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Monday, 28 July 2014

Wedding Reveal #4

8 months to go now until our wedding, its zooming it past. It doesn't seem that long ago I wrote our previous reveal post. In the past month I've not really sorted much extra, like I've previously mentioned we sorted so much early on in our planning. 

This month I thought I'd show you the car we have hired. We were undecided if to hire a car as we are having a civil ceremony. I was contemplating getting ready at the venue and just walking along or just using the golf buggy limousine that's included within our package. 
However, I then changed my mind to get ready at home and travel by car, although it will just be one journey on my own its still nice. 
Luckily, one of our friends is using his car to take the bridesmaids to the venue from our home so they are sorted going in their Jaguar. 
As for me, well I will be making my grand entrance in a 1936 Vintage Morris Eighteen Saloon from Platinum Wedding Cars
Photo Courtesy of Platinum Wedding Cars by Picture-Box Photography

 When we were visiting wedding fayres, we saw Platinum Wedding Cars at quite a few, and I read up a little about them and then we eventually decided to book. They have such a good reputation around by us so know we have gone with a good company.
Photo Courtesy of Platinum Wedding Cars by Barry James Photography.
At the moment Ashley isn't attending in a car of any specialty and we doubt he will be, he will just be travelling in our own car to the venue. Nothing spectacular - I  guess all could change but highly unlikely.

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Real Mums All Bran Challenge.

Recently I took part in the #RealMumsAllBran challenge with Britmums and All-Bran.
Now I'm guessing a few of you may think like I once did, All-Bran is cardboard, yes? Tasting Bland, yes?
Well you may be interested in hearing All-Bran have three new exciting flavours out and actually they taste realllllly nice.

Now generally, I'm not one for eating breakfast at all, let alone All-Bran when I do, but when I received the email to try this I was rather intrigued.
'The All-Bran range has something for everyone-from classic flakes to indulgent clusters- which with the digestive health benefits to make you feel happy inside. And with the 5 Day Challenge, you could set tummy niggles aside and mark the start of a bran-new you in a truly delicious way.'
I get stomach pains quite regular, now I'm not entirely sure why but I do - not everyday but most. 

By getting involved in the challenge with Britmums, we were sent three boxes of All-Bran, one in each flavour. Golden Crunch, Berry Crunch and Chocolate Wheats, yes healthy chocolate cereal, winner!
My favourite out of all was the chocolate, not because its chocolate, its just the one I found most tasty. I found the golden crunch a little too sweet and the red berry would be second best. 

Not only has the All Bran helped keep my stomach pains and cramps at bay, its also helped with regularity. Yes a little too much information but you want all the information right?
At the beginning I felt no different, but I expected this although eating breakfast did make me hungrier a little quicker than usual this is normal for me. By day three I was feeling less bloated, beginning to get less cramps and pains throughout the day and becoming a little more regular in the bathroom department. By the end of day five I was definately less sluggish, less bloated, and less hungry. 
The only downside I found was portions, but I'm no good at portion control. 

This is my entry for the Real Mums of All-Bran Challenge, sponsored by Kelloggs. 

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Britax Crown Competition

Today marks a very special first birthday, Prince George turns one. Can you believe its been a whole year since we were all glued to the telly awaiting the news and a sneaky peek. You may remember that he was brought out of the hospital in a Britax car seat.
So Britax are running a small competition to mark the occasion, which is very simple to do, and keeps the children occupied during the summer holidays.
All you need to do to enter is make a crown and add it to the Britax Facebook page, full terms and conditions can be found here. It's been made even more simple, Britax have provided a crown template which you are able to download here.

We have had a lot of fun making our crown, something which Jack did himself as hes too independent. 
Jack had lots of fun and kept him occupied for a while, you could even make multiple crowns.
Note: we possibly made it a bit to large.

Friday, 18 July 2014

What Next? Beyond Group 1...

Two weeks ago I posted about Britax's 'Bin The Booster' Campaign. Where Britax teamed up with Emma's Diary to share some advice about saftey in Group 2-3 car seats. Now, Britax have complied a list of tips on how to travel safely as your children grow up which I found rather interesting. 


Mark Bennett, Car Seat Safety Expert from BRITAX explains that as children move to a Group 2/3 stage car seat, safety whilst travelling should remain a key priority.
With many families setting off on journeys in the car this summer, it’s important to run a health check on your car seat to make sure it’s still the perfect fit for your child. This will ensure they are comfy and happy on their journey and you can rest assured that they are safe and secure whilst travelling.
It may feel that only yesterday you were buying your first car seat for your newborn and then just when you were getting to grips with Group 1, the next stage car seat will sneak up on you. Whilst your little one may appear to be a strong big boy or girl as they reach the age of four, keeping them safe whilst travelling is still top priority.
Mark Bennett explains, ‘Many parents are still unaware that it is required by law for children to travel in a car seat until they are 135cm tall or 12 years old - whichever comes first - so the final Group 2-3 stage car seats will see your child from the age of four all the way until they are 12 years of age.  
At the age of four or 15 kg, children are old enough to move to a Group 2-3 seat with adult seat belt but this doesn't mean they don't need the same level of protection.  Many parents believe children will be safe on a booster cushion, a small platform that lifts them up on the seat, however these are not safe as they do not have the all important side impact protection of deep side wings and a protective headrest.
Mark Bennett has compiled some FAQ's to help parents understand the final Group 2-3 car seat stage and how to choose the seat that’s just right for you and your family.

Q. What is a booster cushion?  If they are sold why are they not safe?
At BRITAX, we're always striving to ensure that we offer the maximum protection for your children as they develop.  With recent research showing that side collisions are one of the most frequent and fatal types of crashes on the roads*, BRITAX decided to stop selling booster cushions. Booster cushions are still sold because it is not required by current EU safety standards to conduct tests for side collisions, however if the regulations change, our experts do not believe that any new booster cushions would pass.   Booster cushions are better than no car seat, however they offer no side impact protection. BRITAX recommend a BRITAX 'highback' booster, which offers deep protective side wings and head support. These work to absorb crash forces in the event of a collision whilst protecting the child's head.

Q. How do I know when my little one is ready to move to Group 2-3? 
You should move your little one from a Group 1 to a Group 2-3 seat when they reach the weight limit of 18kg, or if their eye-line is higher than the seat's highest point - whichever comes first. This is usually at the age of four years.

Q. Can I buy an XP-PAD to add to my old Group 2-3 seat? 
No. The XP-PAD is integrated into the KIDFIX XP SICT.

Q.  What actually is the current law when it comes to car seat safety for 4 + year olds? 
It is required by law for children to travel in a car seat until they are 135cm tall or approximately 12 years old whichever comes first

Q. How do you fit a Group 2-3 car seat? 
A Group 2-3 car seat can be fitted by ISOFIT, where the child safety seat is attached to the vehicle body with connectors in the same way as ISOFIX.  It is classified as ISOFIT rather than ISOFIX as the child is secured by means of the adult 3-point seatbelt. ISOFIX is a term used in Group 0+/1 where the child is secured by means of a five point harness, and the car seat is fitted to the ISOFIX connections points.

Q. How do I know which is the best Group 2-3 seat for my family? 
Every family is unique and has different considerations and practicalities to consider when choosing a seat. To help simplify the process, BRITAX has created a unique online tool that assists a parent to identify the right seat for their child and their car. For each seat, Fit FinderTM will also inform the users what seat positions are approved in the vehicle and the appropriate fitting method. You can view the latest Fit FinderTM here

This post is brought to you in connection with the Britax Mumbassador scheme and I feel its relevent to my readers.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Jack's first emergency hospital visit.

I've called the NHS 111 number many times about Jack, we've also been to the Out Of Hours Doctors many times with him following this but never have we then been referred to hospital or had an A&E visit, which is obviously good
However, last Thursday I got a phone call from nursery saying Jack had a high temperature and if I could authorise him to have some Calpol, fine, I never heard anything else from them so presumed his temeperature had gone down, which it had. We thought nothing else of it and visited my Nanna as we normally would, when we returned back home Jack was very grumpy and wouldn't stop crying, when I felt him he was heating up again. I took him temperature which was 39.3 and gave him some Calpol, it quickly reduced to 39.2, I left it a further 35 minutes hoping it would reduce more but it never did. 
I had a little panic and called the NHS 111 service, whenever I ring I've always had a good service and good advice and this time was no different. As his temperature wasn't reducing Jack was referred to out of hours who would call us back within 2 hours to see a Doctor. 
We were called back within 10 minutes asking us to visit the local Badger out of hours clinic. At this clinic you visit a Health Care Support Worker then onto a Doctor. As no one else was waiting we went almost straight into the Health Care Support Worker who did initial checks, including taking Jacks temperature which had come down to 38.8 he checked with the Doctor and then gave Jack some Nurofen, we were then sent onto wait in the waiting room for a few minutes to give the Nurofen chance to work. We then went into visit the Doctor who again took Jacks temperature and it was still 38.8, he did some clinical checks which were all clear but wasn't happy about his temperature not moving. He then proceed to refer us to the PAU (Paediatric Assessment Unit) at Stafford Hospital to go immediately. Cue a panicking mother, I didn't even know what PAU was let alone what was going to happen to my baby.  I didn't take anything with us to the out of hours as we are normally quite quick and always return home. Plus Jack had nothing on just a jacket and nappy as advised by NHS111. 
When we got here, again Jack had some initial assessments done, again including his temperature which had reduced to 36.8, luckily. However, we then waited to see the Doctor there, Jack had a little play with the amazingly wide range of toys. We then went into see a Doctor who again performed clinical checks, again ears and eyes clear but his tonsils were enlarged although no spots, but he also had strong smelling urine. As nothing clinically could be seen they wanted to test a urine sample. This is where the night turned long and boring. This was around 10.30pm we were seen by the Doctor so from this time until 1.30am we were waiting for Jack to urinate and for us to catch some, impossible as he didn't even do a wee. I then went to speak to the Doctor who agreed we could go home if I caught a urine sample the following day and took it to our doctors for testing. We were still none the wiser what was actually wrong with Jack or what was happening.
Friday I spent another 5 and a half hours trying to catch a wee from Jack, when I almost missed it as he hid but I managed to catch some. We then proceeded down to the doctors who tested it and found nothing - all clear. The nurse informed us that was that, as his temperature was back down (37.5) unless it increased again we were fine to do no more.
So a week on, no more increased temperature but we are still none the wiser what was wrong with Jack. But boy oh boy did we panic a little...

Have you had any emergency hospital visits with your children?

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Oilatium Daily Junior Lotion Review

Jack suffers terribly with his eczema and dry skin even more so with this ever changing weather we are having. For Jacks skin we try to steer clear of anything different in case it effects Jacks skin more. 
Recently Oilatium got in touch asking if we would like to try their Oilatium Daily Junior Cream. Reassuring us it was gentle, I opted to try it on Jacks legs where its very dry.

New Oilatium Daily Junior Lotion is specially formulated to moisturise dry skin. It contains hydrating moisturisers and is clinically proven to reduce the occurrence of dry skin.
Jack is very good with his creams, maybe as we apply so many, so he was keen to try his 'new' cream. I placed a small amount on Jacks legs which he then rubbed in. 
After application his skin felt soft and gentle, there was a thin layer of mineral oil left. This acts as a barrier preventing further drying to the skin. The scent of the cream is gentle, very much like baby talc. 
For over 165 years, Stiefel Laboratories a GSK Company, has been committed to advancing dermatology and skin science around the world. Stiefel now brings its skin expertise to you with Oilatium Daily Junior Lotion. For the care of your baby's or child's dry skin, you can trust Oilatium. There's no magic to keeping dry skin healthy and protected every day, but there is a science. Take comfort in our science.
We have used this cream each day as part of our routine and I have found Jacks legs to become more smooth. I would definitely recommend this to any parents whose babies have dry skin.

Please Note: We received a 200ml bottle of this lotion for the purpose of this review, all opinions are my own and non-influential of the free product.

Monday, 14 July 2014

Soak & Sleep Bed Linen Review

There is nothing I love more than fresh bed linen, I generally change it on days when Ashley won't get home until really late so I get to make the most of it. We recently redecorated our bedroom, so I needed some new bed linen to finish it off. When Soak & Sleep got in touch asking if I would like to review their range, I opted for the bed linen range and gave them free range of what to send. 

Soak & Sleep Luxury 600TC Range

Soak & Sleep Bed Linen TV Bed
The bed linen arrived as we were part way through decorating, so it had to wait a small while before it actually got onto the bed. Soak & Sleep sent me three items from within their Luxury 600TC range, I received a pair of Oxford Pillowcases, a duvet cover and a fitted bottom sheet. 
Why choose luxury 600TC bed linen?
With 600 threads per square inch, these sheets are seriously luxe. The numbers may not mean much, but sleeping beneath light, smooth drifts of cotton will. 600TC cotton has s luxurious, silky feel with a medium weight and superb washability. 

When I first saw the items within the packaging I expected them to be plain white with no pattern or design at all. However they do have a slight ladder stitch detailing around the edge.'Plain doesn't have to mean boring!'
What I particuluarly liked about this range is the duvet cover is like a pillow case with the double fold, but then also features ties for fastenings rather than buttons. Ashley always would manage to undo the buttons within the night and have the duvet hanging out or the buttons fall off which he hasn't managed with this. 

Soak & Sleep Bed Linen Review Details

I've found this bed linen so comfortable, like something when you stay in a luxury hotel. 
I've washed and dried this bed linen set and it did so beautifully. Its easy to wash all fitting in and I washed on a 60o to maintain the whiteness although Soak & Sleep do say 'The threads are yarn-dyed, to ensure your linen will maintain its beautiful shade year after year.'

Now our bedroom is finished I intend to purchase some cushions to add a little colour to the linen. 

Please Note: I received this bed linen for an open honest review, my words are not influenced by this and are all honest.