Monday, 3 September 2012

When I was pregnant I saw these a few times in Mothercare and Sainsbury's, but always was the parent-to-be who thought my child won't pull there socks off. How wrong was I? When Jack was first born he was unable to take his socks off, my theory was right here. Until he became able to take his socks off; I was constantly checking his feet to see if he still had his socks on or if he had lost one. Although occasionally I would leave him with none on as it was the summer. This is when I thought I should purchase some Sock-Ons. I always thought they seemed a good idea, and they seemed to work well for my friend.

Sock-Ons were created by Kezi Levin, graduate of Central St. Martins College, and mum to 5 little boys. Kezi runs her own graphic design buisness. To create Sock-Ons, Kezi used her artistic ability and love of her family. Sock-Ons are made of "a softly woven blend of elasticated material with contrasting coloured stitching around the edges". They are available in a variety of colours, including white, blue and pink. They now also come in bright colours and also sneaker print. Sock-Ons come in two sizes, 0-6mths and 6-12mths.

Sock-Ons are incredibly easy to use, once you buy them and on the white cardboard they look really cute, once you take them off the cardboard they look like scraps of material. However, they do there job when you place them over the socks. You just place them over the sock, with one part going under the sole and the other around the ankle so the heel is free. Although it doesn't look as though it will hold the sock in place and secure it, they are really good. We have managed to keep all socks without loosing any since using Sock-Ons, which is amazing. Jack still attempts to remove his socks, and has suceeded once whilst wearing these but they don't budge and are really good. I would recommended these to any parent who has a child whether they are removing their socks yet or not as eventually they will be. The only thing I would say about these is ensure you buy the correct size as too small and they will cut into your child's feet making them sore, and too big they won't work.

Sock-Ons retail at £4.00 for one pair and £6.00 for a twin pack at Mothercare.


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