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Monday, 30 March 2015

Week 26.

Ok, so I guess I'm not very good at this whole weekly update thing. Working full time is sure getting in the way, I'm incredibly tired by the time I get home. 

I'm still not feeling the second trimester bloom, I'm incredibly tired from work and struggling to sleep at night despite going to bed earlier than normal. I think standing all day at work isn't helping but I'm guessing the weeks will fly by, although they don't feel it right now.

My bump must have finally popped some as finally last week work said I now look pregnant, okay I must have just been fat before hand. We visited my best friend the end of last week and she commented on my bump and how its so much different than with Jack. 
Since my last update I've had an appointment with the midwife, where everything was well baby is quite happy in there with a lovely strong heartbeat. I'm fine too with my blood pressure remaining stable throughout. I've also invested in some maternity wear, good job really as my 'normal tops' are starting to get tight or rise up. 

This week baby is measuring around 36cm and weighs around 760g. This week babies eyes begin to open, and she is beginning to take small breaths. Baby is currently packing up with fat to help regulate her temperature ready for the big world. 

Thursday, 26 March 2015

It's A...

So I've known the gender of this little one for almost 10 weeks now. 
I've thought of many ways to do my gender reveal but time and weather have not been my friend so it's just a simple reveal...

Yep, a little girl.
I'm excited to have one of each and Jack's excited to be getting a baby sister, but I don't think he really minds. 
I cannot wait to dress a little girl up.

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Top 10 things to do this Easter in Leicester

Leicester is a lovely area with so much to see and do there, with Easter upcoming there are plenty of things in which you can do in Leicester. Below I've put a list together of 10 things which you could do, some Easter fun focused others just general suggestions. I've also included some information on where you could stay if coming from afar to visit.

Easter at Calke Abbey.
Easter time is a lovely time to consider visiting Calke Abbey, lambing is in full swing this is taking place 21, 22, 28 & 29 March 10am - 5pm. You may have the opportuntity to see a lamb being born or see the young lambs in the Kitchen Gardens. There is also a easter egg trail for children, which leads to an Easter prize, sponsored by Cadbury's. This is £3.50 per child and a garden ticket is required. This is taking place 3, 4, 5 April 11am - 3.30pm. 

Bosworth Battlefield.
This is more of a general day out, the battlefield heritage centre tells the dramatic story of the Battle of Bosworth which is a major turning point in English History. There are many interactive dispays which you can take part in and fun for all the family. It's open 10.00am - 4.00pm daily. 

Brocks Hill Easter Craft Extravaganza.
The country park has lots too offer and an enjoyable day out is planned for Saturday April 4th beginning at 10.30am and closing at 3.00pm. There is free entry and free parking. Locally produced products both food and crafts will be available to purchase on the day as well as plenty of crafts for you to try out. There will also be a range of childrens craft activities. 

Great Central Railway Easter Events.
31st March, 1st, 2nd, 7th, 8th and 9th April you can meet the Easter Bunny & Bugsy Bunny on the Great Central Railway where there is lots of fun to be had for the whole family. 

Easter Bonnet Competition at Leicester Market.
Children can visit Leicester market on Saturday 4th April for the Easter bonnet parade where they can display their bonnets and be in with the chance of winning a prize. There are many activities going on across the line for everyone to enjoy. 
Throughout Easter weekend Friday 3rd to Monday 6th April there is the Easter vintage festival. There will be vintage fairground rides, stalls, live music and a real ale tent as well as steam train rides and classic vehicles. 

Grossology Easter at National Space Centre.
During the Easter school holiday this event will be taking place at the Space Centre, from 28th March - 19th April 10.00am - 5.00pm. They will be talking about and answering questions to many 'bodily functions' which of course children love.  There is also a session on how astronauts keep clean in space and you can make your own 'Snot in a Pot'. 

Easter Trail at Gorse Hill City Farm.
From 3rd - 6th April 11.00am until 3.00pm you can follow the clues on the Easter Trail and be entered into a prize draw to win an animal adoption package. This is a lovely place to visit for a short day out, showing the children around the animals within the farm. 

De Montford Hall.
This again is somewhere which is open for various activities throughout the year, but during your stay you could possibly watch a performance at Leicester's largest entertainment venue. Theres been live acts taking place since 1913. There are many upcoming shows which would be of interest to different ranges. 

King Richard III Visitor Centre.
This is related to a visit to Bosworth Battlefield so could possibly be linked, perfect for anybody interested in history. The visitor centre has been created around the spot in which King Richard III's remains were buried for over 500 years. There is a range of technology to help tell the story and help visitors discover the fascinating story. 

Leicester Tigers Match.
Well this is just before Easter but still, you could always visit a Leiceter Tigers Rugby match. There is one taking place against Exeter Chiefs on Saturday 28th March with KO at 3.00pm. 

Now if you would be looking for somewhere to stay to enjoy all that is happening this Easter in Leicester or anytime (hotel is always open) then there is a local Holiday Inn. There hotels are lovely, this one has been recently refurbished and situated in the centre for easy access around. It's local to East Midlands Airport so you could always fly here.

This post is in collaboration with Holiday Inn.   

Monday, 2 March 2015

Country Living Spring Fair Competition

In two weeks time, the Country Living Spring Fair begins, taking place in London. I've been lucky enough to grab my hands on 3 pairs of tickets, worth £33 a pair for 3 lucky readers. Now as the fair is fast aproaching this is just a short run competition so the tickets can be out to you on time.

The Country Living Spring Fair is immensely popular because of its huge variety of individual stalls – not found on the high street – as well as the expert sessions offering homecrafts and horticultural advice; topics associated with floristry and gardening; wine tasting and watercolours; interior design, sewing and crafting as well as inspiration for days out in the countryside.

At the Spring Fair there is a stunning garden featuring a VW Campervan designed by Lucy Summers; a new producers village offering delicious tasty treats, and on the first day there is the Table Top presentation where a specially selected group of new businesses will be making their first public appearance to glean feedback from visitors.

In the lifestyle theatre there are hands-on opportunities too for visitors to join in to make and create felting, stitching, flower arranging, watercolours and more.  So much to see and do for a great day out.

Competition ends Saturday 7th March at midnight. Winners will be chosen and details passed onto the organiser of the competition.

Country living Spring Fair Ticket Giveaway

This competition is no way assositated with My Mummys World and I've had no financial gain from running this competition

Week 22.

Two weeks have passed since my last update, it honestly doesn't feel that long ago.

I'm now feeling a lot more movements from baby when I relax and I'm not busy, baby is very active, unlike big brother. This week baby did little tummy rolls which my mum managed to see, I didn't mind. I'm beginning to feel the pregnancy toll at work. I spend all day on my feet which is becoming very tiring and I'm not sure how I'm going to manage until later on into my pregnancy. Work have already planned for me to leave the end of may so I only have about three working months left and have holiday to take the end of this month. Hopefully I will hold out.

I'm not sure of how much weight I have gained so far, I dread that part of pregnancy but I'm still just about fitting into pre-pregnancy clothing but feel I will need to invest in some maternity bits soon. I never purchased any with Jack as I didn't need too so its a whole new adventure.

This week baby is around 27cm and around the size of a fig, my placenta is still growing providing much needed nourishment for baby. Babies gums are already developing tooth buds for the first teeth to come through, and their eyes are formed but no colour as of yet.

Saturday, 28 February 2015

Feedem pet products.

At the end of January, a while ago I know its been a hectic few months, I was contacted by Feedem to see if we would like to review some products they stock upon their website.

Feedem are a family run business trading since 1994. Feedem provides a website with pet food and accessories from leading suppliers, they also pride themselves on having excellent customer service. 

We were sent a small package with a range of products to test with the dog and both cats, 
We were sent, an ActiCat Plastic Playground toy, a Kong Active catnip scratch apple, a bag of food each and a danish design quilted mattress.

Jack couldn't wait to get into the package and get the cats to play with the toys. He asked me to set up the playground toy and the apple for them to play with. The cats were more impressed with the apple than the playground too, and still to this day much prefer the apple toy

They both enjoyed the food, for the cats it was something different in which they hadn't had before but they seemed to enjoy it. For Abbie, wagg is a regular brand of dog food in which we purchase for her, but generally a different flavour so she was happy with a change, or at least she acted that way.

Finally the Danish design quilted mattress, this for me was by far the best product within the package. Abbie has a beautiful bed which I purchased which cost me an absolute arm and a leg, but she doesn't seem to lie in it that well and with moving soon we decided a new bed would be good. 
My first impression of this was good, the colour was fab and it seemed quite thick and comfortable for her to lie on. It felt good quality and like it would last. 
At first she seemed a little nervous to lay on it, normal with something new but with some gentle encouragement from Jack she was soon on there and now needs no encouragement at all. 
For Abbie we had the 68cm bed shes only a Jack Russel so doesn't need a large bed but this is currently priced at £8.25 which is such a bargain compared to what I've previously paid. I would even go to say this is much better quality. 

There is such a wide selection of products upon the website which are all really reasonably priced. I will definitely be shopping on there again soon. 

Please Note: I was sent a range of products free of charge for the purpose of this review. My review is in no way influenced by this.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Vileda Windomatic Review

One job I hate as much as ironing is cleaning the windows, its always such a chore as in our house the windows are very big. Doing the outsides is a whole other story. Our windows haven't had a good clean for a while. Its too much of a chore and the sun shining through on the smears left is too much to cope with. When I was asked if I would like to review the windomatic I was unsure if to accept or not, but thought it may help me enjoy the task a little, and give me the kick needed to actually give them a spring clean.
Vileda are famous for their home cleaning products made with expertise. However, this is their first product launched within the electrical market. It's cordless with a rechargable battery.

The windomatic is basically a handheld window cleaners squeegee with hoover technology for liquids. 'The Vileda Windomatic is a corless window vacuum which will speed up the time it takes to clean your windows, whilst leaving no drips and a sparkling finish.
Its lightweight and easy to use, the head is flexible whilst benefitting from a wide squeegee. It not only makes easy cleaning but quick cleaning. I found not to move it too quickly as it wouldn't work as well.
To use, I sprayed on the usual detergent and moved the windomatic over with no rinsing and it gave it a good finish. No smeers from where I've tried to rub to excess water off. It's handy for the steamy bathroom windows too.
It definately gets a thumbs up from me.
'The Vileda windomatic cordless window vacuum cleaner is the quick and easy way to a streak-free finish after washing your windows, for removing window condensation, wiping mirrors or cleaning up spills. 
The wide wiper blade and suction power efficiently removes water from windows without drips and without the need to polish afterwards. 
The flexible head gives you the best cleaning angle to allow you to vacuum right down to the base of the window and into corners. 
The mains rechargeable lithium battery allows you to use the windomatic cordlessly all around the home. 
Lightweight and with an ergonomic grip for easy handling, the Vileda windomatic can wipe up to 60m² on one charge.'

Please Note: I received the Vileda Windomatic free of charge for the purpose of this review, all opinions are my own and not influenced.