancient royal tomb near Beijing. It's said to be over 90% accurate in predicting babies gender. So using your lunar age and month of conception it predicts babies gender. 
According to this theory I'm having a pink bundle.

Ramzi's Theory.
This theory is based on the side in which baby implanted on, placenta location. This can be done extremely early with an ultrasound around 6-8 weeks. So if baby implanted on the left = girl and on the right = boy.
My initial scan was trans-vaginal so everything within the picture is exactly as in the uterus. 
So according to this theory I'm having yet another blue bundle.

So this is all pointing more to me having a little pink bundle, but I guess only time will tell. I shall be finding out the gender and will share within due course 
Did any of these theories work for you?

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Places in the UK I would love to explore.

There are many places in our beautiful country I've not visited, when we think of holidays and breaks many of us look for beaches or somewhere abroad for warmth. Yet there are so many places our very own country has to offer. Many of them I haven't visited but a couple I would love to visit and explore.
Edinburgh being one of those, I think I may have been there once but not to explore. I've always wanted to visit Edinburgh Zoo, I'm not sure why but I love Zoo's. But with their penguins, pandas and koalas what more is there not to want to see there. I would also love to visit the Edinburgh Tattoo, watching clips from previous years it always looks like such an amazing place to be and experience.Also Edinburgh castle, I'd love to visit there and look at the spectacular things it has to offer. I'm sure there are many other things to see and do in Edinburgh but these would definately be the top of my to-do list. There are plenty of hotels in Edinburgh like Travelodge.
York is another place, ok this is more somewhere my mom would love to visit but it sounds and looks such a beautiful place. It's probably not somewhere I would particlalry take Jack to for activitie more too look at the historic buildings.
Finally London, ok this is cheating a little as I have visited London a couple of times previously. However, I've never actually explored London, I've never done any of the scenic or tourist things which are on offer. I would love to do this and show Jack the capital city, I feel there is so much we could do there.
In fact, I think the whole of the UK has so much too offer and show us, we just don't appreciate what our own country has to offer.

Where would you like to visit within the UK?
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Thursday, 5 February 2015

Week 18.

I've been working in a different store lately and the time is flying by and I'm hardly getting anytime to come online so bump updates have been a miss. However I'm determined to not leave it too much longer. 

So I'm 18 and a half weeks now, its going by a little quickly I'm almost half way through this pregnancy but I still feel like I've got a long way to go and I've been pregnant forever. As I mentioned a little further up I'm working in another store at the moment, and this store is doing so much more to help me with my pregnancy and actually following the work guidelines. I finally feel like I'm being looked after. 
This week I did begin to feel some slight movements, only at nighttime though when I'm relaxing ready to sleep. It's nice to feel something as I couldn't feel anything until later in pregnancy with Jack. 

This pregnancy I was referred to see a consultant due to my tear in first pregnancy, I went for this appointment last week where I was kindly informed I wouldn't need to see the consultant again unless any problems and was given a date for my cesarean.  I like the fact I know already when baby will be arriving, however I am choosing not to share this date at the moment. 

This week baby is about the size of a bell pepper, about 14cm long and weighing around 200g. Babies nerves are forming a protective covering of myelin which is vital for their nervous system to develop and function after birth.

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Enjoying relaxing walks.

Where we currently live we are incredibly lucky, we live just on the edge of an Outstanding Area of Natural Beauty, Cannock Chase. Its a lovely area to enjoy family walks, bike rides and all sorts of activities. We also live just a short 10 minute walk from Chasewater reservoir so have plenty of lovely areas to walk around.

If you visit the local walking areas you will often see 'proper walkers' there prepared with lots of walking equipment. I always admire these people out in all kinds of weather, always prepared in their clothing whether wet or dry yet still continuing their hobby.
When I was a little younger I would walk almost everywhere, before I could drive of course, I often thought about going on a walking expedition however never found the guts to actually do one. 

When I worked part time I would often take Jack on regular walks up to the local reservoir where he would enjoy watching the trains if they were running and seeing the ducks. However, now I'm back working full time and don't get home until late, we don't really get too much chance to go out as much anymore. When we do though, we have a good explore and its good fun.
This year I do aim to take Jack out and about on more country walks to enjoy the fresh air and local surroundings. Plus Jack is a typical boy who loves to explore.

Do you enjoy walking? Do you have a favourite place to go walking?

In collaboration with Cotswold Outdoors.

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Could working a 4 day week work?

How nice would it be to work a four-day week? Ever since returning to work in July, I've dreamed of ways I could still make the same money but working less. I miss spending my time with Jack now, although we both appreciate it more. 
Other countries such as Germany and Denmark are closer to achieving this dream, so do we think the UK could follow?
I'd love for this to happen, back in 1930 economist John Maynard Keynes predicted the average employee would work just 15 hours by 2030. It doesn't seem possible to half the current working week within the next 15 years. 
There are both pros and cons to a four day working week, Critix GoToMeeting have created a detailed infographic showed below highlighting these.
As the infographic shoes there would be a 60% increase in family time, this is something I would love, I currently get one day a week with Jack whilst he goes to his Dads the other, so I'd love to get more time to spend with him. There would also be health benefits such as lower stress levels, relating to blood pressure and mental health issues also giving an increased amount of time to sleep, helping cognition and stress. 
Of course, I'm sure many of us work the hours we do to get the pay we need, and of course, employers aren't going to give the money away for less hours. Therefore, working days may become longer, leading to other consequences such as childcare. 
Take a look at the infographic below and let me know in the comments your thoughts on the subject?

This post is in collaboration with GoToMeeting

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Week 15.

Fifteen weeks now. Okay again a little on the late update side, this week I have finally told work about my pregnancy. I can't deny the growing belly for too much longer and would rather nip it in the bud first. 

This week I started with a little sciatica, I've never had it before but an only presume its the standing all day and pregnancy taking its toll. I've had absolutely lots of questions from Jack about the baby and him asking to see the baby. Poor boy will be waiting a while. 
I've been going to be a lot earlier than I normally would, but I'm also waking more in the night and earlier in the mornings. I still don't have too much of an appetite but I am beginning to eat more. 

This week baby is the size of an orange. The lanugo, a fine downy hair has begun growing and will keep baby warm until they develop some fat. Baby can now recognise light, and is developing their sucking, swallowing and gasping skills. 

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Week 14.

Fourteen weeks, wow! This is actually a little late as I was fourteen weeks on Saturday. This pregnancy is going quickly although slightly slow too, maybe because I've known for a while. Throughout this pregnancy I've felt quite well, I've had no pregnancy symptoms as such, no sickness just a little fatigue. I've also lost my appetite a little. Sometimes when bending I feel a little light headed but guess this is just a slight symptom. 

We have told Jack about the baby, at first he didn't really understand but then out of nowhere he has started asking to see the baby, an carrying around the scan picture.
As Jack is no longer sleeping in his cotbed, we decided to get the sides back out and prepare it for the baby rather than it being empty. 

This week baby is the size of a lemon, weighing around 42 grams, and getting bigger by the day. The baby's arms are now in proportion with their body, but the legs still have some growing to do. He or she will also begin to squint, frown and may even be sucking their thumb which we saw this baby do on the scan.