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Friday, 28 August 2015

Isla | Eight Weeks Old

This week Isla is eight weeks old, a whole two months she's been in our lives and it's hard to imagine it any different, it really is. Life pre-Isla is now a distance blur.

She is really beginning to change, her features are becoming more prominent as she changes. Her hair is becoming darker and we can begin to see that on the top of her head. She's smiling and cooing lots which is very lovely. Isla enjoys lots of attention and I'm sure she is growing to grow up into a little diva. 

When new people are around or those she doesn't see very often she isn't very comfortable with them and immediately finds comfort with me, which is all normal.

Isla hasn't been weighed since that of her 6-week check, mainly as I'm unsure where the local clinics are at the moment. However she is definitely piling on the pounds as she is getting heavier and heavier. Her length is expanding too, I've only recently placed her into her 0-3 months clothes and you can already tell the length isn't going to last long on the baby-grows. She's still going strong on mummy milk which I'm incredibly proud of for an achievement for myself and Isla.

Saturday, 22 August 2015

My Baby's Name Is Sleeping Bags

The week before we moved house I was contacted by new baby brand My Baby's Name Is to try their new range of sleeping bags. When Jack was younger I loved using sleeping bags, bedding gave me a bit of a stress; what was best for their age and temperature then the worry if he would slide under the covers. Luckily he wasn't phased by using the sleeping bags and would happily have a little blanket at nap time. 

In 2014, Szymon Klos created new company 'My Baby's Name Is', he was supported by his wife Halina and initially inspired by their daughter Matylda. Szymon is a product designer spending 8 years working as an accessories designer for luxury brands in London, Europe and the Far East but always aspired to create his own brand and run his own business. When speaking to Szymon I was initially drawn to his story of how the company came about.
'When my wife & I found out she was pregnant with Matylda, we started looking into baby products & got interested in baby sleeping bags. We were drawn to the functionality & versatility of the products but we weren't really convinced by the design & quality of the sleeping bags currently available on the market. I decided this was my chance to make something new, especially as I felt I had something better to offer.' 

My Baby's Name Is

The packaging in which the company use is kept simple, however to me this has the biggest effect. The packaging is made from recycled cardboard but also acts as a gift box. It makes the perfect gift for a new baby. 
Upon opening the box you are greeted with the sleeping bag in simple packaging yet folded beautifully. I opted for 'Yasmine Yellow' to match the colour of the children's bedroom however there are five beautifully bright colours to choose from. There is also a range of 3 sizes and 2 different tog's.

My Baby's Name Is

The sleeping bag is made from cotton and then lined with a soft cotton. 'The premium cotton is from Spain & has passed Oeko-tex & REACH safety & sustainability standards.'
The colour isn't a typical dull yellow, it's bright and really catches your eye. 
My Baby's Name Is
I feel the fit on the sleeping bags is also good, it's not incredibly tight and also doesn't seem overly big and I feel it would last a while and not be outgrown too quickly. At the moment Isla isn't overly sure on what to make on the sleeping bags, especially if she is placed in them before a feed, however will happily sleep in them all night. I've washed the item a couple of times now and it's washed well and the colour hasn't faded - which is always good to know with a bright product. 
My Baby's Name Is
Please Note: We received this product for the purpose of this review, all opinions are my own.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Cracked Sore Nipples - Bennetts Nipple Cream Review

Bennetts Nipple Cream - A Review

Bennetts Nipple Cream

In my early breastfeeding days, I suffered terribly with painful and cracked nipples due to Isla's latch. I fed through this which was incredibly painful and didn't give them chance to heal - however I didn't want to give up the feeding. I tried some Lansinoh however with the constant feeding it did nothing to help. 

Recently Isla has been cluster feeding and low and behold on my one side I've been in a little pain again. I was kindly contacted by Bennetts who have a lovely range of  baby care products which was formulated by a British qualified pharmacist, and I was offered a tube of their nipple cream to try out. 
Bennetts Nipple Cream
Bennetts Nipple Cream is a colour and fragrance free moisturising cream for both pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. You simply apply to cream as often as required and it helps soothe and protect the area. The ingredients included within the cream help moisturise and soothe, helping to relieve sore and cracked nipples. 

I can honestly say it worked wonders and helped me through the cluster feeding pain. I found it soothed and acted as a barrier whilst feeding to help me continue through. I applied the cream after a feed on the painful side and after a few days the pain had gone away and we were back to normal. It's also useful that the cream uses natural ingredients so doesn't require washing off before a feed.
It comes within a 30ml tube and is priced at £3.49 which is a fantastic price. 

Please Note: I received this product free of charge in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

When Jack Met Isla

I've been meaning to post this for a while but I keep getting side-tracked.

When I was pregnant with Isla, I would often wonder how Jack would react. I was nervous how he would react to my pregnancy but he seemed to love that. He developed a baby in his tummy but knew his sister was in mine. He would talk to my bump and cuddle it. Also at nursery he loved looking at the babies within the baby room, he loved playing with the other children like a big boy and knew with babies to be gentle - he was a natural. 
On the evening of having Isla, Jack was brought over to the hospital to meet his little sister. My request was the Jack would be first to meet her. I thought it was important Jack got to be with his new little sister and interact with her first. As it was teatime by the time I got back onto the ward, Jack was given his tea and then came over to the hospital. 

I was both nervous and excited to how he would react, would he be happy or sad. I didn't want to push meeting Isla onto him and force him to like or hold her. 
When they arrived at the hospital, it was clear to see Jack didn't know what to think. He had just spent the night away from me which he hadn't for a while and I was lay in a hospital bed with a cannula sticking out my hand holding a strange baby.
Jack wanted lots of cuddles from me rather than being interested in the baby, which was fine. He knew it was his sister but didn't understand much other than that. He asked my mum if she could put Isla back in my tummy as he didn't want her here and he wanted me. After he had been at the hospital for a short while, he was a lot happier around her, whilst still being a little unsure. He had his first little hold of her but only for a short period of time. 

We had got Jack a little present from Isla, a crane for his train track something he loves. Even now when he plays with it, he knows it's his present from Isla even though at the beginning he wasn't bothered it was from her.

Unknown to us, Jack was actually coming down with tonsillitis and this added to him being a little sensitive.
As soon as we were back home, and Jack came back to stay with me everything became a lot easier for him. He started loving his baby sister, asking for cuddles with her. I think with him being ill with tonsillitis and not being in his own environment, well temporary one he found everything a little overwhelming. 

Monday, 17 August 2015

Back to School with My Nametags - Review

Just before we moved into our new house, I was given the opportunity to review some nametags from My Nametags
My NametagsAs it's almost September and for many that means back to school or nursery, there is also the job of ensuring everything is labelled up correctly as lets face it, children are brilliant at loosing things, or at least mine is. Thanks to My Nametags this job is now a whole lot easier. 

 As Jack is due to start nursery in September, when we have sorted him a place, I thought it was important to be prepared and label some spare nursery clothes and on a bag and cup to take with him. 
The fantastic thing about My Nametags is their stickers can be applied on anything - not just clothing. This makes them ideal, as many are just for clothing but there is still the water bottles, lunch boxes and bags which need names too. My Nametags offer both iron-on and stick-on labels, we opted to have the stick-on ones. 

The ordering process is very simple and straightforward; you simply choose which type of labels you would like, then choose the name, font, design, colour and image you would like on the label. You can have up to three lines of text which makes it completely customisable. 
My Nametags

The labels arrived quickly and I've used them on both clothing and a lunch box to see how they stick. The ones in which I placed onto the clothing I placed onto the washing labels inside. The stickers have now been in the washing machine and through the dishwasher and have stayed on and haven't faded even after a few washes. 
My Nametags

My Nametags come in various size sets, but the price is the same for all, £11.95 per set of tags, plus £1.,00 postage; you can get 56 colour or 180 black and white ones in either stickers or iron-on or a mix of 75 black & white stickers including 75 black & white iron-ons. 
I love that the labels can be used for multiple surfaces and that they stay on securely. 

Please Note: I received a pack of 56 Colour nametags for the purpose of this review, all opinions are my own.

Friday, 14 August 2015

Theraline Caesaren Belt Review

As you will know if you have read my birth story with Isla, you will know I had a cesarean section. Before the operation, I was extremely worried about the recovery, how would I cope with a toddler, how would I cope on my own and how would my body hold out?
I've actually been quite lucky with my recovery and was back behind the wheel of my car after 2 weeks, but I think I've been doing a little too much too soon as even now I'm still having a little bit of pain as the recovery continues. 

Luckily I was sent the Theraline Caesarean Belt to try and see how it helps with recovery. The belt aims to protect your scar whilst providing comfort and support throughout the day. Along with the belt you get 4 different inserts; cherry stone pillow, gel pad, protective shield and a polyfibre pillow. 
Theraline Caesarean Belt

The Belt
The belt is made from a soft, firm elasticated material which stretches allowing you to bend or sit with extra comfort. On the side of the belt their are buttons so you are able to adjust the belt and tighten it for support over your over-stretched abdominal wall. Within the belt there is a hole on the inside which allows you to place in the inserts. 
Theraline Caesarean Belt

Cherry Stone Pillow
The pillow is versatile, it can either be used hot or cold by simply warming in the microwave or placing within the freezer. I've been using the cherry stone pillow when warm as I find the heat soothes it, I also feel it would be great warm if you suffer with menstrual cramps. As you can remove the individual pieces I feel it would also be useful to use to soothe back pain. I found the heat to be really soothing on my scar area and provided a lot of comfort. Its also fab that the belt keeps the pillow in place without needing to use your hand to hold it, and you can walk around. 
Theraline Caesarean Belt

Gel Pad
You simply use the compress by placing it within the freezer and it helps soothe your swollen scar so was particularly helpful in the beginning. I've also found it useful for when the itchiness begins. 

Protective Shield
This is a lightweight shield yet solid shield which helps protect your scar from any knocks or bumps. Isla likes to wriggle around and with a toddler in tow who isn't the most gentle I've found it useful. I've found this has given me more protection when holding Isla closely as she kicks around a lot.
Theraline Caesarean Belt

Polyfibre Pillow
This is designed for protecting your scar from irritation and rubbing. It's comfortable and very soft and fits nicely within the belt, or I've even used it alone just held in place with underwear. 
Theraline Caesarean Belt

I am enjoying using the belt and I'm still currently using it, but not as much. I would definitely recommend it to others who have had c-sections or abdominal surgery as I've found it to be amazing in helping me recover. I've wore the belt under my clothing at all times, however you are able to wear it on top of your clothing. It retails around £20 but is definately worth it.

Please Note: I received this product for the purpose of this review all opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Choosing what to do with my career

Now I've had Isla, I'm yet again finding myself pondering what to do in regards to my career. 
I mean I've only recently began a new job which is something I really enjoy doing, but I also really don't want to miss the early stages with her growing up. When I went back to work after Jack I only returned part time working two days a week; enough to pay my way and still get to enjoy majority of the time with Jack. 

However, this time its just not practical for me to return to work part time, I've just become a home owner and have a mortgage to pay as well as bills. A big part of me would love to be able to work from home, I'd love to be able to do something I really enjoy. I would successfully love to work within PR or similar, doing something I really enjoy from a hobby, but would this make me enjoy the blog less? There are plenty of opportunities out there I just don't have the confidence to approach them. 

It's hard to guess what the future will hold, and where I will end up. I'm half tempted to get a online psychic career reading around finding the right career
Until then, I will keep pondering and live in a little dream that I will get to work from home and still earn enough. 

Along with all of this, I still want a successful career, one where I am not undermined for being female. Maybe this is why I still want a career I don't want it to be seen as a males job to earn the money whilst women stay with children. I want to stay with my children and still pay my money towards the house and bills.

Women's Equality Day is this month, and what better way to celebrate then that of what women have achieved. Women are strong people they fought for the right to vote for equality, and this gives me hope I can aim for a goal and achieve it but I'm just scared of the unknown. However I've made an aim to grab some more confidence, give myself a little boost and with a bit of positivity I'm sure I could make this happen. Unlike previous years, women are becoming a lot more successful, when given the opportunity to succeed we do. 
So from now onwards my motto to help me achieve the best is 'a mother should be able to raise her daughter and be her role model—showing her that with hard work, there are no limits to what she can accomplish'. I want my children to grow up and understand that both men and women are equal.

Please Note: In collaboration with TheCircle.