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Thursday, 17 April 2014

Zoflora London Pet Show Competition

This competition comes to you courtesy of Zoflora, a cleaning products company who specialise in disinfectant, which we have used a variety of times. This year Zoflora are sponsoring World of Cats at the London Pet Show for the fourth year running. To celebrate this they are offering readers of the blog the opportunity to win a family ticket to the show (worth £54) plus a goodie bag bursting with Zoflora, Addis and Sarah Smith products. The London Pet Show takes place at Earls Court One on 17 & 18th May.
The family ticket will admit 2 adults & 2 children into the London Pet Show at Earls Court One, London and the goodie bag consists of 3 Zoflora fragrances, 1 pen, 1 Addis superdry plus mop, 1 spill kit, 1 Sarah Smith ecowipes all presented in a Zoflora canvas bag.

To enter simply enter the Rafflecopter below.
Zoflora arrange the delivery of prizes, once I've passed your details this then leaves my control. 
Prize is not transferrable for cash or any alternative.
Winner will need to respond by 10th May with full contact details to ensure the tickets are delivered on time or we reserve the right to select an alternative winner. 

Sorry for being vacant.

You may have noticed if your a regular reader of my blog that I've been a little vacant from here of recent. This kind of happened all of a sudden with everything going on in my personal life. I tried to do a cover up with everything and attempt to carry on as normal. But this failed and in fact only made me come down with a bang and possibly feeling worse. I lost all mojo for everything - blogging included. I think writing it down may have helped but I simply didn't know what to say and how. 

I think, emphasis THINK, I'm starting to feel better. I'm beginning to feel like blogging again. I'm beginning to think about everything in a more positive way again with my only downer now being work. I only work two days a week and for these two days I feel terrible. Hopefully, situations will improve - I can dream right? But for now, I'm just thinking of happy memories I have and creating a positive environment for Jack. 

Items for Baby No.2

When Jack was a baby, in fact still now, I love shopping around for a bargain or two. I love to discover new baby and toddler sites, especially those with super bargains and clever ideas. As Jack was our first child and a bit of a shock baby, we kind of brought EVERYTHING. I'm sure those 'new born baby needs' lists are useless. 
So, I've already started to think about baby number two, who I would love to have now, but we don't plan to have until after we are wed! 

Next time round I hope to breastfeed, its the way I always dreamed of feeding my baby yet  never even tried with Jack due to being young - yes I know no excuse. So I've heard many parents say it can be tiring on the arms, especially as they get older so I'm planning on buying a nursing pillow for support. I love this neutral star pillow from Baby Thingz website. 

Of course I will need a new bed for baby, well Jack may even be in a big bed by then but I do hope hes in his toddler bed for a while longer. I like the idea of having baby next to us, although I'm not sure if Ashley will agree on this one but hey! I hope to get a bedside crib and then moving baby into a cot bed as that was literally our best buy with Jack. 

I think I tried to rush Jack growing up a little, I couldn't wait for him to move into his cot, then into his bed. I also couldn't wait for him to gain weight to change car seats, and pushchairs. I hope next time round we will take a more relaxed approach, and savoir our baby growing and developing, I mean if Ashley gets his way it will be our last baby.
So this time around I plan to purchase an extended rear facing car seat. 

Obviously I'm just thinking of things I never used with Jack and will look into more depth when we are actually pregnant or plan to be rather sharpish. Hopefully not too much longer and the next year flies by. 

In collaboration with Baby Thingz

Monday, 14 April 2014

Tesco Clothing #ffontrendmum

A few weeks back I was given yet another fantastic opportunity from the wonderful people at f+f clothing. This time it was to take part in their #ffontrendmum campaign. As I had so much fun last time I again accepted and was given £100 to spend on their new collection - this was £20 for Jack and £80 for myself. 
As I've said before, since becoming a parent I rarely purchase any new items for myself. Not only because I don't have as much cash as I spend it all on Jack but I also hate the way my body looks now. I tend to hide in clothes I know I'm comfortable in to save judgmental remarks. 
After trawling the f+f website, to which I picked lots of gorgeous items and some for my skinnier self I finally set on 2 different outfits. 

As you can see two totally different outfits. The first outfit I chose was a more casual one, something I could weat all year round to a variety of places. I'm always comfortable in jeans so this was a safe option teamed with a pretty top. My second outfit choice was a little more unusual and daring for me, a dress and tights. Generally the only time I wear a dress is if we are going out somewhere in which I need to dress up - so not very often.But I aim to one day be a more stylish mum so its a step in the right direction. I chose a more casual dress in a blue and teamed it with some opaque tights. To complete this outfit I also chose some gorgeous black wedges. I live in flats so again a strange move for me - but its almost summer. 

I enjoyed the overall finished look I achieved with both of these outfits especially the second one which shocked me. Good work f+f. On the f+f website there is a wide variety of stylish clothes that are very friendly to the bank account. 

 Jacks outfit was created for a more casual look whilst being comfortable. I chose two gorgeous tops, a pair of jeans and a pair of canvas shoes for a casual spring look. 

F+f's sizing is fab, fitting really well, not only this but the way in which the clothes wash and dry is also fab, no colour loss or damage. I find that important with kids clothing, its brilliant to find good quality low priced clothes. 

Please Note: I was given £100 to spend on f+f clothing, all wording and views are my own and not influenced. 

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Beautiful Changing Bags from Baby Lurve

One thing I was most excited about buying when I was pregnant was a changing bag, a woman can never have too many bags right, oh and shoes. Luckily for fashion frenzy mummies, many changing bags are now rather fashionable, but there are so many gorgeous designs to choose from. 
I've chosen my favourite baby changing bags from the Baby Lurve website to share with you. 

 Skip Hop Duo Deluxe Cherry Bloom
I love the pretty floral design on this changing bag, it comes with a multitude of pockets and compartments so everything has its own space. The bag features integrated shuttle clips which allow you to neatly attach your bag to your pushchair giving a stylish neat finish. 

 Babymel Amanda Quilted Black
I think this bag looks unusual to what you would expect of a traditional changing bag, in fact I really like the look of it as an everyday bag. However, this stylish lightweight bag features a large internal pockets with 8 compartments, a bottle pocket and a zipped pocket for valuables. Even though its a beautiful looking bag its made from durable polyester so easy to wipe clean. 
 Pink Lining Yummy Mummy Grey Bows
This post simply wouldn't be a changing bag post without a Pink Lining bag featured. Pink Lining are very well known for their changing bags and styles, this is a more traditional changing bag style featuring a bright design and 'Yummy Mummy' embroidered on the front. The thing I like about the Pink Lining bags is they come with a small pocket for your essentials, a small make-up mirror, long ribbon fob, changing mat, thermo cup holders and a detachable messy bag. Everything you could possible need into one bag! 
Storksak Caroline Black Leather
Again this beautiful changing bag, doesn't particularly look like a traditional bag would, and could easily get away with being an overnight bag. Its made from luxurious soft leather and features a large spacious internal section. It comes with six internal storage compartments as well as two outer pockets and a vanity case. Its a sophisticated looking changing bag featuring a wipe clean material for practicality. 

Even now Jack isn't a baby, we still have to carry around 'supplies', we don't want to be caught out nappy-less, had that before, or without juice or snacks. However, Jack currently loves carrying his own bag around so we purchased him a little rucksack for which he carries his own juice and snack. Pink Lining do a fantastic range of rucksacks for little kiddies which I love and know Jack would love this dinosaur one, hes obsessed with dinosaurs. 

The Baby Lurve website features a wide range of changing bag choices as well as other categories such as prams, car seats and safety. Baby Lurve also offer free delivery on all orders over £29.95 - which lets face it isn't hard to spend on beautiful products and next day delivery for £4.95! 

In collabaration with Baby Lurve

Friday, 11 April 2014

Jacks Eczema Update.

It's been a while since I've done an eczema update for Jack. The reason for this I guess is it doesn't seem to be improving. Now I know there are other eczema sufferers much worse than Jack but I still feel this could have been resolved or began to be resolved a little earlier than it has been. 

We are still under the care of the dermatologist with our creams or application times changing each visit. Visits to there were averaging every 2-3 months however, we have now been placed on a 6 week recall. Maybe this will help - I'm not entirely sure. Jack currently has four different eczema creams we apply - 3 at home and an additional moisturiser at nursery. On our last visit to the dermatologist Jack was given some little mittens to wear at night to stop him scratching - so far these are a failure. Jack won't even put them on let alone wear them.! I'm pretty positive he doesn't scratch when hes sleeping though just when hes awake. 

We are back to smoothering the child in cream on his eczema patches - extra greasy creams when we are at home all day and hoping that works. We also have the never ending battle of trying to stop him scratching to try and repair his skin quicker. He can't change to a stronger cream until the broken skin heals which is the main problem. But how do you stop an itchy child scratching? We have tried long sleeved tops, gloves, keeping him occupied but nothing seems to work. 

I guess we just have to wait and see what the next 6 weeks bring and hope to see an improvement... 

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Baby-Proofing Your Home.

When I first found out I was pregnant, I kept getting told I would need to 'baby proof' my home. I knew there were some things that needed adapting but how would I truly know what needed 'baby-proofing' until I put my baby in my home? Of course there are some initial items every home will more-than-likely need. 

Plug socket covers, every home will need these. We were quite lucky that Jack was never interested in the plugs as a baby but now a toddler, the plugs are one of THE best 'toys'. We've had to purchase covers to stop thing getting put in the sockets which aren't meant to go into them. 
Cupboard locks and latches, every child loves cupboards, more often then not the cleaning one. Another good buy we made were these locks they simply just child-proof a cupboard or drawer. 

A life saver for us was the stair gate, a necessity from when your baby begins to crawl. Obviously intended for use on the stairs because lets face it, you don't want a tumbling baby but I know many people use them within door ways. We purchased a pressure fit stair gate, simple to use with no drilling involved. 
Another useful invention in our house was the fire guard. We don't use our fire very often - mainly in the winter but even then only when its freezing and we all sit downstairs. But, Jack would love to 'play' with the briquettes, so it was more a deterrent to stop that.
Now Jack is a toddler and in his own 'big boy bed' our safety essential is a bed guard. It stops him rolling out and easily fixes in place, we have a lindam one we reviewed here

This of course is just a small selection of items I found useful. You won't fully know how much or how little to buy until your inquisitive baby comes along. 
Just remember your child will want anything they aren't allowed. 

In collaboration with SafeTots.