Nuby iMonster Range.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012
Nuby iMonster Range.

When Jack started weaning, I knew it would be an exciting time. I then spotted the Nuby iMonster range; consisting of a plate, bowl, cup, fork and spoon and also a  snack keeper. Although Jack is unable to feed himself yet I purchased these ready for when he is able to feed himself.

Each item has a monster face or hands on. Lovely item for boys, especially those who are little monsters. They are very brightly coloured, and have quite a large surface area for growing children.

The plate is green in colour, with three little eyes, and an open mouth on the plate. It also has two hands and two feet. The open mouth is perfect way to get children to finish their food, or at least eat most of it. As the child eats away at what is included on the plate they are able to see the mouth clearly. We have been using the plate for Jack to have his meals on, including toast, and mashed potato with mashed vegetables.

The Bowl is orange in colour, with one single eye. Around the edge of the inner bowl there are imitation teeth, so it looks like an open mouth.The bowl is quite deep. So plenty of room to include food in. We have been using the bowl for pureed meals or to put boiled fruit in, or breakfast cereals.

No Spill Cup.
The cup is purple in colour, with a blue lid, and green hands(handles) which are removable. The lid has two eyes on, which when the child tips the cup up, they are able to see. There is a soft silicone spout, which has a non-spill action in. I think this cup is brilliant, it is the first we have managed to get Jack to drink from, we use the beaker for both juice and milk during the day.

Fork and Spoon.
The fork and spoon have purple handles, and green fork/spoon attachments. The fork is like little monster fingers. Both the fork and spoon have three eyes and a little mouth. Easy for little hands to hold also. We have not yet used these with Jack as he is currently unable to feed himself with a spoon/fork. However I have used the spoon when giving yoghurt.
Snack Keeper.
This snack keeper is purple and green; it has blue arms and orange feet. It has three eyes, and teeth, which you put your hands through to get the snacks out. The lid is soft so causing no damage to the childs hand. The bowl inside is really large so able to keep larger snacks in also, and doesn't allow snacks to fall back out. I have not yet used this with Jack as he is too young to be able to help himself to snacks, however I tested with my 2year old cousin who loves it. Especially the fact the monster eats his hand.

Overall, I think these products are wonderful. Brightly coloured, and really substantial. They also wash really well. Also perfect for fussy eaters, or children who don't like to finish their lunch or snacks.

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