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Friday, 24 June 2016

Importance of a Healthy Diet when your baby starts to move

Ever since Isla learnt to crawl, there has literally been no stopping her, shes like lightening speed with her crawling and shes begun taking her first steps, both aided and unaided. Of course now she is moving more she has a bit more of an appetite, however still not as big as I remember her brother's being. So with this in mind it's important she has enough energy and a healthy diet to keep her moving. 

Of course, HiPP know this and this month they sent us a lovely food and drink bundle as well as a beautiful Giraffe walker which both kids have taking a liking too. 

HiPP have many beliefs in which they still follow from the day they began which relate to this stage of our weaning journey, and the journey we have completed so far. For over 60 years HiPP have been instinctively organic and they believe in organic for a better legacy, leaving the soil full of nutrients for future generations. This in return creates the finest ingredients in which make HiPP baby food, creating the best possible quality food for babies giving them lots of energy and a healthy balance to help them move and develop.

Keeping the children healthy, whilst allowing them a few treats is the most important to me. Ensuring they have a healthy balanced diet and that they aren't picky eaters is something I try to make sure of. Luckily I'm blessed with children who will eat almost anything you give to them. On the HiPP website there is a really useful guide about nutrition, giving useful pointers to keep your little one healthy. One thing its important to remember, and its mentioned within the guide is that babies stomachs are a lot smaller than ours, so there portions of course need to be smaller but they may required more regular snacks throughout the day. Both Isla and Jack have a morning and afternoon snack, something healthy to keep them going until the next meal time. 

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

KidloLand Educational Toddler App Review

I always thought I wouldn't be the parent who would let my child just sit and use the iPad, however I was quick to learn sometimes this is the best way to get 5 minutes peace. I don't let him watch anything though, I quickly discovered there are many educational apps, a some educational videos on YouTube which he enjoys. So when I was asked if I would like to review Kidloland educational app aimed at under 5's I knew Jack would love it, and Isla enjoys the sounds too.

Kidloland is an educational app combining nursery rhymes, educational songs and activities to help make learning fun for under 5's. It's free to download on iOS and Android, coming with a selection of free songs, however with a subscription you can download unlimited educational rhymes and songs. There is a wide choice from ABCs, shapes, fruits and animals certainly a wide choice. In with the usual nursery rhymes there are some variants too, did you know Old McDonald had a zoo as well as a farm? At the bottom of the screen the words appear as it is sung, encouraging your child to follow 
along and learn words. 

I like that this app is truly safe, no worries of them clicking an inappropriate video, you know the ones and also its fully interactive throughout too unlike some other programmes. You can touch the characters on the screen and they do different actions and sounds encouraging your child to interact.

Once all the songs are downloaded you can listen to them all without an internet connection. The connection is only needed to download the additional songs. Perfect for when out and about and your saving your mobile data or there is no WiFi. However, the actual downloading of the songs can take a while, each individual section needing to be downloaded individually. 

As I previously mentioned you can download a free version with 24 different songs and then upgrade for additional songs, this is available as a subscription either monthly, 6 monthly or yearly. I find this could be a downside as it could become quite expensive over time. However we are fully enjoying using the app so worth the costing for us so far.

Please Note: We received a yearly subscription to the app in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are our own.

Friday, 17 June 2016

Creating a Charm Bracelet with Charmworks | A Review

It's not very often I wear jewellery apart from occasionally wearing earrings. However when I was younger I had a beautiful bracelet which I absolutely loved and one day it broke and I never replaced it, I guess that is partially why I don't wear jewellery for fear of breaking. 

A while ago Charm Works got in touch and asked if I would like to review one of their charm bracelets. A charm bracelet is something I have wanted for a while but with that fear didn't want to purchase until the children were grown up, so of course I agreed. The idea of having a bracelet in which you can add a different charm to represent something new is lovely, like a little way to record significant events. 

The Charm Works sell a large range of silver charm bracelets along with a variety of charms. Bracelets start from £13 and charms from £3.95 which is a really affordable way to get a collection. 

I got to choose my own bracelet style and charms, one of which was engraved. I chose to have a heart engraved with Jack on one side and Isla on the reverse, representing each of the children. I then chose a  wishbone charm and double open heart charm.

My bracelet arrived quickly and was beautifully wrapped within a gift box with ribbon and sequins adding extra touches. The bracelet and charms were of a good size and weren't to heavy when wearing. One problem I had was the bracelet literally only just fit around my wrist but I couldn't fasten it but this was quickly resolved but the bracelets do come in a variety of lengths. 

The quality of the charms are amazing for the price, and there is such a wide variety available. I like the idea that in the future I can add more charms and its a perfect thing to get people to purchase me for birthdays too. 

Please Note: I received this bracelet and charms to feature, however all words and opinions are my own. 

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Moony Japanese Nappies Review

With both children I've always used a mix of cloth nappies and disposables. However I've found since I've been back at work we've used a lot more disposables, family members who look after the children are finding the cloth harder who knows; and as for evenings a disposable is just easier as are day trips. 
Over the past four years, we've tried a variety of different brands, so I was interested to see how these would compare to them.

Moony nappies are a brand made in Japan and many different parents believe they are the best nappies available. The nappies are all made from natural materials offering leak protection as well as protecting babies skin. I instantly noticed how much softer these seemed compared to the brands here in the UK also how lightweight they are and rather slim fitting when on. 

Each nappy has a cute design on the front, which children would easily recognise too. The nappies all have wetness indicators on, something which in the UK I've only ever seen on newborn nappies. The inside of the nappies are made from a breathable material consisting of several layers. The top layer is 3D processed wavy lining made of natural cotton then the inner layer absorbs the wet and forms a gel to keep the wetness locked in and away from babies skin, protecting them. This in effect cause the nappy to hold the wet better and not swell and sag like you usually see from disposables.

Around the top of the nappies there is an elastic area, allowing you to place the nappy on and off. This is really stretchy and is incredibly soft too stopping irritation. With the stretch availability it doesn't restrict any movement in which your child may attempt. 

Moony Japanese Nappies Review

The Moony nappies are a 'pull-up' style and cater for smaller sizes. As your child gets older they become more of a wriggler and changing nappies becomes a whole harder task. When I change Isla I have to find a toy or something to distract her and even that doesn't always work. So having a nappy we could just pull on, no fastening of tabs was so much easier. 
The only downside to this was when you were greeted with a smelly one, you know the ones. Having to fiddle ripping open the sides and cleaning and it not fastening when finished was a bit awkward, however we coped. 

Compared to other nappies available on the market, the moony nappies are quite expensive, however they are fantastic quality and I don't think any other brand compares, not just on one aspect but many of them. 

Please Note: I received this nappies free in exchange for an honest and open review. All wording and opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.

Friday, 10 June 2016

Educational Play The Schleich Way

When I was at college, I had to create a story sack (I did the three little pigs) and I needed to purchase some animals. When visiting the toy shop I knew they needed to be Schleich as they are so realistic. I thought back then whenever I had children I would make sure there toy animals were Schleich. The high quality and realistic looks of the toys is amazing, even after lots of play they are still amazing quality.

Recently Schleich have created a 16 page brochure as a guide to imaginative play and development with the products. The brochure covers a range of topics including balanced play diet, early language skills and encouraging imagination. There is also plenty of tips on how to get the most from playtime and how to incorporate Schleich products.

We do various types of play with Jack, and will continue to with Isla however it's always nice to have some helpful tips along the way to encourage different areas of play. The brochure also covers some interesting facts too especially on a balanced play diet. Just like how a child eats, how a child plays should be balanced too. It's important to have the right amount of active, social, creative and free play which you can read more about within the brochure.

As Jack is a big animal fan, we have had lots of fun with these, but we also did some of the recommendations within the guide. Such as 'Zoo Keeper' in which you act as the zookeeper and build the habitat for each animal. Some didn't go as you would expect however Jack was putting is imagination into it which was key. We also used out imagination to act out the different animal sounds of all of our animals, kids always love this one. 

There is so much fun and creativity you can have with the Schleich animals rather than 'just having animals' which is what I think is important to remember. Your child's creativity and imagination really can run free with the animals.

You can purchase Schleich toys from a variety of retailers which you can find on the Schleich website.

Please Note: We were sent the above Schleich animals and also received a small fee for this post.

Wet Head the perfect summer game - win a copy

How lovely has the weather been so far? I know its taking a little turn at the moment but it's still really warm and I'm sure the bright, sunny days will soon be back with us.

With the warm weather in mind, we have a fab competition where you can win a Wet Head game which since its release has already been a big hit. It's perfect for the warm weather, simply fill the hat with water and hope your not the one to get soaked. 

Take your chances with Zing’s all new water roulette game, Wet Head! Grab some friends, fill the Wet Head with water, strap yourself in and give it a spin. There are multiple ways in which you can play but there is also the option to download the challenge app which has a trivia on too, although this is possibly for adults more than kids. Either way, someone will get soaked no matter what way you play. 

Wet Head comes with one hat, eight pins and a spinner. It is available to buy now for £19.99 rrp and is suitable for ages 4 and over.

You have the chance to win a copy filling in the Gleam entry below.

Entrants must be UK residents. Competition closes midnight 3rd July 2016. Winner will be contacted within three days and must respond within three days before an alternative winner is chosen. Prize supplied directly from Zing.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

ASDA Little Angels | Spa Day at The Dorchester

When I had an email inviting me along to the Little Angels blogger event at The Dorchester Hotel I knew it was something I HAD to attend. One thing that I want to do more of is attend more blogging events and most of the time they are in London so I struggle. However, this lovely event organised on behalf of ASDA Little Angels was in London, but it was on a weekend and a bank holiday one at that so I knew it was the perfect chance to go. 

After my initial deciding I then read the email properly to discover it was a Spa event at none other than The Dorchester Hotel. We decided to make a day of it and all go down and whilst I was attending the event the kids went off for some sightseeing and to find Paddington, no missing out on family time then you see. 
The Dorchester Hotel, London
Anyway, back to the event. When I arrived at The Dorchester I felt totally out of place, I knew it was meant to be a luxury hotel but it really was amazing! It was nothing short of spectacular. Walking to the front of the hotel you are greeted by footmen complete with top-hats who happily open doors for you. When you are actually inside those doors and in the foyer you are then taken to another world. From the flooring, to the ceiling, to the elaborate floral designs its a completely amazing place even the 'ladies room' was amazing! 
The Dorchester Hotel, London

Nearing the time for the event Hannah from the PR team came to greet us and then escorted us down to the 'Spatisserie' ready for the event. The Dorchester Spa was out of this world amazing, the look when you enter is so welcoming and friendly and you can tell it's of high quality. We were shown into a lovely side room which was beautifully laid out and treated to a glass of chilled champagne upon arrival. There was also a lovely afternoon tea on offer including sandwiches and deserts. 
The Dorchester Hotel, London

Initially we were given a presentation on 'Little Angels' and the new and improved range of nappies and got to look individually at each of the nappies.
ASDA Little Angels Nappy Range

ASDA Little Angels Nappy Range

ASDA Little Angels Newborn

First in the range are the newborn nappies which are made using only the softest, most delicate of materials. They have a time-to-change wetness indicator meaning the yellow line turns blue indicating when its time to change your babies nappy. The first sizes (0-2) have a section around the naval to protect the umbilical area and the smallest ones are suitable for premature babies, so small! Available in sizes 0-3.

ASDA Little Angels Newborn with Dreamskin

Just like the newborn nappies however they contain the Dreamskin® technology. These nappies are the first to be enriched with the Dreamskin® polymer which is clinically proven to soothe and protect skin. The include the same features as the newborn nappies with the additional skin protection. If you are looking for something just as soft as your babies bottom, these are definately the go to. Available in sizes 0-3.

ASDA Little Angels Comfort Dry

Comfort Dry nappies are the general go-to nappy within the range. Proven to be as absorbant as the leading brand providing essential comfort and protection to your child. Coming at a low price, and also available within economy packs these provide excellent value for money. Available in sizes 3-6+.

ASDA Little Angels Supreme Protection

These nappies quite simply are the 'top dog' within the Little Angels range. They are the softest, most absorbent nappy Little Angels have ever created and are super soft. Available in sizes 3-6+. 

ASDA Little Angels First Pants

Possibly one of the most exciting of the range are the first pants. These are the first time Little Angels have used a licensed character on the products by teaming with Peppa Pig. The first pants are just like nappies performing exactly the same but they pull up like pants. Just like the rest of the range, they are comfortable and have soft, absorbent beads which absorb up to 30 times their own weight - giving up to 12 hours dryness for protection day or night. They also have aqua lock layers which help keep your babies skin dry reducing irritation. These are available in sizes 4-6

ASDA Little Angels Potty Training Pants

The potty training pants are carefully designed to absorb uring slightly slower than first pants meaning your toddler is able to feel the wetness helping them learn when to use the toilet. They come in a fun range of designs for boys and girls, although only available in a size 6. 

ASDA Little Angels Bedtime Pants

The bedtime pants within the range are perfect for children who still need a little bit of help or reassurance at night or even in the day. Accidents can happen and these give that reassurance. They act exactly like general underwear and feature discreet designs being a little secret if needing to be. They come in two sizes medium (4-7years) and large (8-12years).

ASDA Little Angels Bed Mats.

There bed mats are perfectfor a range of uses, the main one being putting under the bed for night time accidents with children. However are perfectly good for changing on the go or as a maternity mat before your little one arrives. They are large in size and are made to the same standards in which the nappies are within the range. Meaning they absorb the urine and the plastic backing protects the mattress from leaks. 

ASDA Little Angels Swim Pants.

These are perfect for your little ones in the pool or whilst visiting the beach, each swim pant absorbs and contains poop and uring without leaking or swelling in the water, made from soft material ensuring comfort throughout. These come in three different sizes, with the extra small being a tab fastening nappy making it easier for smaller babies suitable from 3-8kg. Then there are two large sizes small (6-11kg) and medium (9-16kg) which are pant style with easy tear open sides. 
ASDA Little Angels Nappy Range

ASDA is the biggest nappy retailer within the UK and the range was recently voted better than the big name brand alternative as well as eight other ranges. Unknown to me, and many others I believe, is that Little Angels is the only nappy brand that covers the whole spectrum of nappy needs. 

ASDA Little Angels have created a size-up guide so you can easily tell if your child is ready for the next size up. I found this really useful as I always end up putting my children in larger nappies than they need. 

After learning about the amazing range of nappies ASDA have to offer and learning about how each is made it was time for our Spa treatments to begin. Each of us had two treatments to enjoy during our time at the event so we were sent to the Ladies Powder Room to change into a robe and then headed back to the small room we were all in. Just as I sat down a lovely therapist came to collect me ready for my first treatment, a Swedish Body Massage. The massage was amazing lasting around an hour, it left me feeling so relaxed it was definitely a treat, even managing to stay awake to enjoy it. After the massage I then headed to have my second treatment a manicure. The room in which the manicures were done were amazing too. A open wall with nail varnish inside covered by glass made it open and airy but calming and relaxing all the same. I opted for a lovely neutral colour perfect for everyday wear. 
The Dorchester Hotel, London - Spa Essie Nails

At the end of the event we were also sent away with amazing goodie bags, as if we hadn't been spoiled enough already with the treatments. 
ASDA Little Angels Goodie Bag

This truly was an amazing event, although it has set the standards high for any future events I decide to attend.