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Friday, 2 October 2015

Learning about Legends the inflatable way

I love buying gifts for family and friends for birthdays and Christmas, I think there is so much more thought then just some money passed around. But then sometimes I do get stuck with thinking of gift ideas, so then I tend to use gift websites such as Prezzybox. They have gifts for a range of budgets and its easily filtered too. 

But a couple of weeks back, we were sent what is possibly THE best present for dinosaur mad children, or just anyone who loves dinosaurs courtesy of them. 
Inflatable dinosaurs! Jack was very excited by these and couldn't wait to play with them. Jack loves dinosaurs, as does my best friends little boy - that's his present sorted. These inflatables dinosaurs are over 3ft in length. We were sent the T-Rex and stegosaurus, and Prezzybox also stock a triceratops.
Within the box with the inflatables there is some educational information on the box and a large poster inside. You can learn some facts about each dinosaur on the boxes as well as play with the inflatables around the house and garden. As the dinosaurs are inflatable and quite large, I expected them to take a while to blow up however I was pleasantly surprised that they didn't actually take too long. 
As the dinosaurs are really quite large, and the fact Jack wanted both up, we took them outside to play with. Jack proceeded to chase the dog around the garden with them, whilst having a mini dinosaur fight too. He then proceeded to try to sit on the stegosaurus I thought that would probably be the end of that but no, its still going strong; they are made very sturdily. 
I'm very impressed by these and will definitely be purchasing the other for Jack and maybe for a gift for my friends boy too. We have had them a few weeks now and they haven't deflated even after Jack playing lots with them. There is also a puncture repair patch kit included with each dinosaur too. They are priced at £16.95 each which I think is excellent value for money and are recommended for 6+ (although the box does say 3+) but Jack's 3 and hes had hours of fun with them. 
Please Note: We were sent two inflatable dinosaurs for the purpose of this review however all words and opinions are my own. 

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Isla | Three Months Old

Isla is now three months old. I cannot believe how quickly the time goes with your second and it went fast enough with the first. It's amazing how much they change within the early days.

Isla is beginning to fill out a lot more, however I'm not sure how much she weighs as I've still not had her weighed since moving house. She's still wearing 0-3 clothing but is beginning to become a bit long for some of her baby grows and trousers, I somehow manage to have long children. She's now had two out of the three lots of injections they have within the early days and hasn't been affected by them at all.

I still don't really have a routine in which I follow with Isla; she is still feeding on demand although sadly this isn't as often. She now sleeps through the night and has for a while; I feel I've lost my newborn since she slept through. She enjoys her bath times with her big brother and enjoys spending lots of time with him watching him play.

The past couple of weeks I've noticed she's began chewing on things a lot more and dribbling A LOT, which is making for lots of wet outfits. Whenever someone talks to her she always gives beautiful big smiles which just brighten up the day. She's began having more interest in toys especially her Lamaze Emily doll which is in her pushchair.

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Making our new house a home.

At the beginning of last month we finally moved into our new home. It seemed like a very long, drawn out process but I think that was due to the fact our house sold much quicker than our new home was built. At the moment, we are still surrounded by boxes and trying to turn our house into our home. 

There are many plans in which we have for the house, and many in which we planned and thought out whilst still waiting for completion. 
The garden is first on our agenda; the winter is coming and soon it won't be good enough weather to complete so it was important to get some sort of normality out there rather than a mud bath. We have planned to have different sections a grass area for the children to play and the dog. A patio area to enjoy within the summer months, with comfortable sofas. We also planned a low maintenance garden so we have more time to enjoy the happy spaces we are creating then having to work hard to upkeep them. Our last garden was incredibly large, which I miss, but in return was hard to upkeep. The lounge is a family space, consisting of a large seating area to enjoy happy family memories as well as a dining area to sit together to eat.

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My happy place within the house, is by far my bedroom it's my place to call my own and lovely to just relax within. At the moment there's not much to it other than a bed, some units and a wardrobe but I intend to make it a warm and inviting room in which I can relax within. 
Then there's the children's bedroom, I have a rough idea in my head of how I want that to end up but with limited space its hard to decide. I want it to be a place they can go for some time out and to relax whilst not cluttering it too much. 

But by creating lots of happy spaces within the home, we are also buying lots and spending a lot of money. Therefore we have made sure we cover all our possessions with getting adequate insurances to cover the home and contents

Please Note: This post is in collaboration with Legal and General

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

New Linky - #MilestoneMondays

When Jack was born, we had a little memory book in which we intended to write down all of the milestones in which Jack achieved. His first smiles, first words, first steps etc. Whilst its a good idea, I kept forgetting - baby brain. Thats when I decided to begin my blog at the grand old age of 6 months. Jack had already achieved a lot and I was already forgetting some so I decided a personal online space where I could record and look back over time. 
Now I have Isla, she doesn't even have a baby book, I hope to use the blog to help remember her milestones too. 

The writing of achievements is now non-existent, and even on the blog I've not wrote as much about Jack as I once did. So over the summer holidays I kept having an idea of documenting and sharing the milestones in which both the children and myself achieve on a Monday, well milestone does begin with m. But as I know so many others also use their blog to record memories I thought I would open it to everyone and get some sharing going on. 

Any type of milestones can be linked up, not just big achievements such as first steps, but anything in which you find an achievement. MilestoneMondays is not just for the achievements of your children though, its for anyone adults included. Any milestones which are important to you and you want to remember. 

The linky will run on the first Monday of the month and will be open for a 48 hours.

* You can link up to 2 posts a month. Be sure to paste in the #MilestoneMondays badge to the post you would like to link up 
*Comment on the host's post
*Comment on at least 3 other links - linkies are all about sharing the love

You can also share your post with #MilestoneMondays on your social media, it will help to grow. Also if you mention me (@mymummysworld) in your tweet I'll be sure to retweet.

I hope to see you all on Monday 5th October 2015 for the first in the monthly MilestoneMondays. 

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Rare meal out with Brewers Fayre

I enjoy eating out, but since having children it's become a bit of a rare occurrence, and one which takes lots of careful planning. Especially since having Isla, somehow going out for food with two is so much harder than food with one. Therefore, when we do go we tend to stick to places we know are family friendly. However another reason I tend not to go out for food in restaurants any more as my money mostly gets spent on the children, and we have just brought a new house, that's expensive you know. 
So when I was contacted to try out Brewers Fayre to try out their Two for £10 deal, I was intrigued. Normally these offers offer smaller sized portions or not a lot of choice. A hot meal for only £5 each surely this was too good to be true?
Jack was happily kept entertained with some colouring sheets and crayons which he really enjoyed. Jack chose his own meals, the kids menu I found great value with a wide variety of choices. You could enjoy one course for £3.99 and then each additional course is just 50p extra making a 3 course meal £4.99 all with good portion sizes. Jack had a garlic bread, sausage and mash and a strawberry sundae. What I like about the menu for children is each dish has a picture; Jack loves chosing his own food and finds it so much easier with a picture to choose. 

Then there was Mom and I and we took advantage of the Daytime Value meal which is available Monday to Friday 12noon until 6.30pm excluding bank holidays. We also added the additional starters for £2.50; but you can add deserts too for the same price of £2.50 making a three course meal for two just £15, £7.50 each for 3 courses is excellent value. 
I was concerned the Daytime Value menu would offer limited choice and small portion sizes. However as you just choose items off the main menu which have the casserole dish symbol next to them the portion sizes were no different. As for the choice there was plenty on offer. For starters I had breaded mushrooms whilst mum enjoyed spicy potato dippers. For mains we both enjoyed Smothered Chicken this was a lovely portion size and a very filling meal. We then both also enjoyed a pudding, but off the main menu as I really wanted an ice cream sundae. Mum enjoyed chocolate Prague cake, which I had a chocolate chip cookie sundae. 

We were really lucky in that we went at 4pm and the service was excellent, the food came out efficiently and was warm. The staff members were really friendly and engaged in conversation rather than just give your food and go. They were keen to make our experience there a truly enjoyable one. This restaurant and staff service was definitely much better than another Brewers Fayre we have visited previously and we would certainly go back again.  I would also choose to have the 2 for £10 deal again as I think we had excellent value for money with that and much less stressful than trying to cook an evening meal to please everyone. 

Please Note: We received a £50 voucher towards the cost of our meal however, all thoughts and opinions remain our own. 

Monday, 21 September 2015

Autumn Crafts with Baker Ross

Jack loves anything where he can be creative, and this month we were lucky enough to receive a Baker Ross delivery. 
I always used to associate Baker Ross with education and that only had their items however I couldn't be further from the truth. 

Within our parcel from Baker Ross, we had a range of products from their new and upcoming range. This was a range of Autumn and Halloween crafts, with some Rugby colouring included to celebrate the Rugby World Cup. 

Baker Ross make crafting so simple, even younger children can enjoy. This has really shown through with Jack as he has been able to achieve lots with the supplies we were sent. He needed a little help with threading some ribbon through the small holes but everything else he managed himself. 

Jack had fun decorating some foam Hedgehogs. They come with a variety of different coloured and shaped leaves which are precut. There are 5 different hedgehogs within the pack in 3 different colours. 

We also enjoyed some crafting ready for Halloween with the Spooky Bat Bucket Kits we were sent. 

 Again a variety of precut foam pieces were included, and Jack happily enjoyed decorating. The set includes 3 buckets and then a range of 3 different coloured accessories to decorate the bats. 

Baker Ross also do a range of small 'fun toys' which are brilliant as party bag fillers and little prizes. Jack had these Skull Whistles, which amazingly don't whistle and make a noise. There was also some flashing hedgehogs in there. 

In all products Baker Ross do a range of size packets - not necessarily including the same amount in which I have stated we received. The more items you buy the better value they work out at, but even the smaller packets are such amazing value for money. 

Its been lovely to help Jack learn about Autumn by crafting. Especially as the wet weather is becoming more of a regular thing. 

Please Note: We were sent a variety of products in return for an open, honest review. All opinions are my own.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Siblings | September

When I first came across the Sibling Linky, I couldn't wait for Jack to have siblings. It was long before I even discovered I was pregnant for a second time. So when I discovered I was pregnant I couldn't wait to get started with the linky. I love documenting their bond and how they are growing up. I've just not been organised enough to post on time. 

Jack absolutely adores being a big brother, he's very protective of Isla and its the cutest thing ever. Also how Isla looks at Jack is just the cutest, the love they both have is a true bond. Jack also informs everyone about his baby sister and how he loves her. 

So here are some photos of the two from the past month.
My Mummys World | Jack&+Isla

My Mummys World | Jack&+Isla
I love how Isla is looking at Jack
My Mummys World | Jack&+Isla

My Mummys World | Jack&+Isla

dear beautiful