Jack Philip's Baptism. 21st October 2012.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012
Jack's Baptism
21st October 2012.

Jacks Baptism is something we had thought about for a very long time, when it came to booking the date we were amazed that there was such a long waiting list for Baptisms. Upon speaking to the Reverand we were able to squeeze on a day with some other families as there weren't going to be many guests. Before booking in for the Baptism we attended a meeting to discuss what Baptisms were about and how the ceremony would go. We knew we were sure this was what we wanted to do as we had already had a conversation discussing the options of a Baptism, Naming Ceremony or Holy Communion. Would we place Jack and Christian, Catholic or neither? This is Ashley is Baptised C of E and then Confirmed Catholic, however I'm neither. We eventually went for Baptism and placing him as a Christian, the choice of Church was easy. We would choice the Church in which Ashley was Baptised and also where his one brother is buried. Within the future it will be Jack's choice which he chooses to follow if any. Another big discussion we had to have was regarding who would be Godparents, we neededto ensure we would pick the right people to help Jack, and those whomwould stand by him. Eventually we found out we could have upto four godparents two of these being male. We settled on one of Ashleys siblings, my best friend, Ashleys best friend and her husband. Jacks Baptism was then all set for Sunday 21st Ocober 2012 at 12noon.

After finally sorting all of the previous, I had a lot more to sort, this would be things everyone would see though. Jacks Baptism outfit, Venue, Cake, Food. Lots of things to consider. After looking at various Baptism outfits I finally found a gorgeous Satin Romper from Debenhams. I also had Jack a beautiful cloth nappy made especially for his Baptism. Venue was then sorted, this would be held at our home, as we would only be having family, mainly adults I didn't see any point in getting a large venue, which also led me to not make too much of a buffet spread. Although plenty of food was left over. Finally the cake, well that was left for me and my mom to make. We love making cakes and decorating them anyway so this was an easy decision.

The day of the Baptism finally arrived and I was looking forward to seeing Jack looking so beautiful. We got up really early to make all the sandwiches and prepare all the food. Once all of this was sorted we all got ready and made our way to the Church. Upon arrival we spoke to all our guests and headed into the Church to get a good place. The ceremony started just after noon, and was held by a lovely Reverand. The ceremony was explained and the order in which everyone would be done. Firstly afterw prayers and readings the children were given ten sign of the cross on their forehead with the oil, not long aft they were then taken down to the font to have the holy water placed on them. By this point Jack had become extremely tired as he hadn't had his morning nap so fell straight to sleep after this. Once we had sat back down the lighting of the candle happened and the children were each given there own individual candle. The Church is now also building a block wall so each child was given a block with their name on to place upon the wall. After the ceremony had finished we all headed back to our home for some food. It was lovely to have all of our family in one place sharing Jacks special day. I ensured Jack had a photograph with every person who came to this special day so he is able to remember the event when he is older.

I hope you have all enjoyed this post and sorry if I have rambled on. Wanted most of the details for Jack to remember when he is older.

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