Talking To Teddy

Saturday, 6 October 2012
Talking to Teddy
At 7months old, Jack certainly has the talkative trait from his Great Gran. Jack will talk to anything from labels to boxes and occasionally something you could class as a conversation, like to me or his teddies. From the moment he has been able to babble he has been having in depth conversations with everything. Being a mother who always has my camera nearby I was sure to capture a photograph. My favourite picture of many is this one of Jack talking to his bear ‘Alfie’ which my Nan brought Jack when he was born.

When we discovered we were having a little boy we went through a vast choice of names, and I really loved the name Alfie. However, Ashley didn’t want our child to have the same initial as when he is older post may get confused; therefore Alfie was out of the window. My Nan knew how much I loved this name, and got Jack a lovely bear from the Bear Factory and called him Alfie.

I love this picture for many other reasons. Every time I look at it, I am reminded of the moment we discovered we were having a bouncing little boy. I am also reminded of my beautiful Nan and my belated Granddad as I know he would have loved Jack so much. I also get to see my beautiful babies smile and his cuteness as he speaks to the Bear. I’m sure when Jack is older he will not want to be reminded of the moments he had cuddles with teddies so this is a cute little reminder.

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  1. that's so special that they named the bear Alfie! such a cute photo too. x

  2. Aww that's so lovely. I love the name Alfie too! Such a cutie x



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