Thursday, 18 October 2012


When I first found out I was pregnant, one of the main things that feared me was SIDS; Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. I had read that room temperature I very important, especially at sleep time as inadequate temperature has been linked to SIDS in the past. Using a standard thermometer was never an option for us, sometimes they are not accurate and hard to read, especially in the nighttime when it's darker. That is when I settled for the Gro Egg from The Gro Company. 

The Gro Egg is a colour changing thermometer, this was great as you could just glance at the thermometer and be able to tell that average temperature of your room by the colour. Yellow suggests the room is a comfortable temperature for your child to sleep in. It can also change to blue if the room is too cold, and red if the room is too warm. This is great as a quick reminder for you, allowing you to make necessary changes. However, there is also a digital display on the screen which also displays the temperature and a little face, which is either happy or sad. The light also acts as a gentle night light; I find this perfect when checking on baby without disturbing him.

When I first had this product I was amazed by the size of it;the box is quite large compared to the actual product, this is due to storing the mains device. The size is ideal as it doesn't take up too much room within the nursery but still gives accurate results. The thermometer is mains controlled and has a long cord. It is important to not place within direct sunlight or over a radiator or near a draft; this is as the sensor is on the front of the monitor. The thermometer is easy to place together, therefor just need to plug the power into the egg and then into the mains plug socket.The on/off button is on the base of the egg, once turned on the egg works instantly providing an accurate display. On the rear of the egg is a simple chart which explains the temperature guides, however within the box is a leaflet which explains how you can help your baby dress in each temperature situation. 

Overall, I thought this was a great product and easy to use with the light display. The glow of the light is very gentle and doesnt disturb sleep in anyway. The only downside I can find too the egg is the length of the cord, although long, we only have one plug socket within our babies tiny room so trying to arrange where to place the egg was difficult. This is in no way fault of the egg itself. I highly recommend this product to all parents, especially first time ones who are worried about everything. 

The Gro Egg retails for around £21.99 however you are able to find deals around other places. 

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