Finding The Perfect Low Maintenance Family Pet

Thursday, 6 February 2020
Chances are, at one point or another, your children will broach the subject of having a pet. For working parents, this can be a minefield to navigate. After all, if you are short on time you may feel that realistically, you can't handle the responsibility of a pet on top of everything else you are juggling.

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However, maybe there is a compromise you can make when it comes to giving your children the pet they want and it is not taking up too much of your time. Of course, the whole family wants to be happy with the pet you eventually choose, should you decide to. So what type of pets are low maintenance and can be perfect for the whole family?


Snakes are relatively low maintenance. Some breeds of snake don’t need to be fed frequently. They also don't need a lot of attention from you. The initial outlay when you choose to become a snake owner can be costly. Make sure to visit a company that specializes in the correct equipment for the new addition to your family.
Reptile Centre can provide you with all you need to create a new home for your snake.


The great thing about cats is they don't need to walk regularly and they can provide the whole family with some love and comfort. You really don’t need a lot of accessories to get started as a new cat owner. Although it can be a bit hit and miss as cats may make up their own rules about their feeding habits, schedule and sleeping arrangement despite your attempts otherwise! You don’t need a big space for a cat bed, although there is nothing stopping you from buying a bed, or cat scratching post or other accessories.


One of the easiest pets you can own. All you need is a small tank, or a large one if you are planning to get more than one. And make sure you regularly clean the tank and feed the goldfish.

Make sure your tank has a filter as goldfish are messy eaters! They could be the perfect first pet for your children, especially younger ones as they learn how to responsibly look after a pet.


Sure, some bunnies love the love and affection from their owners and thrive off it. But a lot of species of rabbit can be quite happy with minimal interaction from people. As long as they have a clean hutch, hay and plenty of food and veggies, they will be perfectly happy.
They can also be left alone for long periods making them ideal for families who are out a lot of the time.

Guinea Pig

One of the more popular pets amongst families, guinea pigs are family favourite and a great introduction to being a pet owner. Small cute and fluffy, the guinea pig can spend relatively long periods of time alone. But beware, they don't like to be without a companion so you may find you have to take two home instead of one to help it live a happy, healthy life and thrive in your home.

Buy them a cage, food, toys and water and they will happily exist in your home with relative ease.

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Hacks to Have More Quality Time with the Kids

Wednesday, 18 December 2019

Do you feel like there are never enough hours in the day to do everything you want? This means that something always has to give. However, that precious time with the little ones should not be something that falls to the wayside. A lot of Mums feel as if they do not spend enough quality time with their children. Life has a habit of getting in the way, and bad routines can manifest. Think about improving your relationships with your children, and it is something that can be helped following these simple tips.

Catch-up talks
This is something that can easily be done for ten minutes in the morning when you wake them up, or for ten minutes at night when you put them to bed. Find time to connect with your children and give them a real heart to heart conversation. These two times are particularly good as being tired means that their defences will be down and you may be able to have a more honest talk. Make them know that they can tell you anything and that you will always be there no matter what.

Have meals together
These days T.V dinners are all the rage, but get that family table out and have dinner time together. You, your partner, if possible, and the children. You can enjoy a conversation and discuss each other’s day, and you know that they have eaten their meals. You can ban phones at the table, this goes for you too, and you can ensure that they all eat a healthy meal. Family meals at the dinner table are actually associated with many benefits to your child’s life, including doing better at school, and life.

Get involved with games they may play. Learn about the online games they are interested in or play a bit of football with them. You will find if you show a bit of interest in something they love it will go a long way to building your relationship. They will tell you things about the game and themselves, and you will come to know them better. Have a laugh and a joke with them too, always find a bit of time to be silly.

Take them out and spoil them a little
Be careful not to overdo the spoiling thought as this can obviously have a detrimental effect. But, every so often as a treat take them somewhere, they really want to go. You can use this as a tool and play, for example, let them know it’s because they have been good. Also, it may be an idea to get children's entertainers of their birthdays, they will love this.

Reward positive behaviour
If your child does well at school, then let them know how much you care. This can be verbally or with some other reward. You want to encourage the good things in life and being aware of what is going on is key. You may be busy, but your child will appreciate the attention when they know they have done well.

Schleich Horse Club Range | A Review

Thursday, 31 October 2019
Schleich are a German company who are best known for their collection of realistic, hand-painted animals. However, since then they've progressed and now make everything from dinosaurs to unicorns too. Schleich is a brand we have reviewed previously, and one we have always been so happy to have, its a brand well-loved by our family. 

Recently, we were asked if we would like to review some of the Schleich Horse Club range, which I knew Isla would absolutely love. Within the set we received, we had the Rider CafĂ©, Mia and Spotty and Hannah's Guest Horses with Ruby the Dog. 

Seven Ideas For Outdoor Activities With The Family |

Wednesday, 30 October 2019
A lot of children spend a lot of time indoors now, playing video games, instead of playing outside. A great way to help them get outside is to find some things to do in the fresh air as a family. The whole family can get some exercise and enjoy the great outdoors, and create some lasting memories together. Here are some ideas to get outside.

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Pirata & Capitano Plush Toys from Posh Paws | A Review

Thursday, 24 October 2019
Each morning always starts with a bit of TV in our house, and more often this will be Milkshake. Theres lots of different programmes which both the children love to watch, one of those being Pirata & Capitano. Both of the children love the story behind the programme and are always engrossed. 

3 Ways To Make Lasting Memories With Your Family

Wednesday, 21 August 2019

There will be a day when your children fly the nest.

Leaving your home to start a new life, perhaps with families of their own to look after and spend time with, you will have fewer opportunities to create those all-important lasting memories.

Pocket Money Toys for Summer from HTI | A Review

Thursday, 8 August 2019
The Summer holidays are well and truly in full swing now, no matter where you are in the UK. Planning activities to do with the kids to keep them occupied for the whole Summer, to minimise the risk of constantly hearing 'I'm bored' or shoving them in front of a screen can be tricky, the cost can be the main issue for this. 

That's where HTI have come in to help, just before the end of term, we received a box full of pocket money toys from them, perfect for keeping the little ones occupied this summer. Within the box, there were lots of goodies which could be used both indoors and outdoors, depending on how the weather was. 


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