Babies First Holiday

Saturday, 25 August 2012
When Jack was 5Weeks old we took him on his first family holiday to Germany. Germany is a place my partners parents holiday at every year. So easter holidays we decided to go with them. We had to organise for Jack to have his passport, so at 1Week old we took him for his passport photographs and then went to Liverpool to organise the passport.
5th April 2012; Day the holiday began, we packed up the car and left around 6am as we were driving there. We managed to get all the way to Belgium and stayed there for the first night and then continued to Germany the following day. Jack was so well behaved in the car, he slept until we got to the tunnel, then woke for a feed, when we was in Calais he went back to sleep until we hit the hotel at Belgium. He also slept most of the next day.
We visited many attractions whilst in Germany, we went on a boat ride along the river, visited a castle and toured and a wildlife park. Jack also had his first experience of swimming which he loved until he got hungry, unfortunately the only picture I have is from when he got hungry. Also, Jack got his first football kit, my partner (Although British) is a very fond supporter of Germany so Jack had his first kit.
This was a lovely first holiday and so nice to be able to spend it with both sets of Jacks Grandparents so they were able to enjoy the experience too.

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