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Thursday, 1 December 2016

Mr Tumble Toys | A Review

Ever since I've been watching children's television with Jack, Justin Fletcher is one of the ones I can remember from the early days. You know, the man behind Mr Tumble, now I will say sometimes Mr T, you drive me insane but mostly I admire you. 

Now, I'm pretty sure if you're reading this you are aware of who Mr Tumble is, and therefore aware of Something Special. Such a truly amazing man who includes everyone within what he does. 
Now ever since Isla has took an interest in the television, there are a few programmes she enjoys with Something Special being one of them, even Jack still enjoys it!. 

Mr Tumble Toys | A Review

Recently we were kindly sent a couple of toys from the new range launched from Golden Bear, I instantly knew they would be a hit with Isla but thought Jack may not enjoy them I was wrong.

Mr Tumble Toys | A Review

Firstly we have the Mr Tumble's Fun Sounds Musical Car, which both children love. There are many different features upon the car which keeps little ones entertained. There are different interactive buttons featured upon the car, theres a big red nose on the front which flashes, and a button on the side which says phrases from Something Special. In addition there is also a button on the top which plays the theme, this is possibly Isla's favourite as she always has a dance along with it. You can push the vehicle along to which it makes engine noises too. It comes with a removable Mr Tumble figure, which Isla has taken a liking too carrying him everywhere and four Makaton cards for you to learn too, simply slotting in the back. 

Mr Tumble Toys | A Review
I like this car, I feel its sturdy enough to stand the test of time with constant play, the noises aren't actually that annoying, just yet anyway and it's been played with a lot. Theres plenty to keep little ones occupied and help them learn along the way too with the Makaton cards. 

Mr Tumble Toys | A Review

Mr Tumble Toys | A Review

Mr Tumble Toys | A Review

Along with the car, Isla also received a Talking Mr Tumble, which is a soft cuddly. The soft toy is a perfect size, not overly big but still having lots of details. He's been on lots of adventures with us recently and I even caught Isla taking a nap with him, she never naps with soft toys. You can press the tummy of the soft toy and Mr Tumble will speak many popular phrases and sounds used during the show. Isla is always amazed by these each time she presses them and often laughs along with them. 

Mr Tumble Toys | A Review

Mr Tumble Toys | A Review

Mr Tumble Toys | A Review

Isla has had so much fun with these, and I can see them being around for a while. She plays with them everyday and especially loves the little removable character from the car. 

Mr Tumble Toys | A Review

Please Note: We received these toys in exchange for an honest review, however all words and opinions are my own.

Monday, 28 November 2016


My children are in a very lucky situation in which they have three Great-Grandparents still with us, they are aging gracefully with my one Nanna turning 80 this week. I hope that I will get to have plenty of time around, and get to age gracefully who knows. I think growing old is something we all hope to do. With the growing ageing population, I think its quite possible many of us will. By 2050, those who are aged 65+ will make up around 15.6% of the global population.

This is possible from the advances in healthcare and general standards of living improving over time. How many times do you hear the elderly say ‘Back in my day…?’ Yes, a lot!

With the times changing I think it’s important for us to change too, break the stigma which sees us think the elderly are ‘incapable’ or ‘unable’ and encourage others to take action of learn new things. One of Jacks grandparents recently retired and if I didn’t know of this or his age I wouldn’t think of him as ‘elderly’. He’s still very active around the home and garden but also getting out and exploring.

My Nan for example, although she doesn’t get out much these days, she doesn’t let her health effect her too much, or at least she keeps it hidden well. Going to a local bingo once a week and often going on days and evenings out with her friends there. She recently learnt to use a computer which was so lovely to see. I remember when I was younger and my grandparents health deteriorated a little they swapped their bath for a shower for easy access, I’ve heard my Nanna say on several occasions since she wishes she still had a bath. Why should she not be able too just because of a slight mobility issue? These walk in baths would have been a fantastic option for her.

Bathing Solutions are currently running an interesting campaign, which really brings your thoughts of the elderly home. The campaign is called #BreakingBarriers which is aiming to break the stigma and encourage us to help the older generation feel inspired and learn new skills such as Yoga, photography, languages, cooking or even computer skills.

I was once a carer for the elderly and to think of those being cast aside, or ignored makes me so sad; especially those who have done so much for the world in which we live in.

Post in collaboration with Bathing Solutions

Noddy's House Playset | A Review

I remember Noddy back from when I was younger, with his little hat and bell. Well since then he's had a makeover and he's very modern. This Autumn Spinmaster released a new range of Noddy toys which features Noddy's House as a playset.

I knew this would be a fun toy for both of the children to play with as they both enjoy Noddy. When Jack saw this set he couldn't wait for me to open it and build it so he could play.

Within the playset there is Noddy's house, a Noddy figure, Rev the car and a removable spaceship bed, along with a table and chair. On one side of the house, is a slide and the other is a lift which folds away to keep compact. There is also different sounds which are activated by pressing a small button. Theres a selection of common sounds like the doorbell and dog barking. The batteries initially come supplied with the house, which is always a bonus in my eyes. 

Jack especially had lots of fun playing with this house, letting his imagination run free. He loves taking Noddy exploring within his car, especially as he sits perfectly within it. I think the highlight for Jack however is the lift and ramp, anything moving or fast gets his attention quickly. 
Isla has too been enjoying this playset, especially the little figure and car, pushing them around. 

I feel this is good value for money as my two have had lots of play and are still enjoying it. Its easy enough to store away with the folding parts making it slightly more compact. 

Please Note: We were supplied with this free of charge in exchange for an honest review. All words and opinions are my own.

Friday, 25 November 2016

Asda Little Angels Christmas Nappies


Well, almost, the final countdown to the festive period is upon us, with all other events out of the way. America even had Thanksgiving yesterday so its definitely the run up.

With thanks to Asda Little Angels, Isla's bottom has been a little festive for a while. Each year they bring out a new festive design for their nappies, and this year its time for the big red man to make an appearance himself.

The 'Supreme Protection' nappies within the range have been given the festive makeover in sizes 4+, 5+ and 6+. The only difference in sizing is the '+' nappies are more absorbent, we went a size up to usual but they were still a good fit for us. At night, they provide superior comfort with up to 12 hours of dryness, so meaning less chance of your little one waking when Santa does make his appearance.

You may remember a little while ago I attended an event with Little Angels, we learnt all about the different nappy types and was told then about the Christmas designs but back then it was top secret so I was excited to discover what it may be.

These Christmas nappies are priced at £3.50 per pack. These are a fun way to get into the festive spirit with your child, they will most likely enjoy the novelty, Isla knows no difference however Jack loves the Santa nappies his little sister has.

Please Note: We were sent a pack of festive nappies in exchange for this post, however all words and opinions are my own.

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Win Disney Star Darlings | A Review

When I was younger I loved dolls, especially Barbies. Most of my time was spent recreating different scenes, making them pretty and taking them around with me.
I'm so excited for Isla to start playing with dolls, letting her imagination run wild to create lots of different scenes.

Recently though, there was a new doll on the scene, Disney Star Darlings. Star Darlings is a show on Disney, and recently they launched a range of dolls to accompany.

Children can bring the world of the Disney Star Darlings to Earth, and do their part to save Starland with the help of the inspiring and adventurous gifts from Starling Academy. 
Sage, Leona, Scarlet, Libby and Vega possess the traits necessary for the important job of saving the planet. Bold, intelligent, optimistic, ambitious, confident and so much more, these sparkling wish-granters are all about positive energy.

Each 11-inch fully poseable doll is dressed in out-of-this-world fashions that display their unique style full of vibrant and sparkly star details. The dolls also feature shimmer skin and sparkling Royal Reflection eyes that every Wisher is sure to love. 

I must say, I'm a little jealous these weren't around when I was younger as they look amazing! But, I have been given the chance for three lucky readers to each win a Star Darlings doll of their own. 

Star Darlings

Feeding a Toddler and #WeanTeam Graduation

Over the last year, we have worked closely with HiPP Organic as part of the #WeanTeam, this has followed Isla's journey across weaning from her first tastes, to introducing lumps to a strong willed toddler who has her own mind when it comes to mealtimes. 

Feeding a Toddler and #WeanTeam Graduation

We are now beginning to think of feeding within the future, the additional things she will need alongside a healthy diet. As our little ones are growing quickly now, there is so much to consider, the development mentally and physically but whilst considering they still have a small stomach.
Feeding a Toddler and #WeanTeam Graduation
Did you know, the average toddler needs roughly around 95kcal per kg of their body weight? I didn't previously but you can find out more about toddler portion sizes on the HiPP Organic website. 
I always find portion sizes a difficult one to judge, especially as sometimes they want to eat more than what I offer, or don't even finish what I do offer. But, its important to remember food refusal is really common and something in which most families experience along the weaning journey. 

Feeding a Toddler and #WeanTeam Graduation

Alongside the healthy diet and correct portion sizes, their are a range of vitamin supplements in which your child needs, which you can also find about on the HiPP website, these need to include vitamins A, C and D.

So what comes next on our weaning journey with Isla? Well we will continue to work on introducing more foods, there are many in which we haven't tried. I'll continue to offer choices for breakfast and a lunch choice. We will also make a start on introducing more table manners, such as using cutlery. However, I feel she has had a wonderful start to her journey alongside the help of HiPP which will stand her well within the future. 

Feeding a Toddler and #WeanTeam Graduation

Of course, our year with the #WeanTeam is up, which saw Isla graduate and have a lovely graduation party with the team. We had a lovely time at the event, and it was lovely to see how all the babies had grown over the last year. I remember them all being really small from the first time we all met and this time they were all toddling around, causing mischief wherever possible, or maybe that was just Isla. 

Feeding a Toddler and #WeanTeam Graduation

Wednesday, 23 November 2016


So last week I spoke about how I was loosing it with this weight loss game, and well this week I've finally come to terms with the fact I've given up.
Each day I'm winging it hoping for a positive outcome come weigh in day and well who knows.

Deep down I really want to loose some weight, I'm really not comfortable how I am, however I don't seem to have the motivation to keep at it. I'm a lazy person and if the food isn't there I just pick at the unhealthy things.
At the beginning of my journey everything was going quite well but recently I'm not sure what has happened. This month is seeing lots of changes within my personal circumstances, and I hope at some point I'll be able to get back within the mind set of loosing, but for now, each weigh in is as it comes.

Last week I decided to mix things up a little, and instead of weighing as usual on the Friday morning I weighed two days earlier on the Wednesday morning.
This saw a small loss which is better than I've had but not holding out for next week. I lost 1.2lbs, so not too bad within just under a week, in fact I was really happy with that as I've not been completely honest with the weight loss of recent.