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Friday, 29 July 2016

Summer Fun and Picnics #SummerMoment

The past couple of weeks have been glorious and I definitely began to think summer was in full force, it seems to have bypassed a little again. With the summer holidays now upon us too we are keen to have lots of fun and many a picnic. 

Now that Isla is on the move and simply into everything around I feel that I need to have eyes everywhere, when she's not up to mischief alone, shes up to something with her big brother. Now that he has finished for the summer I feel we have lots of busy days planned and with HiPP Organic's wide range of tray meals it means Isla can still have a good filling meal at all times as they are easy to do. We've enjoyed the different trays we were sent this month and the Magic Number Pasta was her favourite. Jack enjoyed helping Isla with this one as he counted out the different numbers within the pasta, meaning he was helping teach Isla some skills too. 

We were also sent some of the HiPP Organic juices, which both children really enjoyed. Isla wouldn't really take juice or anything other than milk before hand, so these have gone down well. The sports top means there is no valve and Isla is easily able to drink and get the juice and during the warmer weather it's helping to keep her refreshed and hydrated at all times. 

  At the beginning of the month I had a wonderful opportunity to visit the HiPP Organic farmland in Poland which in itself was an amazing experience I will write about soon. But, on this trip I learnt a lot about organic farming and how HiPP work hand in hand with nature, encouraging the different wildlife onto the farm without the need of pesticides. With this in mind I love the idea of no nasties inside the food in which Isla is eating from HiPP. 

This month, we have teamed up with HiPP Organic to bring you the chance to win your very own picnic bundle to enjoy your own #SummerMoment. All you have to do to enter is share an image on Facebook or Twitter tagging myself and HiPP Organic and enter into the entry below. Winner will be chosen on 21st August 2016. 

HiPP Organic #summermoment

Competition Terms: Open to UK residents, giveaway ends 21/08/2016, winner will be selected at random from all correctly completed entries and contacted via email. The Winner should claim their prize within 5 days or it may be redrawn. Prize supplied directly from HiPP Organic. 

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

LittleLife Nemo Swimming Bag | A Review

Jack absolutely loves Finding Nemo and unless you have been hiding under a rock or something you will know the sequel Finding Dory is out in the cinema this Friday which Jack is super excited about. Whenever we visit the Sea Life he is always keen to look for Nemo and Dory so when I was given the opportunity to review the Finding Nemo Swim Bag from LittleLife I knew it would be a big hit with him, and I was right. 

Jack was keen to start using this backpack and has used it for his swimming lessons every week since having it. This bag is a lot larger than his usual one and we can easily fit all his things in with room to spare meaning I can pop my things in too. The bag is completely waterproof both internally and on the top outer. The only part which isn't waterproof is the mesh back (underbelly of Nemo) which is designed to be comfortable for your child to wear, the straps of the bag are made of the same material, again for comfort when carrying it. There is also an additional peg loop to easily hang it up for both storage and to dry out. 

The main section of the bag doesn't have a zip to fasten which makes it easier for children to open and close. Instead it has a small piece of velcro and then you roll it over on itself and fasten with two easy to open clips. Inside is a small section which has been designed for you to write your child's name on perfect for school use. In the back panel there is a small zipped pocket which remains dry even with wet clothing inside so perfect for storing important things or anything you want safe and dry.

The design of the bag is really cute, sometimes Disney things aren't done right, but this certainly is. No small detail has been missed as Nemo even has his lucky fin on one side. As the bag is quite a decent size, when empty is can look a little strange on the head part however when filled its easy to see who it is. Although this is sold as a swimming bag it could certainly be used for days out or even hand luggage if going on holiday too. 

There is also a Dory version of the bag available and both retail at £24.99 with free delivery, and although this may seem a little steep I would definitely say it is worth it for the size and features in which you get. 

Please Note: We received this bag for the purpose of this review, however all words and opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Play Patrol July Mission

Over the past few months as part of the Play Patrol team for BigJigs, both children have had some amazing things to review. This month was equally as exciting, both love their new toys, Jack especially. Jack received a Carpenter's Tool Box whilst Isla received a Rainbow Star.

The Rainbow Star is suitable from birth and helps encourage colour recognition, dexterity and sensory development. Each of the star points are individually coloured and quite thick enabling your baby to easily grab them, each can be flipped back to reveal a mirror inside. Then you can flip them all back over to cover it and start again. Isla has loved flipping each of the star points and recognizing herself within the small mirror on the inside. She's spent ages just sat quietly playing so definitely recommended.

BigJigs Carpenter's Set

Jack received the Carpenter's Tool Box which has been a really big hit with him. He is always asking to use the 'real tools' around the house which of course we don't allow and when we are doing work he is always keen to help so having his own set is perfect. This comprehensive set comes complete with 12 different tools and a box to store them all within. There are definitely tools for every job, and Jack has pretty much used each with his imagination to fix or build something. I really like the box as each tool has its own compartment in which you can store them neatly to save loosing everything. 

BigJigs Carpenter's Tool Box

BigJigs Carpenter's Tool Box

Each of the toys have been a big hit with both children and I would definitely recommend both to others. 
BigJigs Carpenter's Tool Box

Please Note: We received these items in exchange for an honest and impartial review, all words and opinions are my own.

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Bing Magazine | A Review

Recently we were lucky enough to be sent a copy of the brand new Bing Magazine, which is a monthly magazine available within newsagents. 
Bing Magazine | A Review

Jack really loves school and loves learning but in his report at the end of nursery it did say that sometimes he lacks concentration and although he is doing well I know there are areas in which he could be better. But despite a variety of different activities he doesn't like sitting to long 'learning' at home and would much rather be more practical than sit at the table practicing letters and numbers with me. So anything that can help along the way with this is a great help. 

Bing Magazine | A Review

Thats where the Bing magazine comes in, its a brand new magazine from Egmont and is a monthly magazine priced at £3.99. Its based around the Early Years Foundation Stage for ages 2-5. 
Bing Magazine | A Review

The magazine itself is  rather short and I feel it held Jack's attention really well, meaning its perfect for those who aren't overly keen on learning at home. Within the magazine you can learn many different pre-school skills including writing, letters, numbers and colouring skills as well as matching with the stickers. I like that there are a variety of short activities which keep engagement there rather than them being difficult and giving up. 
Bing Magazine | A Review

Jack really enjoyed the magazine and we will certainly buy future copies as a treat as it will also help encourage Jack's pre-school skills which he needs whilst he feels like he gets to play and have a treat. 

Please Note: We were sent a review copy of the magazine however all views and opinions are our own.

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Pizza Express And Ice Age Collide This Summer | A Review

Yesterday we went for dinner at Pizza Express, this was the second time we had visited and the first time in which Dad had been, we also took Nanny along too.

Our table was booked for 6.30pm, we arrived promptly and queued in the small queue. We were shown to our tables and given some menus along with the children's menu and activity pack. Our drinks order was taken and we continued to look at the menu, with our choices being taken shortly after. 

For starters Jack had dough balls from the Piccolo menu, whilst we had 2 brushettas and cheese dough balls. Currently Pizza Express have teamed up with Ice Age on the Piccolo menu so the activity pack was based around this which Jack absolutely loved. The activities kept him entertained whilst we awaited our food and in between starters and mains coming out. 

Pizza Express Piccolo Dough Balls

Pizza Express Bruchetta

For our mains Jack had the American pizza from the Piccolo menu, I had the Calzone Classico, Dad had the Soho 65 whilst Nanny had Barbacoa Romana. Obviously you must eat pizza when in pizza express, well its not a law or anything but it's their specialty. Our mains were very filling and full of flavour. Impressively Jack polished off the whole of his starter and pizza and was still keen to have a pudding which is really rare so it must have been tasty. 

Pizza Express Piccolo American

Pizza Express Soho 65

Pizza Express Calzone Classico

After a short wait upon completion of our mains a waitress came to clear the tables and offer us the desert menu. I love deserts so this was a no-brainer for me and we all ended up with one. Again from the Piccolo menu Jack chose the chocolate brownie which came served with a Bambinoccino, whilst I had the Chocolate Glory, Nanny had the Eton Mess Cheesecake, whilst Dad had the Leggera Sorbet served with a hot chocolate. 

Pizza Express Piccolo Chocolate Brownie and Bambinoccino

Pizza Express Eton Mess Cheesecake

After this, as the restaurant got busier we were struggling to have the attention of a waitress. We waited a good 15 minutes in which time the children got bored and were restless. Eventually we decided to leave the table and find a waitress and eventually left. Up until this point we had excellent service from the restaurant so it was such a shame for the later part to let it down. 

Despite the ending we had a lovely enjoyable time at Pizza Express and the menu had a great choice. Jack loved the Ice Age activity pack, and I did too as it kept him amused for a while. We would definitely go back and are looking forward to planning another trip.

Pizza Express And Ice Age Collide This Summer

Pizza Express And Ice Age Collide This Summer

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Please Note: We were provided a complimentary meal and drinks each however all views and opinions are my own and not influenced. 

Saturday, 16 July 2016

Behind The Scenes at National Sea Life Birmingham

On the 5th of July, Sea Life Birmingham celebrated their 20th Anniversary. They held some special events to celebrate and whilst we were invited along we couldn't attend on the day due to other commitments. However I've heard it was a great experience. 

Behind The Scenes at National Sea Life Birmingham

To coincide with their birthday celebrations a few new attractions opened at the Sea Life Centre which we have been to see recently and what I'm talking about today. 

Behind The Scenes at National Sea Life Birmingham

Behind The Scenes at National Sea Life Birmingham

Behind The Scenes at National Sea Life Birmingham

The Clownfish Kingdom has been revamped and reopened with some new faces and interactive tanks. You are able to get up close, and walk through the clownfish tunnel. Jack also spotted Dory and Nemo which made his day. 
There is also the newly revamped 360 degree Ocean Tunnel, as well as being able to see around you, they have revamped the walkway meaning you can now get closer to the windows and underneath your feet. 

Behind The Scenes at National Sea Life Birmingham

Recently 'Behind The Scenes Tour' was opened, which is exactly as it says, a little insight being the scenes of the daily running of the Sea Life Centre. Upon entry to the centre, when purchasing your ticket, you will be able to book an additional add on of the tour which costs £3.50 extra per person. I feel this is a great addition to the Sea Life Centre, and one which will do well. If your a fan of the Sea Life, or even a first time visitor, I would highly recommend it. It lasted around 20 minutes and was very informative throughout. 
Behind The Scenes at National Sea Life Birmingham
Baby Sea Horse Food
Behind The Scenes at National Sea Life Birmingham
Baby Sea Horse Food Under Microscope
Our guide for the talk was very informative and really got involved with everyone who was taking part. We managed to see lots of different features including the routine the staff do, the food in which they feed the different sea creatures. Jack took the temperature of the tank within the room which he enjoyed too. We got to see some baby sharks within their mermaid purses and learnt a lot more about them. The tour was really enjoyable for all of us and we all learnt something new from it. 

Behind The Scenes at National Sea Life Birmingham

Behind The Scenes at National Sea Life Birmingham

At the moment there is also a competition running with the hashtag #IGrewUpWithSeaLife in which they ask you to share photos on the website of your trip to the Sea Life Centre and you could be in with a chance to win a family pass or annual pass. 

Behind The Scenes at National Sea Life Birmingham

Friday, 15 July 2016

Siblings | July

Recently, these two actually have a fairly decent bond. There are still times when they need alone time, but what siblings don't?

Jack is spending a lot more time with Isla, and much more time playing with her and sharing his toys. Recently Isla has learnt to walk and I think this has been a real hit with Jack, he kind of clicked she can follow him around now. I feel like their sibling bond is just beginning all over again, as in their sibling bond to play together, to interact together and generally have fun. 

I'm starting to feel less guilty on one child or the other as they are interacting together more I feel we can all do much more together. We all play 'Isla Safe' games together and have lots of fun on the garden enjoying the fun to be had outdoors. 

This month I feel we have got somewhere with the sibling bond. There are so many special memories which I will hold onto forever and I hope these two remember them for years to come too.