Birmingham Sea Life Centre

Saturday, 25 August 2012
11th July 2012; 19Weeks Old

We took Jack to Birmingham Sea Life Centre. We didn't really know where to go on a day out in which Jack would benefit from too. However he seems to like watching things that move so we decided we would go to our local Sea Life Centre. We arrived there for roughly when it opened, Jack got in free and we had a 2 for 1 voucher so cost just £18 for the two of us for unlimited entry. We stopped at each pool/tank for Jack to look at the sea creatures which he enjoyed. He preferred the brighter tanks where he was able to see the creatures more clearly. As we went round there is also a quiz for you to participate in, so we did this for Jack as you got a small prize at the end. This would be a momentum for Jack. Once we had walked all the way round we took a stroll into Town and got some lunch and then visited the Sea Life again in the afternoon after Jack had a nap. We got the most out of our day visit as we went round twice. This was a lovely day out, maybe more suitable to older children although, I believe Jack throughly enjoyed it as he smiled all the way around.

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