Tackling Eczema Diagnosis and How We Cope Now #OneTwoFreeYourSkin

Monday, 24 September 2018
When Jack was younger, his skin was something which would cause me endless battles and sleepless nights. He had awful skin, which in turn turned out to be eczema but the journey to get that diagnosis was a painful one emotionally. 

You see, Jack had always had fairly dry skin, but when he was around 5 months old it seemed to be getting worse. I enquired with the health visitor and we visited the doctors and still, it took a while to get some help. Some 15 months later we finally got an eczema diagnosis with lots of various visits in between that to get some help and support. In all this time, I would trawl the internet for treatments which may help him, creams I could possibly purchase to help him 

Keeping Safe At Home When You Thought You Were.

Thursday, 20 September 2018
Just over 3 years ago now we moved into our new house, it was a new build in a fairly nice area, yes there are some parts around which aren't but where we are is or should I say was. We live local enough to the village, local enough to the parks and a little bit of open space and close enough to school, everything we could potentially wish for, with the position we were buying a house, close enough to the city. 

We had been lucky in the respect of we had never been broken into ever that's my parents included, that was until a couple of years ago. You see as move houses reached completion more families were obviously moving in.

Transforming the Kid's Bedrooms

Saturday, 15 September 2018
Currently, we are working our way around the home turning the blank canvas from when we moved in into our home. We've completed our living room, hallway, downstairs bathroom, stairs and landing and Jack's bedroom. That leaves the upstairs bathroom, Isla's bedroom, our bedroom and the kitchen. The kitchen is going to take a fair amount of work as we want to swap it around as the layout doesn't work. Next on the list is Isla's bedroom, I'd love for her to be next to have somewhere that can just be tailored to her.

Enjoying Jigsaws with Ravensburger Puppy Dog Pals | A Review

Saturday, 1 September 2018
Jack has always had a great interest in puzzles, and I think the puzzle library they do within the school nursery really helped encourage this for Jack. Recently, Isla has started to show a great interest in puzzles where she would normally not be to bothered by them. We were sent the Puppy Dog Pals jigsaw from Ravensburger to try out and I thought it would be a great way to expand her puzzles.

A new Television Wishlist.

Tuesday, 7 August 2018
We've had our television since we've lived in this house, and whilst there is nothing particularly wrong with it, times have moved on and they have improved a fair amount. So I'm thinking ahead to a new television and moving our current one into our bedroom or somewhere.

When we purchased the television, generally it would be just to watch television programmes, nothing special, however, recently we’ve started watching a lot more films on there and I’ve noticed the difference in quality. Therefore I’ve decided to make a little wishlist of what I’m looking for and hoping to get from a new television.

Modern Design Trends Perfect For Your Living Room

Friday, 27 July 2018

Modern design trends that are perfect for your living room
Styling your living room is never easy. You are going to want to make sure that it is a stylish space, one that you can be proud to call your own. But you are still going to want it to be a space that is comfortable, welcoming and ideal for family life.
There are some key decisions that you can make in order to add a stylish touch to your living room, some may pick a bold colour, whilst some may go for a statement piece of furniture such as stylish wingback chairs.

Important Tips that will Help You To Keep Your New Dog Safe

Saturday, 30 June 2018
If you have a pet then you will know how important it is for you to look after them and keep them safe as much as you can. This is easier said than done, because at times, it may feel as though they will do absolutely anything to get out of the house or even take themselves for a walk up to the local field. For this reason, you really do need to go that extra mile when it comes to keeping them safe, and you can find a couple of hints and tips to get you started right here.


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