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Sunday, 25 January 2015

Enjoying relaxing walks.

Where we currently live we are incredibly lucky, we live just on the edge of an Outstanding Area of Natural Beauty, Cannock Chase. Its a lovely area to enjoy family walks, bike rides and all sorts of activities. We also live just a short 10 minute walk from Chasewater reservoir so have plenty of lovely areas to walk around.

If you visit the local walking areas you will often see 'proper walkers' there prepared with lots of walking equipment. I always admire these people out in all kinds of weather, always prepared in their clothing whether wet or dry yet still continuing their hobby.
When I was a little younger I would walk almost everywhere, before I could drive of course, I often thought about going on a walking expedition however never found the guts to actually do one. 

When I worked part time I would often take Jack on regular walks up to the local reservoir where he would enjoy watching the trains if they were running and seeing the ducks. However, now I'm back working full time and don't get home until late, we don't really get too much chance to go out as much anymore. When we do though, we have a good explore and its good fun.
This year I do aim to take Jack out and about on more country walks to enjoy the fresh air and local surroundings. Plus Jack is a typical boy who loves to explore.

Do you enjoy walking? Do you have a favourite place to go walking?

In collaboration with Cotswold Outdoors.

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Could working a 4 day week work?

How nice would it be to work a four-day week? Ever since returning to work in July, I've dreamed of ways I could still make the same money but working less. I miss spending my time with Jack now, although we both appreciate it more. 
Other countries such as Germany and Denmark are closer to achieving this dream, so do we think the UK could follow?
I'd love for this to happen, back in 1930 economist John Maynard Keynes predicted the average employee would work just 15 hours by 2030. It doesn't seem possible to half the current working week within the next 15 years. 
There are both pros and cons to a four day working week, Critix GoToMeeting have created a detailed infographic showed below highlighting these.
As the infographic shoes there would be a 60% increase in family time, this is something I would love, I currently get one day a week with Jack whilst he goes to his Dads the other, so I'd love to get more time to spend with him. There would also be health benefits such as lower stress levels, relating to blood pressure and mental health issues also giving an increased amount of time to sleep, helping cognition and stress. 
Of course, I'm sure many of us work the hours we do to get the pay we need, and of course, employers aren't going to give the money away for less hours. Therefore, working days may become longer, leading to other consequences such as childcare. 
Take a look at the infographic below and let me know in the comments your thoughts on the subject?

This post is in collaboration with GoToMeeting

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Week 15.

Fifteen weeks now. Okay again a little on the late update side, this week I have finally told work about my pregnancy. I can't deny the growing belly for too much longer and would rather nip it in the bud first. 

This week I started with a little sciatica, I've never had it before but an only presume its the standing all day and pregnancy taking its toll. I've had absolutely lots of questions from Jack about the baby and him asking to see the baby. Poor boy will be waiting a while. 
I've been going to be a lot earlier than I normally would, but I'm also waking more in the night and earlier in the mornings. I still don't have too much of an appetite but I am beginning to eat more. 

This week baby is the size of an orange. The lanugo, a fine downy hair has begun growing and will keep baby warm until they develop some fat. Baby can now recognise light, and is developing their sucking, swallowing and gasping skills. 

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Week 14.

Fourteen weeks, wow! This is actually a little late as I was fourteen weeks on Saturday. This pregnancy is going quickly although slightly slow too, maybe because I've known for a while. Throughout this pregnancy I've felt quite well, I've had no pregnancy symptoms as such, no sickness just a little fatigue. I've also lost my appetite a little. Sometimes when bending I feel a little light headed but guess this is just a slight symptom. 

We have told Jack about the baby, at first he didn't really understand but then out of nowhere he has started asking to see the baby, an carrying around the scan picture.
As Jack is no longer sleeping in his cotbed, we decided to get the sides back out and prepare it for the baby rather than it being empty. 

This week baby is the size of a lemon, weighing around 42 grams, and getting bigger by the day. The baby's arms are now in proportion with their body, but the legs still have some growing to do. He or she will also begin to squint, frown and may even be sucking their thumb which we saw this baby do on the scan. 

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Pregnancy: The Early Days

If you haven't already seen my update, baby number two is expected in July. Ever since I discovered I was pregnant I wanted to share the news on my blog, but I couldn't just yet. Thats another reason it's been a little quiet around here. I already feel like I have been pregnant for a lifetime, I found out quite early on I was around 4 weeks by my new dates. I did write some little updates during the pregnancy although I hope to update more regularly from now on.
I've not had any symptoms again this time round, apart from an awful chest infection, which I had the same with Jack. Below is some of my earlier updates...

28/10/2014 (5+3)
I'm late for my period with no sign of it showing. Last Friday I took a pregnancy test, late in the afternoon, at a close look it showed a faint + meaning I was pregnant, How could I be pregnant, I'm on the pill again?!
I took another the following morning and it showed negative. I decided my body would rest now and my period would show up. Four days later I still have no period and no signs that one is coming either. This afternoon I took another pregnancy test, which showed just a control line - phew I wasn't pregnant I thought. Until I looked again and there were two lines, slightly faint but more prominant then last time. This afternoon I've had a whole bunch of mixed emotions, I think I'm just being selfish with the wedding upcoming and everything else. I'm yet to tell anyone this news and in fact I'm scared of telling anyone.

29/10/14 (5+4)

Today I told Ashley I was pregnant, yep that didn't go too well. I got rather upset by this. Things happen for a reason right?
Anyway I decided to purchase a ClearBlue Digital test and after what seemed a lifetime of waiting I got Pregnant *phew* then ages waiting for the result of 1-2, so doctors would put this as 3-4 weeks. After much panic, I decided I needed to sort this and get the ball rolling so I made a doctors appointment for the same day. So at lunchtime I headed to the doctors, and I was called in to see a lovely Locum Doctor. She reassured me everything happens for a reason, prescribed some folic acid and did a little pregnancy quiz with me. She then referred me for an early dating scan as we have no idea when I could be due.
After this I decided I would go and pay my mum a visit and tell her the news, I couldn't wish for a more understanding mum if I tried. I would be lost without her.
Now, roll on next Thursday for my early dating scan so I can see whats happening...

30/10/14 (5+5)

So today I've been awake since stupid o'clock, seems the early wakings are happening already, I don't know if this is through worry or generally pregnancy related. When I was pregnant with Jack I had no worries at all about the pregnancy, it was easy sailing, I had no symptoms but didn't particularly worry until later on. However, I'm worrying about this baby already, worrying I will miscarry. I have no symptoms yet again (although I did find breakfast disgusting this morning), I've known many people who have miscarried lately, I don't know if this is also influencing my decision or the current home problems. Obviously fingers crossed everything is ok, we will discover more next week.

06/11/14 (6+5)

Today, I still don't feel pregnant, in fact I've had no pregnancy feelings at all so far. I'm concerned by this but I know its still early days and some people don't have symptoms early on. Today was the day my early dating scan was booked for. My LMP was 8 almost 9 weeks ago now, but last week when I did the digi I was 1-2, meaning now 2-3 so 4-5 in doctors terms. I so hoped this little peanut inside of me would be seen on the scan, I so hoped there was something there.
So 1 o'clock came, and passed, 15 minutes later I was called in to the ultrasound room, it had been a while since I'd been in one of these, I was incredibly nervous, what if there was no baby, all the 'what if's' flew into my head. Then the jelly was placed upon my stomach the the scanning began, not much could be seen, she explained she couldn't see too well so I would need a trans-vaginal scan. At this point I truly panicked, I was watching along on the screen, I couldn't see any baby, I couldn't see any sac or heartbeat. However, after lots of prodding around she confirmed I was pregnant but it was very early days. She couldn't get measurements too well and predicted around 5 weeks but more than likely between 4-5 weeks. This matched perfectly with the digi, but what happened to the four weeks previous? Why didn't I have any bleeding? Whilst she was scanning around she also discovered a cyst on my right ovary, she tried to check my left but it seemed it was hiding away. I'm to go back in two weeks for yet another scan. I'm now hoping baby peanut has developed by then.

09/11/14 (7+1)

Today I had my first 'pregnancy symptom'. Well I am at least classing it as an early pregnancy symptom. Quite early on in pregnancy your breasts begin to feel heavy and hurt a little as your body prepares to make milk, today mine began to feel like this. Although not all the time and not too much its a little symptom I'm classing along the journey.

19/11/14 (6+4)

Today I had the second part of the scan for dating this pregnancy. This time I had a male sonographer, I believe he was training but he was very good either way. Again I had to have an internal scan as baby peanut was small but there was a flickering heartbeat. It was incredibly cute! So I was dated between 6+4 and 7 weeks exactly but the sonographer seemed to date me exactly 7 weeks. Now I'm just to inform the midwife and await a booking appointment.

03/12/14 (8+4)
So today from the scan I'm 9 weeks exactly, I had my first booking appointment with the midwife today which always seems to last a while without talking too much. I'm still not feeling very pregnant. So we filled in the green book and filled in the forms to book me in at the hospital of choice. It's not the usual one so process is a little different. I'm to go for my bloods within two weeks and await my 12 week scan date then see the midwife again at 16weeks.

17/12/14 (10+4)

Today I managed to finish work half a day early, Christmas shopping day, so I decided to head over to the hospital and have my bloods taken, unfortunately I've not been able to come sooner due to work commitments. I'm STILL not feeling pregnant, I feel a little queasy occasionally but think that's due to the awful cold like symptoms I have at the moment. I'm not looking pregnant yet although I was a little bloated the other day.

02/01/15 (13+6)
Today I had my 12 week scan expecting to be between 12+6 and 13+2, however I was put forward to 13+6. Baby did us an amazing performance on the scan. When we first went into the room baby was upside down, but then flipped over doing a big stretch and was then looking up. Baby was kicking his or her legs alot and we even caught them sucking their thumb. It was truly amazing to watch, Jack was super lazy when we went for his scans and didn't move too much. 

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Tuesday, 23 December 2014


With the winter holidays firmly on the horizon, millions of families all over the UK are planning the big drive home for Christmas. With the prospect of celebrating with friends and family and dining out on festive feasts, it can be easy to forget the dangers that go hand-in-hand with travelling in winter conditions. No parent wants to take chances when it comes to their children’s safety, which is why leading mobility brand, Britax has teamed up with Good Egg Safety to provide parents with some useful winter travel tips to ensure the nation’s families reach their destinations safely this Christmas.
The partnership follows the launch of Britax’s latest Group 1-2-3 car seat, ADVANSAFIX - the first multistage car seat using ISOFIX connectors that gives parents the option to keep their child in a five-point harness up to 25kg. This cleverly designed multi-stage car seat has been developed with busy families in mind, ensuring optimum safety for children aged from 9 months up to approximately 12 years (9kg – 36kg). ADVANSAFIX adapts and grows with the child, giving parents the freedom to choose one seat instead of two and the assurance that their little ones will travel safely year after year for up to 11 years.
Britax safety expert, Mark Bennett, said, “Christmas is an exciting time of year for families. Each year is another milestone for children and it’s a time to celebrate with loved ones. But amid all the excitement, it’s really important to consider some simple car safety checks to ensure you and your most precious cargo arrive safely. Making sure you have the right car seat installed for your child is the first step to providing that reassurance, so if you’re unsure if your little one has outgrown their seat, be sure to visit your local car seat retailer as they will be able to advise you on what’s right for your family.”
Jan James, CEO at Good Egg Safety said: “We welcome this important initiative from Britax. Of course child car seat safety is a priority at any time of the year, however it is especially important in the winter when driving conditions can be much more hazardous and the chances of a collision increased due to poor visibility, glare from the winter sun, slippery roads and darker mornings and evenings. We are driving in conditions we are less used to, and often at a later time, for example after visiting family and friends, or returning from a Christmas trip. Good Egg Safety supports Britax in encouraging parents to double check their child's car seat this Christmas." 

To support Britax’s ‘Driving Home for Christmas’ initiative, Good Egg Safety has provided 12 simple tips  and checks for families to consider before setting off for the holidays:
1.       Check your child’s car seat is properly fitted before every journey – particularly if you’ve removed your seat or had others in the car next to the child seat
2.       Check your child’s harness is at the correct height and tension – always adjust the harness to your child when they go in the seat to accommodate their clothing
3.       Remove thick, puffy jackets or winter coats – these can prevent the harness from fitting your child properly, and your child may overheat once the car warms up. As a driver it is worth keeping a spare pair of suitable driving shoes in the car.  Footwear such as winter boots have thick soles that can catch on pedals
4.       Remove any non-soft toys or gifts your child may receive and store them in the boot until you get home – a toy will become a projectile in a collision and can injure occupants in the car. Put presents for friends and family in the boot of your car, rather than next to you or on the back seat
5.       Set the recline of your child’s car seat to semi-reclined rather than upright after trips out, so that they can fall asleep without you worrying about their positioning
6.       Don’t drink and drive!  If you are going to have a drink, avoid driving the next morning – you can easily still be over the limit the next day
7.       Always keep a breakdown kit in your boot.  This should include:
-  Warning Triangle
-  Tow Rope
-  Torch
-  Hi-Vis jacket/Waistcoat
-  Tyre Inflator
- Blankets/Emergency foil blanket
-  Spare hats, scarves and gloves
-  Sunglasses for winter sun glare
-  Umbrella
8.       If you are going on a long journey, also take/check the following:
-  A flask of hot water/tea/coffee
- Fresh, bottled water
-  Food/Chocolate
- Ensure your phone battery is fully charged
9.       Check the tyres and stock up on antifreeze and screen wash
10.   Take into account weather conditions for your journey and allow extra time and breaks
11.   Early evening failing light is particularly hazardous for spotting cyclists and pedestrians in dark clothes, so with the added distraction of travelling with children please take extra caution
12.   Don’t rush! It is tempting to rush home from work for the holidays, but take the extra time to drive safely and considerately

For more information on Britax’s latest combination seat ADVANSAFIX, visit