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Saturday, 16 July 2016

Behind The Scenes at National Sea Life Birmingham

On the 5th of July, Sea Life Birmingham celebrated their 20th Anniversary. They held some special events to celebrate and whilst we were invited along we couldn't attend on the day due to other commitments. However I've heard it was a great experience. 

Behind The Scenes at National Sea Life Birmingham

To coincide with their birthday celebrations a few new attractions opened at the Sea Life Centre which we have been to see recently and what I'm talking about today. 

Behind The Scenes at National Sea Life Birmingham

Behind The Scenes at National Sea Life Birmingham

Behind The Scenes at National Sea Life Birmingham

The Clownfish Kingdom has been revamped and reopened with some new faces and interactive tanks. You are able to get up close, and walk through the clownfish tunnel. Jack also spotted Dory and Nemo which made his day. 
There is also the newly revamped 360 degree Ocean Tunnel, as well as being able to see around you, they have revamped the walkway meaning you can now get closer to the windows and underneath your feet. 

Behind The Scenes at National Sea Life Birmingham

Recently 'Behind The Scenes Tour' was opened, which is exactly as it says, a little insight being the scenes of the daily running of the Sea Life Centre. Upon entry to the centre, when purchasing your ticket, you will be able to book an additional add on of the tour which costs £3.50 extra per person. I feel this is a great addition to the Sea Life Centre, and one which will do well. If your a fan of the Sea Life, or even a first time visitor, I would highly recommend it. It lasted around 20 minutes and was very informative throughout. 
Behind The Scenes at National Sea Life Birmingham
Baby Sea Horse Food
Behind The Scenes at National Sea Life Birmingham
Baby Sea Horse Food Under Microscope
Our guide for the talk was very informative and really got involved with everyone who was taking part. We managed to see lots of different features including the routine the staff do, the food in which they feed the different sea creatures. Jack took the temperature of the tank within the room which he enjoyed too. We got to see some baby sharks within their mermaid purses and learnt a lot more about them. The tour was really enjoyable for all of us and we all learnt something new from it. 

Behind The Scenes at National Sea Life Birmingham

Behind The Scenes at National Sea Life Birmingham

At the moment there is also a competition running with the hashtag #IGrewUpWithSeaLife in which they ask you to share photos on the website of your trip to the Sea Life Centre and you could be in with a chance to win a family pass or annual pass. 

Behind The Scenes at National Sea Life Birmingham

Friday, 15 July 2016

Siblings | July

Recently, these two actually have a fairly decent bond. There are still times when they need alone time, but what siblings don't?

Jack is spending a lot more time with Isla, and much more time playing with her and sharing his toys. Recently Isla has learnt to walk and I think this has been a real hit with Jack, he kind of clicked she can follow him around now. I feel like their sibling bond is just beginning all over again, as in their sibling bond to play together, to interact together and generally have fun. 

I'm starting to feel less guilty on one child or the other as they are interacting together more I feel we can all do much more together. We all play 'Isla Safe' games together and have lots of fun on the garden enjoying the fun to be had outdoors. 

This month I feel we have got somewhere with the sibling bond. There are so many special memories which I will hold onto forever and I hope these two remember them for years to come too.

Alive! Calcium Soft Jells | A Review

Did you know almost two-thirds of us say we don't actively take steps to look after our long-term health?  
I'm definitely in the two-thirds not taking much care into my own health, ooops.

However I am actively trying to take small steps to change that. I want to be healthier for my children, to be able to bounce around with them. But, I also want to be healthier to reduce my risk of health problems which seem to run in the family. In a recent survey conducted by Alive! it was revealed that 63% of British women aged 25-55 do not actively take steps to look after their long term health. It actually surprises me how big a percentage this is. 
Alive! Calcium Soft Jells

We should always take simple preventative steps to address future health concerns. 'Osteoporosis, for example, is considered an 'older person's' disease. But when you realise that peak bone density is reached around the age of 25 you start to understand how important it is to take care of your body earlier than you might think.' Around the age of 16-18 bone stop growing, but continue to increase in density until mid-20's. Therefore, taking a simple preventative measure such as calcium can help keep you 'fitter for longer'. 

Alive! have introduced a new product into their range in the form of calcium soft jells which have been specifically developed to provide a unique formulation of calcium, vitamin D and phosphorus to support the maintenance of normal bones and teeth. 
Alive! Calcium Kit

I was sent an Alive! Calcium Kit within the post which included a range of items to ensure our bones and teeth stay healthy and strong. Included was Kale Chips, fresh mints, a milkshake recipe book, sesame seeds, toothpaste, toothbrushes and mouthwash along with Alive! Calcium Jells. All are important for calcium and included was tips on how they help. Some products included I didn't even realise had calcium in, which was a great informative piece. 

Alive! Calcium Kit

One thing that I really liked about the Alive! Calcium Jells is that they are a soft chew able vitamin and also suitable for children over 3 years, so Jack and I were sharing them. I've always had a problem with swallowing tablets, I don't know what it is but I just do. There was a competitor on the market which did chew able vitamins but they were only for children so didn't have the required dosage for adults in them. I remember buying them for myself for a little bit of daily vitamin dose but with these I know I can be getting the full required amount. 

Alive! Calcium Soft Jells

Within both sides of my family there is history of gum disease and teeth problems, as well as bone problems including osteoporosis. So looking back on the information above it seems stupid for me not to be taking preventative measures. So I shall definitely be continuing taking the calcium jells and will look into others within the range from Alive!. 

Please Note: I received the Alive! Calcium Pack in exchange for a feature upon the blog All words, views and opinions are my own and not influenced in any way. 

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

#smartDiscoveries | Our Adventure

Recently smarTrike have launched a new campaign #smartDiscoveries which sets out to see the daily discoveries in which your child has. This includes everything they see around them which excites them - from traffic lights, a bird in the sky to a dog walking past. Simply highlighting the unique child's view from their smarTrike.

Recently we were sent a smarTrike to go on some adventures with Isla and capture her discoveries. She really loved being out and about in the smarTrike, being closer to the world around her and not only being able to see things better but also be closer and touch them too.

The first day we took the smarTrike out Isla was amazed and full of smiles, I think possibly her best discovery that trip was the trees. Yes a nice and simple one but she loved reaching out and feeling the trees as well as seeing them closer.

We took a long walk along the canal where there are lots of different sights to see, we took a little video along the way to capture the many changing faces of Isla. 

We have had great fun discovering new things along our journeys and I know we will have so much more fun with the smarTrike. Keep a look out for a full review of the trike coming soon.

Please Note: I received a SmarTrike in exchange for this post however all wording is my own.

Monday, 11 July 2016

First Sports Day | Jack

Today Jack had his first ever sports day it was simply one of the cutest events ever. 

Jack school was newly built last October so at the moment they currently don't have a field or anything to do sports day on so had just small events with each year group on a daily basis. Jack was this morning and although we won't know overall winners until the end of the week Jack and his team did really well. 

There was six different events in total and each and everyone was enjoyed. At the end it was all finished off with a running race, in which Jack came joint first.

Styling Plus Size with Pink Clove | A Review

I'm super nervous about posting this review for the fact I'm not a confident person with my body, even more so post-babies. I hate purchasing clothing and where possibly avoid it, post babies I've no style, I cannot dress to suit my shape and I just stick to jeans and a tee mostly. 

Recently I was contacted by the lovely folk over at Pink Clove who introduced themselves and the beautiful new range of clothes in which they have available. Pink Clove have a lovely range of clothing in sizes 16-28 and have some amazing clothing to flatter the fuller figure. I was given the opportunity to choose three different items in which I chose the Ada Wrap Front Belted Jumpsuit, the Layla Wrap Front Racer Back Jumpsuit and the Coco Denim Look Longline Waistcoat.

First up the Ada Wrap Front Belted Jumpsuit, I've a little thing for jumpsuits recently although I'm still not sure if they suit me or not. I really like the look of this on the model and thought it looked rather loose style and flattering. When I tried it on, I really like the overall style and thought it was the perfect item for either day or night wear. There was a crossover front, with the collar being folded over, there was then a belt across the waist to flatter your waistline.

Next we have the Layla Wrap Front Racer Back Jumpsuit, again really flattering when on. This style featured thin straps, and again a cross over front. The front on this one is a little lower, and un-be known to me a little low in the photos, oops. It comes with a belt again flattering on the waistline and is made from a stretchy material meaning it fits a range of in between sizes quite well.

Finally the Coco Denim Look Longline Waistcoat, I wasn't entirely sure how to style this considering the wardrobe in which I own. However styled it with the above jumpsuit for photo purposes. It really is the perfect item to finish off any outfit. It's made from a denim look fabric, but being polyester is a lot lighter. The cut in which the jacket is is really flattering when on. 

Each of the items have been washed, ironed and worn again since and still remain the same size, not experiencing any shrinkage which is always a bonus. Also, as I'm still a breastfeeding mum, I can assure you each item above is definitely easy to feed in.

Pink Clove is definitely a company I would recommend and definitely one I would shop at again. I've already recommended it to my mum whos made a cheeky purchase. 

Please Note: I was provided the above items in exchange for an honest review. All words and opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.

Monday, 4 July 2016

Lion Guard Toys | A Review

This week Jack has been lucky enough to have an exclusive sneak preview of the new Lion Guard toys from FlairPLC. He is a massive fan of The Lion King film, and loves the childrens version of The Lion Guard. So, when these toys arrived he was over the moon, I even got a kiss and cuddle must have been good.

Lion Guard Toys | A Review

We received two blind bags, a figure and accessory along with a collectible figure set.

Lion Guard Toys | A Review

Firstly, Jack decided he would open the figure and accessory set, we received Ono's Lookout Tower. There is a range of 5 different sets to collect but Jack absolutely loved this one.  He loved the idea of how far he could ping it across the room.  These are priced at £9.99 each.
Lion Guard Toys | A Review

Lion Guard Toys | A Review

Then, he moved onto the blind bags, Jack absolutely loves these things, the thrill of having a surprise toy is amazing. Upon opening he had a Kion in both packs. I think these are lovely pocket money toys,  the idea of the children getting a surprise each time and having the opportunity to collect the whole range is a lovely idea.  Each pack is priced at £2.49 each which is reasonably priced for the quality. 

Lion Guard Toys | A Review | Kion

Finally, we opened the collectible figure set, again Jack loved this. Each figure within the set is a perfect size which is perfect for children to hold,  some are also a bit heavier than others but light enough for children. Also, each individual character has amazing detailing which makes the characters realistic for children. This pack is priced at £12.99, again for the toy quality and the amount you get I think this is amazing value.

Lion Guard Toys | A Review

Lion Guard Toys | A Review

Lion Guard Toys | A Review

Please Note: We received the above items in exchange for an honest, and impartial review. All views and opinions are our own and not influenced in any way.