B&G Impression Casting Kit.

Monday, 1 October 2012
B & G Impression Casting Kit. 
In my opinion babies feet are one of the cutest things to see. I love how small, cute and not yet smelly Jacks feet are. Therefore decided I wanted to treasure the cuteness of them. When Jack was first born we did a small impression of them; now his feet are a little bigger I wanted another. I then stumbled across B&G who do hand and feet impressions. Based in Croydon it is a little to far for me to travel, I then discovered the home casting DIY kits.

B&G were founded in 2010 by JJ and James Wee; both whom hold engineering degrees. Both JJ and James have worked in corporate companies both locally and overseas. They decided to go into this buisness due to personal interests and seeing the reward of happy customers. Their main focus within the company is ensuring customers are happy with the products in which they receive and the servies. B&G offer a range of services including; Pregnancy Casts, 3D Life Castings, Imprint Silver Jewellery, DIY Casting Kits and Impression Kits.

I chose to buy the new kit which has recently been launched which is their Impression Casting Kit in silver. With this kit there are a choice of three colours, this is for the paint you receive and the frame colour. The choices are gold, silver or bronze. Within the kit you receive a frame and box to place your casting in, paint in which to paint it once dry, are drying clay in which you do your impression upon, gloves, sandpaper and fixings. 
 I started by fetching out all of the items which are included within the box so I could see what I needed to do. I started by rolling out the clay so it fitted within the box but was still thick enough to do Jack's impression in. I will admit I had a little bit of trouble, but this was due to having a very wriggly baby who wouldn't press his foot down fully. After speaking with B&G regarding this they gave me some tips to help. I then attempted to do the casting again, Jack was still wriggly however we got a better impression. I pressed Jack'a feet one at a time onto the clay, pressing in each toe individually, followed by the heel and then the remainder of the foot. I then left the clay to dry for roughly 48 hours so that it could be painted with the paint received within my pack. I am throughly impressed with the end result. The kit was easy to use, and instructions were fairly clear as to what you needed to do. B&G are keen to help you with any questions you may have and respond really quickly.
After 48 hours I painted my impression with two thin coats of paint; this was all it took to cover the impression. We then cut out our impression, this was difficult as it had already set so I suggest cutting it first which is what is suggested by B&G. I then superglued my impression to the base and placed the frame on.  


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