West Midlands Safari Park

Monday, 3 September 2012
28th August 2012; 26Weeks Old

Due to both my partner and mom being off we decided to take a trip to West Midlands Safari Park. With it being the summer holidays traffic surrounding was quite busy so we eventually got there around 11am. Unfortunately, at the safari park this is a busy time as lots of cars are arriving so the reserve gets busy; this wasn't a problem for us though. It cost us £37.47 as we had a voucher for some money off, this price includes a return ticket for another visit which is always a bonus! You can also purchase animal food, which although we have done before didn't on this occasion. When you've paid your admission you are free to enter the reserve as many times as you like and free to wonder around the park. The only additional costs you would have to pay for are the amusement rides.

As it was busy we were able to stay near each animal for a while and have a good look around. Although this made the journey around the park longer as it was busy, it was still enjoyable. There are many different kinds of animals at the park, some which are more common then others. Most of the animals will come looking around your car and may even pop there head inside looking for food, where as others are happy to stay away and look from afar. Once you have driven around the 100 acre park, there is additional animals to see whilst walking through discovery trail, penguin cove and the African village. There are four sets of toilets located around the park, which are easily accesable.

Overall, this is a great family day out, I would throughly recommend to anyone who asks about it. An added bonus is you get a free return ticket for another visit. Although Jack is very young and maybe didn't understand I still believe he had a great day as he was very happy and smiley all the way round and enjoyed looking at the animals and even touching some of them.

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