Life Through The Lens 4D Scan. Pregnancy #1

Monday, 3 September 2012

4D Scan during Pregnancy #1

During my pregnancy with Jack I decided I would have a 4D Scan, I was intrigued by them and how real the foetus looked. I searched around looking for good deals which were local. The best I found was at Life Through The Lens in Stoke-On-Trent. It was £95 for a 20-30 miniute scan and we received a CD of all the still shots, a DVD of the scan and 2 images printed. All I wanted to bring away was my DVD and CD so the images were a bonus.
'4D scans are the ultimate bonding experience. You get to see your babies features, who they look like and also an insight into their personality, are they shy or playful? 4D means live 3D which is a moving image.' Taken from Life Through The Lens website.
I wanted this to be an experience to share with the grandparents as well as myself and my partner. So both my mother, and my partners mother and sister came along to the scan also .I booked the scan for Saturday 19th Novemeber 2011 as this was a day everyone could attend, I was 26weeks+4days. I had read that eating chocolate and/or drinking orange juice 30 miniutes before makes baby active for the scan; therefore I had a small chocolate bar on the journey as it was about 45miniutes to get there. When we went in for the scan baby Jack was lying breech and really tucked up into my placenta so the sonographer told us it may be difficult to get some pictures. However, with much perseverance we managed to get some wonderful images. The sonographer was lovely and wonderful at capturing the still images.

I can truely say that the image on the 4D scan was just like Jack when he was first born. I would recommend these scans to anyone, especially if you would love to know what your baby looks like.

Below I have included a Video from my Scan and also some still images. Video begins around 30seconds in.

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