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Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Isla | Ten Months Old.

Ten months sounds so big and like she has been here for an awfully long time, when in reality its flown by. I'm pretty sure I only gave birth to her last month?

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I seem to have missed doing a nine month update for Isla, but in actual fact, there isn't too much difference anyway. 

Since the last update, Isla has progressed from crawling to taking her first aided steps. She takes beautiful steps with her walker, and also when someone holds her hands and helps her along the way. When standing she can stand for a good minute or so unaided and doesn't fall but grabs onto something again, I'm not sure if she is unbalanced or not. She is also cruising along furniture quickly now as well as being a super quick crawling or clawing as Jack has named it. In regards to movement, this past week she has also learnt how to climb the stairs, managing the bottom few before being caught out, time to fit the other stair gate.

Her vocabulary is coming along, still not really saying much and babbling more than anything but she has added 'Mama' into her mix of sounds which is always refreshing to hear. She still only has the same six teeth she cut within month seven, but I'm pretty sure we will have more soon as we have those pesky red cheeks back. 

This month saw me return to work and I was really worried about how Isla would settle, she has never been apart from me and gets so upset when I go for a shower or just to use the toilet. However, she seems to have settled really well with her Nanny and Daddy on the days I'm at work and makes up for it when I'm home becoming a milk monster.

Friday, 29 April 2016

Introducing Lumps into the Weaning Journey

When weaning your little one at some point you will have to introduce lumps, no matter whether you take a traditional weaning route or a baby-led one. With Isla we have done a combination of purees and finger foods, Isla has enjoyed both but took a particular liking for finger foods.
If you are doing a traditional approach to weaning you will being to introduce lumps around the 7 months mark and HiPP Organic have an amazing range of foods suitable. It’s important to acknowledge that your baby’s needs are developing and a key element to feeding is introducing lumps and advanced flavours. At this stage it’s important to not leave it too long to try new foods as it can become harder for them to accept.
Helen the nutritionist at HiPP has put together a little video with some fantastic advice and tips on how to introduce lumps.

With Jack I did a more traditional weaning approach and I remember when it came to introducing lumps I was terrified. With Isla we have done a mix of baby led finger foods and some HiPP purees. I still had a fear with the lumps however not as much. At the beginning when she was gagging I panicking but then remembered its just a reflex and just kept an eye out. I think when approaching weaning, no matter what route you are taking, its important to know the difference in gagging and choking and know what to do in that instance. There is a fantastic article over on the HiPP blog which has advice from St Johns Ambulance to help along the way.

Isla is now 10 months old and has becoming more or less a pro eater, eating everything she is offered and taking a preference for anything she needs to chew or munch on. I feel we have had a simple and easy journey with Isla compared with Jack, or maybe its because I ‘knew’ what to expect kind of.

One thing I’m really impressed with is the wide range of foods in which Isla will eat, before embarking on journey with HiPP Organic Wean Team, I was not aware of the large product range. They have over 40 different stage two products in different sized jars and pouches, this means your baby is sure to get a varied diet and be kept interested. If you want more information on when to introduce each ‘lumpy’ stage, HiPP have created a fantastic PDF in which you can view.

Friday, 22 April 2016

Big Jigs Play Patrol Wooden Toys

Jack is in simple terms obsessed with trains and his train track so when his latest parcel arrived from BigJigs as part of our role on Play Patrol he was over the moon. Jack received the Railway Station Carry Set, which he couldn’t wait to get started playing with.

BigJigs Railway Station Carry Set

BigJigs Railway Station Carry Set
So, we played with it more or less immediately, the set comes complete with 40 pieces including track, trains, passengers and scenery to let your imagination run free. Included in the box was a layout which initially we followed although we have since made up many other patterns for different train adventures. The best thing is the pieces are easy to put together and self-explanatory I can leave Jack too it.

BigJigs Railway Station Carry Set

BigJigs Railway Station Carry Set

Included within the set is a set of a train and carriages which are very well built and perfect for small hands to keep hold of. The magnets on the trains keep them held together well and easily connect with other trains too. The additional scenery such as the passengers and trees are also very well built and designed, being rounded on the edges to ensure they are safe but also being made from a chunky durable wood keeping with the wooden track theme.

BigJigs Railway Station Carry Set

BigJigs Railway Station Carry Set

Something I really loved about this track was the station, not only is it well built and features lots of detailing, both inside and out but it is also storage for the track. We have so much wooden train track that it’s hard to keep it all together, we don’t have space for a lovely large train table and I love to keep all the pieces together so the fact this track could all be kept together inside the station was a bonus and stores everything perfectly. With everything inside it can become a little heavy for the little ones but Jack can easily carry it around still.

BigJigs Railway Station Carry Set

BigJigs Railway Station Carry Set

As for the station itself, you can remove the roof and the front of the station so you can see inside, there is also a double layer inside which you have clearer access too then.
Jack has already had so much play from this and I know there is plenty more hours of fun to be had by him.

BigJigs Railway Station Carry SetAs well as Jack having a lovely treat, Isla was also sent something. Isla received a Rainbow Roller rattle. She has had quite a lot of fun with this rolling it around the floor, crawling after it and listening to it rattle. The bright colours in which it is made from attract her attention and keep her interested which is always a bonus as well as helping develop her sensory skills.
BigJigs Rainbow Roller

BigJigs Rainbow Roller

We are already looking forward to our next Play Patrol package to put some more toys through their paces. 

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Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Q Pootle 5 is out on DVD Win a Copy

CBeebies animated series Q Pootle 5 is back with a brand new DVD which flew onto the shelves early part of this month. 

In the recent release Q Pootle 5: Pootle The Explorer Q Pootle 5 and his friends Oopsy, Eddi, Stella, Ray, Groobie, Bud-D and Planet Dave love having fun in space finding lots of adventures and tackling problems. The DVD includes 7 different episodes for you to enjoy with a running time of 77 minutes. 

We are lucky enough to have a DVD up for grabs so you can find yourself watching the seven space episodes from the much loved popular children's author and illustrator Nick Butterworth. 

Q Pootle 5 DVD

Monday, 11 April 2016

Fisher Price Learn With Me Zebra Walker | A Review

I'm so sad that Isla is at the stage where all she wants to do is constantly stand on her feet and attempt to walk, so it only seemed right it was time to get a baby walker. I'm not sure where the past 9 months have flown by and how she is already attempting the art of walking, crawling off at high speed and generally just growing up.

With Jack we had a push along walker, and I knew we would get the same for Isla, as I've never been much of a fan of the sit in ones. So, when we were recently sent the Fisher Price Learn With Me Zebra Walker I knew it was the perfect option.

The walker doesn't come pre-assembled however its very simple to do taking a matter of minutes. Parts simply click in place and are assembled securely with a screwdriver and some provided screws. You also require two AA batteries which aren't included. This Fisher Price Zebra Walker is designed for children from 6 months through to 3 years, although Jack is enjoying it at 4 years. It can be played with in two modes, firstly the Sit and Play mode, which has lots of activities to keep your little one occupied helping to teach ABCs and 123s. Then there is Stand and Walk mode, which encourages your little one to walk along with. It's design is based on a classic walker with the four sturdy wheels and a good chunky handle which a young child can easily hold onto. 

There are lots of different activities on the front of the walker and both Isla and Jack really enjoy playing with them. The colours on the front are bright and everything is large enabling Isla to clearly see and mess with them. Theres big light up buttons, which also activate the sounds, which sing and say encouraging phrases. Also there is a dial to turn, a book to flip pages, a peek-a-boo flip section, a ball and a flick to switch. 

Isla is really getting the hang of this walking business now, and the walker has really encouraged this. It's very sturdy and even the moments where she is unsteady it provides lots of support and stability to help encourage her to keep going thanks to the wide wheel base. As it's pushed along the music continues encouraging the user to keep going.

This baby walker is priced at £29.99 which I think is a reasonable price for all what is on offer with this toy. It's a great learning and development toy which can be used still once they have the hang of walking. 

Please Note: We received this walker in exchange for an honest and impartial review. All views and opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Schleich Wild Life Set | A Review

Schleich are a brand I have always loved for animals, they are renowned for their authentic pieces which are each hand painted with care and so much detailing. In each animal you can tell the quality and likeness and see the effort which has gone into each animal created. I always remember thinking 'Why are these animals much more expensive than others?' however they are a lot more hard wearing and so much detailing goes into them you can see what you are paying for.

Recently we were sent two sets of the new range from Schleich, a cave play set and a shark set. 
The Schleich Shark Set comes with three individual fierce looking sharks, the blue shark, the great white shark and the tiger shark. The detailing within the teeth and amazing stripes of the tiger shark and realistic fin and snout on the great white. Each shark is made all as one, the fins and tails are not glued on and are an extension. This in turn makes them very sturdy and been okay when Isla managed to steal them away. 

Then there is the Schleich Cave Play Set this consists of a desert lioness ready to hunt, and a cave which is easy to assemble along with plants to arrange around. There is also a realistic looking bone, which I guess is the remainder of the previous meal. 

Jack has absolutely loved these new additions. We have had plenty of imaginative play with them and many a 'made up' scene. He's also learnt about the different sharks and asked many a different question regarding them. 

Please Note: I received these products free of charge in exchange for an honest and open review. All opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

#TheMomentWeTried Weaning Update and Competition

Weaning is well underway here and its fair to say Isla loves her food. We are very lucky in terms of Isla will try anything and everything and so far we've had no negative experiences that stick in my mind at least. However, one thing I always try to do is ensure Isla has a wide variety of foods. Something we learnt from HiPP is it can take as many as 10 times before a new food is accepted. Therefore, don't keep sticking to foods you know baby likes, offer a variety and persevere as it makes them more adventurous as they get older. This is something we found with Jack he eats a lot of food I dislike as he was given a wide palette as a child.

Isla currently doesn't really have a preference for sweet over savoury or vice-versa and accepts new flavours fairly well. Most of the sweetness comes in the form of HiPP jars, pouches and fruit pots and savoury, again from HiPP and finger foods. One thing I really like about HiPP is that all the fruit and vegetables in which are used are grown on a dedicated farm and left to naturally ripen and harvested at their plumpest and sweetest. They are then gently steam cooked protecting all the nutrients and flavour and sugars are only added carefully to those you would anyway (such as custard). 

#TheMomentWeTried Strawberry Yoghurt. Okay, the eyes don't help on this as she was suffering conjunctivitis but still...

#TheMomentWeTried HiPP Parsnip, Potato and Turkey Casserole. 

Then the cutest of all... #TheMomentWeTried HiPP Cocoa and Vanilla Dessert. 

 Did you say chocolate?

I love watching the changes of emotions when trying a new food, the faces they pull and their reactions. I enjoy giving lots of variety and seeing how they can like a food one day and not another. Each month we introduce Isla to new foods of different textures and forms which is fun to see how she reacts. 

I'm still not fantastic at remembering to give her 3 meals each day although she loves her food. However, I feel confident in using the HiPP prepared and know they are just as healthy as a home cooked meal and perfect for convenience. 

Giveaway Time!
You could win your own HiPP Organic Sweet and Savoury bundle by sharing a photo of your baby or toddler trying a new taste for the first time. Simply share a photo on my Facebook Page or follow me on Twitter (@mymummysworld) and Tweet a photo with the hashtag #TheMomentWeTried mentioning both myself and @HippOrganic. The giveaway is open until midnight Sunday 10th April when a winner will be chosen.