Young Parents.

Friday, 21 September 2012
Young Parents.

Teenage pregnancies are often discussed with a negative outlook; this makes me quite upset. Not all teenage parent's should be given the negative outlook. I personally consider myself a 'Young Mother' however I'm not in my teens. I was 19 when I discovered I was pregnant, 20 when I gave birth and now I'm 21 with a beautiful 7 month old son who I wouldn't change for the world. Most people look down on younger parent's especially teenagers for not planning the pregancy and wasting their lives. This is not always the case, some younger people choose to become pregnant whilst in their teens, and most do not waste their lives. My pregnancy wasn't planned and when I told my partner he thought his life had ended; he couldn't have been more wrong. Personally, I don't think their is enough support for younger parent's especially teenagers who are going through it alone. My cousin had her first child when she was 14, on her 16th birthday she had a 3 month old. She has had lots of support from our family and luckily support from outside agencies such as childcare. Upon finishing school she didn't drop out of education, instead she chose to carry on at college and continue with the career she had already planned.
I think instead of people slating teenage/young parents, they should do something to help.


  1. I was 15 when I had my little boy, people did and still do judge me now! I try to ignore them, although this is sometimes easier said than done!

    Jade - Unique Young Mum -

    1. I think most people feel the need to judge everyone they see, especially young parents both male and female.



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