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Monday, 3 September 2012

Graze Nibble Box

Graze was started by seven friends who all have a passion for food. As many of you I'm sure will agree snacking can encourage you too pile on the pounds. They 7 friends decided they could make healthy graze boxes for a snack.
So how does Graze work? Well they send you an individually packed box full of little surprises each week (or longer if you prefer). There is a choice of either a healthy box or a nibble box, and each comes with four different types of snack. Each box is £3.89 delivered free, posted through your letter box to save anyone waiting in to sign for it. You can have your first box for half price at £1.94, or free with this code: 1LKL7CWD.
Each box comes in a recyclable brown box, with four individual sections, a paper napkin and a booklet with a personalised message to yourself which also contains the nutritional information for what you have had and Best Before Dates. Each individual snack punnet measures 11cm x 7.5cm and is 2.5cm deep. Another great thing about Graze is you can rate the food so you don't end up with items you don't like. You can 'Try', 'Like', 'Love' or 'Bin'. Everything is defaulted a 'Try' but if you mark something as 'Like' they will send it occasionally where as if you mark it as 'Love' you will receive it more regular.
So as for my review, I ordered a Graze box to try and was happy when I received it. It was small so I expected not much to be inside, I was wrong. It was lovely to have a little surprise on my doorstep, there was a little message on the back of the box, 'Turn me over before you open or you'll have a mess.' This gave me a little chuckle. Upon opening it was beautifully presented with four small snack boxes and a lovely image on the box. Within my box I received Apple & Cinnamon Flapjack, After Dinner Mint, Chedder Gorge and Lightly Toasted Pistachios. I decided to share my box and everything was enjoyed, some things more than others.

These are really yummy boxes and lovely to have a surprise within them as you never know what you will have within your box. You are charged on the day you box arrives and you can cancel at any time, even after your first box if you don't want to continue.

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