From The Beginning; My Pregnancy and Birth

Saturday, 25 August 2012
Thought I would give you an insight from the very beginning of my time with Jack.
I found out I was pregnant roughly on the 24th June 2011; although my one Auntie was telling me I was pregnant before I even did a test. My partner and I weren't trying and were taking precautions however, these didn't work and I got pregnant. I believe these things happen for a reason.
29th July 2011; I finally got to see the midwife for my booking appointment, she put me at 11weeks+3days making me due 14th February 2012, Valentines Day.
13th August 2011; 13weeks+4days according to due date. Got to see baby for the first time at my first scan, was lovely to see the little outline of baby. However, we got moved back a week so my new due date became 21st February 2012. Sonographer said this was more than likely because we were taking precautions.
7th September 2011; 16weeks +1day (New Dates) Got to hear the babies heartbeat for the first time, little monkey was a mover so kept wriggling away from the doppler but it was so clear and lovely to hear.
4th October 2011; 20Weeks. We had our 20week midway scan, everything was checked, little one was growing perfectly. We found out we were having a boy, although I was convinced I was having a girl.
15th October 2011; 21weeks+4days Felt the first flutters of little one moving, was literally the best feeling in the world. Although didn't happen all too often yet.
19th November 2011; 26weeks+4days. I had a 4D scan at Life Through The Lens It was a wonderful experience, I took along my partner, both his mother and mine and also his sister. Was a lovely experience to be able to share with them as they got to see the baby move around. Baby was lying Breech and really tucked into my Placenta so it was difficult to get any pictures but the wonderful sonographer managed to get beautiful pictures.
29th November 2011; 28Weeks. I had to go to the hospital to have a GTT to check to see if I had Gestational Diabetes due to my mother having Diabetes. Had to starve myself from midnight and finally managed to get something to eat at the lunchtime, luckily after being poked for blood 3 times, I was luckily enough to not have GD.
21st December 2011; 31Weeks+1Day Had a midwife appointment, baby was heads down and still growing really well, however my BP was slightly high so I had to go back two days later to have it checked. By the time Friday had come it was back to normal.
6th January 2012; 33Weeks+3Days. Had my first antenatal class, This week was on how to know your in labour, birth and after birth. This was also my last working day before Maternity Leave. I was meant to be finishing on the Monday.
7th January 2012; 33Weeks+4Days. I was taken into the hospital as I hadn't felt many movements from baby for quite a few days, I was told I would have to be kept in and monitored, however after very kindly agreeing to rest as I didn't like hospitals I managed to be sent home at around 2am on the 8th as long as I went back the next day to be placed on the monitor to check babies heartbeat again, and back again on the Monday 9th for more monitoring and a scan to check babies growth and bloodflow.
13th January 2012; 34Weeks+3Days. Had my second and final antenatal class. This week it was on the after midwife care has finished and how to change babies nappy and bathe them.
22nd January 2012;  35Weeks+5Days. This was the day we had the hospital tour, we got to see delivery suite, theatre rooms, and wards where we would be staying.
30th January 2012; 36Weeks+6Days. Saw the consultant as I was put under consultant care due to the lack of movements I had been feeling. However, Consultant wasn't too concerned and was happy for me to continue to keep seeing my Midwife for normal appointments.
15th February 2012; 39Weeks+1Day. Had midwife appointment, my final one before meeting baby. I was measuring 40weeks and baby was 3/5ths engaged. However due to reduced movements again, I was sent to the hospital for yet more monitoring. This time whilst at the hospital I got to have another scan and baby was estimated to be around 7lb 12oz. From this day onwards until I met baby I would be attending the hospital every day for CTG monitorings.
20th February 2012; 39Weeks+6Days. Woke up just before 6am by terrible pains coming every 8 or so miniutes. Finally I took it these were contractions, however I left my partner to sleep for a while as I had another appointment for monitoring that day so left it until then to go the hospital. Contractions started coming every 2miniutes, then I headed to the hospital (30miniutes drive). After having my CTG done, I was checked and was 6cms, all without pain relief. By 5.30pm I was 9cms, and at 6pm I was ready to push baby. I was on the monitor throughout my labour to check babies heartbeat, and my partner was stood near the emergency doctor button. I really didn't want any intervention so pushed my hardest. After 37Miniutes of pushing Baby Jack was born. However; due to me being so eager to have no intervention I ended up with a really bad 4th Degree tear. I was taken to theatre for my stitches, not too sure how many I had but know it was a lot!
22nd February 2012; 2Days Old. Jack and Mommy were finally let out of hospital around 8.30pm.

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