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Monday, 23 October 2017

Dressing with Angel & Rocket | A Review

A little while ago I was contacted by a little company called Angel & Rocket to see if Isla would like to review an outfit for them. I have to admit, it's a brand I'd never heard of before so I did a little look into the brand and their ranges were beautiful, I knew it was one to agree too.

Angel & Rocket is a British family run business which was founded by Kate Bostock. The brand focuses on creating individual pieces with efforts in the little details. Everything is designed within the UK and created using premium fabrics. 

There are so many gorgeous items available for both boys and girls, and plenty which would suit a range of people. Choosing an outfit for Isla was near on impossible, there were so many gorgeous pieces and it was hard to choose which to go for. In the end we chose the Robyn floral sweat dress and leggings, featuring an all over floral pattern on the dress and pale pink leggings to accompany. 

Upon arrival, I was immediately impressed with Angel and Rocket, with the attention to detail within the packaging. The item came wrapped within the brands signature paper wrapped neatly sealed with a small postcard. 

The outfit is absolutely amazing quality, and I couldn't wait to try it on Isla. I was worried a little regarding the sizing, I opted for the size Isla was in but expected it to come up small but it really isn't. In fact I would say the leggings even come up a little longer than some of her others. 

So, we popped the outfit on and Isla absolutely loved it, and totally rocked the colours. The attention is immediately drawn to the dress with its gorgeous floral design and small teardrop opening at the rear. On Isla it came up just above the knee so was a perfect length for a dress. 

With clothing I always like to try out how well it washes, because lets face it all clothes are lovely when you buy them! But I can confirm this washes really well and keeps the high quality standards as when it arrived. There has been no loss of colour or shape. 

This outfit was priced at £30 for both items, which I didn't think was too bad and inline with some others at stores. However, some items were a little higher end priced however its certain that you get what you pay for with the quality of the designs and fabrics. 

Angel and Rocket sell a wide range of clothing for both boys and girls up-to 10 years of age, in a wide range of designs there is sure to be something for everyone. 

Please Note: We received this item in exchange for an honest review. All words and opinions are my own and not influenced in any way. 

Sunday, 22 October 2017

Gassy The Cow from Drumond Park | A Review

Last month we were lucky enough to receive Gassy the Cow from Drumond Park, and after watching the adverts on the television its set to be one of the big games this year and we can see why.

Playing Gassy the Cow couldn’t be simpler and it’s really been a hit with Jack, both for the poop factor and the enjoyment. It’s simple to understand, which is a great aspect to the game when playing with younger ones. Each player has a boot of an individual colour, these are your counters if you wish, in turns each player than spins the spinner for it to land on a coloured boot. Whichever colour it lands on, that player takes to Gassy and lifts the tail awaiting to see what is to come next.

Now this is the fun part for Jack, and I guess any boy or young child – why do they find poop so funny. When you lift the tail one of four things could happen and you have to see which for what happens to you. It could be gas, it could be a wee, it could be a poop or even a mega poop. If you get gas, nothing happens you continue to the next player.

If you get a wee, you can wash away any poop already on your boots therefore taking the poop off. If you don’t already have a poop, you just put it back in the pile.

If you get a poop, you add it onto your boot, get another and you are out.

However, if you get the mega poop, you are instantly out.

The winner is the one with the cleanest boots at the end of the game.

The cow is really well made, and requires batteries to work, but who doesn’t have a box full somewhere in the house. The bright colours keep children occupied and although gross keeps kids entertained for ages.

We now have the opportunity for one lucky winner, to win themselves a copy of Gassy The Cow.

Gassy The Cow Game

Please Note: I received this toy in exchange for an honest review, all words and opinions are my own and not influenced in any way. 

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Lottie - A Doll To Inspire | A Review and Competition

When I was younger I was a huge fan of Barbie dolls, I mean who wasn’t? At one stage, each birthday and Christmas I would get more to add to my collection. Looking back, Barbie dolls really were the only doll around on the market, then came other alternatives but each like the others never really reflecting that of a ‘real person’.

Luckily, we can now say hello to Lottie Dolls, these are dolls inspired by children of today. They are a similar size to Barbies but much more realistic. Lottie Dolls are based on the proportions of a 9 year old, representing a healthy view on body image and a positive role model to children unlike other dolls. No make-up, no heels and no revealing clothing.

We were recently asked if we would like to review a couple of dolls from the collection, and I knew they would be something Isla would love. Choosing which dolls to have was the most difficult decision, with Isla picking them all as her favourite. There are over 20 female dolls and 2 male dolls to choose from with the range ever expanding, then also a range of accessories to add too. In the end we opted for Muddy Puddles – as this is an activity Isla absolutely loves, and Pony Club as she has a new found love for Ponies.  

Pony Club was the one Isla initially went to, instantly screeching ‘Ahhh’ when looking at the pony, she just couldn’t wait to open them up and play. Lottie Dolls encourage imaginative play with the various accessories, which as we know is great for a child’s development. One thing I liked in comparison to Barbie is the fact Lottie can stand on her own two feet, literally. You can still move the arms and legs, but due to the size and how they are made, Lottie can stand alone making play much more creative. Each doll is designed with any regular child in mind, and allows each child to take on their own individuality when playing. Lottie doesn’t restrict how a child can play, allowing anything from frilly ball grows to pirates and everything else too.

We are lucky enough, to be able to give one lucky reader the chance to win a Muddly Puddles Lottie Doll. 

Muddy Puddles Lottie Doll

Winner will be chosen at random via Gleam from all entries which meet the requirements. One of these is for you to leave your email address which will be shared with Lottie Dolls.

Please Note: We received the above dolls in exchange for an honest review. All words and opinions are my own and not influenced in any way. 

Thursday, 5 October 2017

#Blogtober17 - Back to Education, Starting Uni years after education

So I've mentioned a few times over the years how I always planned to go to University. Initially I wanted to be a children's nurse, however things didn't go as planned. My tutor didn't remind me about opening times for UCAS and I only wanted to go to a decent University - she told me I needed to apply early to even stand a chance. I could have applied the following year but I'm not good in social situations and didn't want to study with those not my age. I find it difficult to make friends the best of times and would have really felt out of place. 

Time passed, and eventually I decided that University wasn't meant to be for me. I set myself into just continuing to work until I found my dream job to make a career. Still yet to happen

After Jack starting school full time last year, I decided I wanted to do something with my college qualification and wanted to get back into working within a school. However, as I've not done it for some time, it's proved difficult and I'm still within the pharmacy. But I'd also considered studying to be a teacher or something similar. Ashley was going through a job change, which still hasn't come about and we decided it was best for him to be settled before I moved around. 

But, with Ashleys new job still awaiting final details and paperwork, then his course I decided to just go for it. At the beginning of August, after much deliberation I phoned up Open University and enrolled onto one of the degrees, BA (Hons) Childhood and Youth Studies to be exact. 

Open University is seen as part time study as you do it within your own time at home. They recommend 60 credits a year which is equivalent to part time study, so I signed up to my compulsory module and simply was awaiting October to arrive. About a week before the official cut off date for enrolling I decided I would add on another 60 credits, the equivalent of studying full time. Now my course has been temporarily opened for 2 weeks now and I'm already really nervous, and my official start date is this Saturday. 

I've waited almost 8 years for this moment, and now its finally here I'm a mix of emotions. I'm excited to get started on my new adventure, whilst equally nervous of how I will manage - will I even manage?
So I guess that is it, I'm the crazy one working part time, looking after two children full time and everything that comes with them alongside studying full time. I'll see ya'll on the other side.


Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Postpartum Hair Loss and How to cope

So, you've just spent the last 9 months, or there abouts growing a baby or two. Now you are probably at the dreary after birth side of having a new baby where your getting used to sleep deprivation, learning the different cries from your baby and all the poop that comes with it and also hair loss. Yes hair loss is part of the postpartum process, some days you may feel that you a literally pulling out clumps, whilst others you may begin to worry you are approaching baldness. 

On an average, women loose around 100 strands of hair each day, usually at the time of brushing and it becomes 'normal' and you notice it less. My poor bedroom floor is normally where mine tend to lay, I'm sure yours too. 100 strands seems a lot, but as it happens over the course of the day you barely notice. 

During pregnancy, you seem to have gorgeous flowing locks, as your oestrogen levels are higher, your body freezes hair in the growing stage. This means hair that would normally fall out stays in place, leading to thicker hair. 

Then we are postpartum and the hair loss begins, it usually starts within the third or fourth month and you will be glad to hear tends to end by the sixth month, but can last up to a year. After giving birth those oestrogen levels that were higher are now plummeting and the hair which was frozen in the growing stage have now left and are beginning to fall out. 

So how can you cope with postpartum hair loss?

Well, some women will barely even notice, when I had Jack, I didn't really tend to notice any difference as I had quite thick, long hair anyway. However, when I had Isla, my hair loss following seemed to be a lot more. Each pregnancy is different remember. 

I always notice strands around the home, on the sofa, on the flooring, in the carpets and of course in the plugholes but I occasionally also notice it around the children. Especially when they were younger and around me a lot more, more so tangled in those chubby little fingers. It's important to be careful and remove any hair as soon as possible, especially if on your children. Hair wrapped around their little joints can be really dangerous and cause a hair tourniquet, wrapping really tight and causing pain and discomfort. 

Some women, may be looking for measures to stop the hair falling out, but there is nothing you can do about the hair actually falling out, but you can do things to make life easier and you feel better. 

You may like to go for a new haircut, now don't go changing everything but you may find a new cut may make you feel better and something which would frame your other features. You may also like to try hair transplant costing around £3000. So yes this won't be for everyone, but some ladies may feel the need to go to these stages. 
You could also try a different colour for your hair, changing the colour always gives both yourself and your hair a boost. If you have dark hair you could try highlighting the front to act as a camouflage. 
You could also fall back in love with a ponytail, just apply some products to keep it tame and up in a ponytail it goes. Not only helping you but saving time in your new found motherhood. You could always mix it up with a bun or by adding in some accessories. Adding another feature into your hair will move the focus from the hair loss which you will be concerned about. 

Of course, if you feel that you are loosing more hair than you should be, you could talk with your GP or health professional. I've been lucky with my hair loss and although worse in after Isla, I found it quickly resolved and wasn't too bad that I needed to do much extra with it. 

What are you experiences with Postpartum hair loss? Do you have any tips to add in?

In Collaboration with Harley Street Hair Clinic

#Blogtober17 - Driving Tests and Cars...

So Day 3 in the #Blogtober17 posts and today is all about cars. As the days go on I seem to be struggling to think what to write about.

I always wanted to drive, I liked the idea of independance so I knew the moment I could apply for my provisional I would. I always found it weird that Ashley wasn't driving, or learning to drive or in fact had a provisional, he was 18 when we got together and up until the point I applied for mine he didn't have one but that soon changed and he had his provisional and was learning in no time.

My 17th birthday arrived, that exact day I had my first driving lesson - 2 hours long. I did a look around and booked in with a local instructor who turned up for my lesson. He drove me around initially until we got to a quiet lane where we pulled over and I was allowed to drive. It didn't turn out to well and I stalled. I'd never drove before so it was to be expected, however this driving instructor really shouted at me and for the entire 2 hour lesson I was behind the steering wheel for all of 10 minutes. It really put a negative front on the driving experience for me and knocked me down, I wasn't sure if I would want to continue but knew deep down it was what I wanted. I ended up booking in with the same driving instructor in which Ashley used. He was the most gentle, caring gentleman there was - Graham was his name. I had various lessons throughout my time, I found it difficult to drive at night getting sidetracked by the glare of the headlights, and was also a bit of a speed freak so always went on a national speed limit road - Thank you Graham!

Then came the time to sit my theory, three attempts to finally pass that bad boy but we got there in the end. Eventually I was ready to sit my practical test, it was booked for school kicking out time and it was typical the route I went on had every hill start, parked cars in the road and 3 schools on the route. Unfortunately nerves got the better of me and I ended up failing - I was gutted, and that is an understatement. We figured that I lost all confidence when it came to me driving with someone new, with my mum I had confidence, with Graham I had confidence - throw me in the car with someone else and all confidence was lost and nerves got the better of me.

I booked my next driving test, and unfortunately Graham had to stop teaching for a short while as he needed to work on his health. Graham decided the best thing for me was to go with one of his colleagues to for numerous reasons. To help me gain confidence and to ensure I kept up with the lessons in the run up to my practical test. My second driving test arrived and luckily I passed with just a couple of minors. I got home, rang my insurance changed to a full license and well the rest is history.

I was so lucky with my first car, my parents brought a brand new Ford Fiesta and they always promised me they would keep that car and it would become my first car. I would always know how it was looked after beforehand, and it sat on the driveway waiting for me. I had this car up until Jack was around 10 months old I believe. As the fiesta was only a 3 door, putting a baby in and out of the back was proving to be difficult.

We then upgraded, or downgraded to a Renault Megane a car I brought for myself. It was a beautiful blue car with panoramic roof, everything was so much brighter. It had electric windows all around, an upgrade on my fiesta. As with Renault it started having some problems and we eventually upgraded her.

For my Christmas present in 2013 I was brought a nearly new Hyundai IX35, and still to this day this was my favourite car. This year Ashley finally paid her off which is a bonus. I loved that car, another upgrade as Ashley is a car snob, it was top of the range and the heated seats were life - quite literally.  Unfortunately after mine and Ashleys slight break up, he had the car back as his van broke down, and he was the one paying for the car, and he brought me a little run around.

Back down the car ladder and I'm on the car I had now. A Peugeot 307 - this is the oldest car I have ever owned, and in all honesty I hate it. But it works, better than you would imagine and gets me where I need. We have the Hyundai as the family car and the Peugeot is just a runaround. Eventually we will get another upgrade but we have more important things to worry about for now.

Now, my car is my life and thinking about it I'd be lost without that little plastic card. Its been so useful having my freedom and even useful in other circumstances. 


Monday, 2 October 2017

#Blogtober17 - Babies

So following on, todays prompt is babies, one I'm possibly a little more confident in writing about as they literally are my world. 
I always knew I wanted at least two, ideally three. Being an only child, I've always missed having a sibling, someone who is always there to play with, someone to grow up with and someone to just share things with. 

So we will start with my first baby, Abbie Dog. Ashley and I got Abbie not long into our relationship around a year. We had her from a puppy and it was clear she was the rut of the litter. She is 8 years now and will always be our first baby, despite not being a human. She is as soft as a brush and has been through a hell of a lot with us. 

Then we move onto our actual babies.

Jack our first born. 
You came a little sooner than I even expected, I had my life all planned out, married at 23, first child at 25. You decided when I would become a mother, just before my 20th birthday I found out I was expecting, getting caught on the pill. I wanted a girl, daddy wanted a boy - he got his wish, whilst I spent a little time experiencing gender disappointment. After a lot of grief with an anterior placenta and not feeling movements, many a hospital visit with daily visits at the end you finally entered the world on Monday 20th February 2012 at 18:37. What a turnaround our lives took that day, I never knew the overwhelming love you could get for a child until you were born. 

Isla our second born. 
Again an unexpected little baby, we had our wedding booked and we planned for another child once married and in our own place, but again a pill mishap and here we were again pregnant with our second born. I went for a private gender scan with you, just with your brother so that for a short time just us and your Nanny would know your gender, a little time without having to tell the world. Your brother was so excited he loved seeing your little body upon the screen and I knew right then he would look after you. Again faced with an anterior placenta, but this time you seemed to be a lot more fierce, I could feel your movements past this, you were constantly fidgeting and kicking within there. I had a planned c-section with you despite a natural birth with your brother. On Monday 29th June 2015 at 16:48 you arrived into this world, looking exactly like your big brother only with very light hair and hardly any of it, and much fairer skin. I never imagined loving another child as much as I did Jack, but it seems I could.