A Baby's First Year - Wow!

Friday, 16 November 2012
A Baby's First Year - What An Adventure.
Recently a survey was ran over on BabyHuddle between the members regarding a babies first year of life. Including all the challanges which approach them; nappies, feeding, sleep, travel and words. The results were really interesting and I'm sure as parent's many of us can relate too.

Babyhuddle: A Baby’s first year – what an adventure!  

As a first time parent to a child who is not yet one I was amazed by the results. I cannot believe 3500 nappies are used within the first year, I have recently transferred to cloth for a number of reasons. I hate to think for each child in the first year that amount of nappies are disposed of. Also, 105kg of poop within the first year as 32% are soiled. I think cloth is definately the way forward, also saving money as within the first year alone on average we spend £500.
Another fact I found interested was the feeding, babies seem to feed similarly whether they are bottle or breast fed, with more people within the survey choosing Breastfeeding, which surprised me. I always wanted to Breastfeed all of my children, I currently only have one, but due to circumstances I couldn't and I hope to be able to nurse my next child.
I was amazed that babies travel 50km within their first year, equalling the Chanel Tunnel length. That is a very long way.

I think these statistics are very realistic. What do you think of them?
To find out more on this visit the
BabyHuddle Blog.

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