Jack's New Bedtime Routine

Friday, 31 August 2012
31st August 2012; 26Weeks Old

I figured I needed to get Jack into a bedtime routine, as bedtimes were becomming a struggle. Also, mid-night wake-ups were becomming a pain too; Jack would wake around 5am and then not want to go to sleep unless he was in our bed. Today I decided to start this routine after doing a bit of research on routines. I didn't want the routine to seem strict and be a horrible experience for Jack; I just wanted one to try and make bedtimes a little easier and to save Jack becomming over-tired. I also figured it was maybe time to put Jack into his Cot, he was becomming long and almost filling his crib.
Jack began to get tired around 6pm and I already decided I would like him asleep for 8pm the latest but ideally 7.30pm. I had planned to start the routine around 6.30pm and have it consisting off Bedtime Bath, Cuddle, Milk, Story with lullaby and Jack then going to sleep. It didn't quite go to plan; we managed bedtime bath, milk whilst having a cuddle and then Jack was asleep all within half an hour.
I'm hoping to be able to do the routine I had set out, but if not then I won't be worring. I do miss Jack being in our bedroom and looking at his little face next to our bed. I cannot yet judge on the 5am wake-ups but I'm hoping to not bring him into our bedroom but will update on this tomorrow.

1st September 2012

So, for Jack's first night in his Cot I think he did really well, he woke up about 12.40am when my partner came in from work and then again at 4.40am. The first time he woke up, he had a little drop of milk and then was back to sleep. However, the second time he was awake until 5.30am. He drank a full 8oz, had his nappy changed and still wasn't impressed. That is roughly the time he has been waking up lately, so I'm beginning to think it is either his teeth causing him some problems or he is going through another growth spurt as he had started to sleep through. We will be continuing with the Bedtime routine, and also trying to get some daytime naps.

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