Learning to Walk.

Friday, 26 October 2012
Learning to Walk.

Jack is currently learning to walk, so I thought I'd do a post on how to help your child learn to walk but don't rush them.
 Every child is different and each develop at a different rate. Within your childs first few years they meet so many development milestones. One of the main ones you will remember throughout is your child's first wobbly steps on their own. Most children take their first steps by their first birthday, however the average age range is 9 months to 18 months. A parent should not be worried if their child takes longer though. The key steps that children are close to walking is that they are crab crawling/walking; this is when they are on all fours but using their feet to walk. Also scooting, cruising or climbing the stairs on their hands.

As your child develops they are strengthen their muscles ready to learn to walk. You can help your child from a young age learn these strengthen tips. As a newborn you can encourage your child to lie on their tummy, as they will then learn to support there heads which in return strengthens their backs. When your child can sit, roll a toy to them so they reach out for it, this may help them develop crawling techniques but also may not. This again strengthens the back, arms and legs also control of their hips encouraging them to stand. When your child learns to stand, you can encourage them to walk whilst holding their hands by standing infront of them offering lots of encouragement and praise when they take a step. Eventually your child will take their first wobbly steps unaided which will be a moment you will never forget. There are also many devices in which you can buy to help your child walk, the main one of these being a walker, however these are fairly unsafe and in Canada have been banned from being on sale. Walkers can cause your child to tipple over, or reach up to grab items such as hot stoves and caused thousands of accidents. Also they can encourage your child to not learn to balance on their own. However you can also buy Toddle Trucks, which is what we have for Jack. Jack loves his truck, it is good too look for a truck with a stable and wide base to prevent it toppling. When your child is toddling around, be sure that your home is babyproof and you have a safe enviroment for your child to move around in. Children can move really quickly even though you don't expect it.

My final thing to say is don't rush your child into walking, they will learn when they are ready as each child is different. You will soon have their pattering feet all over your household wishing they still sat in one place.

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  1. Great post! My youngest is 8 months and recently started to free stand and take small steps. She is cruising, which I remember the older ones doing just before they started to walk for real so I don't think she will be long! Its such a fascinating time but soon the real work begins- chasing them all around the place! :-D



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