HiPP Review

Wednesday, 14 November 2012
HiPP Review.
As I have previously stated, weaning has been a very exciting time for us. Jack doesn't really have any problems where food is concerned. In fact he really loves his food. The lovely people at HiPP sent us some lovely products for Jack to test and write a review about.
HiPP Organic was created by Georg Hipp in 1956, when he converted his family farm into one of the first organic farms in Europe. Georg stood by his beliefs to create the best food available for babies. After the death of Georg, his son Claus took over the management with his brothers. HiPP put a lot of attention into the harvest of their crops and only pick fruit at its best. They are also kind to the enviroment and continually watch their carbon footprint. HiPP was first intorduced into the UK in 1995, and continue to sell baby foods, drinks and formula milks.

We received a great selection of food from HiPP for Jack to try, including jars, pouches and tray meals. 
First of all we tried the Scrummy Spaghetti Bolognese; this was a bit hit with Jack as he absolutely loves Spaghetti Bolognaise. This is in a pouch form and is suitable from 7months. The pouch is perfect as you can squeeze as much or as little out as you like, and can also be used if the child can self feed with the pouch. The meal itself is small pieces of cooked spaghetti within a bolognese sauce. The pieces of pasta are finely chopped so very easy for a child of 7months to digest. This pouch is free from milk/lactose, egg, soya, peanuts and other nut products.

Next we tried the Creamy Tomato & Leek Pasta, this was another 7months plus pouch. I had never tried Jack on leeks so this would be a first. After the first mouthful he didn't seem very impressed however we persevered and he kept taking the spoonful’s. Upon finishing the pouch Jack didn't seem to impressed by what I had just fed him. As we received two pouches I tried again but Jack still wasn't impressed. The meal within the pouch consists of mixed vegetables with small pieces of pasta cooked within a cheese sauce. Although Jack wasn't too keen I guess children who like leeks it would be a big hit, and the texture was certainly perfect for a small child. This pouch is free from egg, soya, celery/celeriac, peanuts and other nut products.

We received two jars of Apricot & Apple Desert and two jars of Plum & Pear Pudding. I used these as deserts for Jack. Both jars contain two portions of fruit each within them. These jars were both a great food for Jack and he looked as though he really enjoyed them. They were in a smooth puree like you would use from 4 months, and were easy for Jack to eat. They are both made from a blend of fruits and then mixed with a fruit juice. They are also both free from gluten, wheat, milk/lactose/ egg, soya, celery/celeriac, peanuts and other nut products.

Finally we tried the Garden Vegetable Risotto with Flaky White Fish, this was within a tray and suitable from 9months. Personally I am not a fish lover, and hate the smell of fish so I wasn't too impressed when I had warmed through this dish, although it can be eaten cold. It had a very strong fishy smell to it. However, this didn't seem to put Jack off and he loved it. Although he didn't finish the meal off as I think there may have been too much but what he did have, he enjoyed. This dish is made from Pollock and rice cooked within a vegetable sauce. It is free from gluten, wheat, egg, soya, peanut and other nut products.

Overall, I was thoroughly impressed with the range of products in which we received and Jack seemed to enjoy them. Also, I believe they are the perfect size portions in which a child of this age can enjoy. I can recommend this brand to other parents, especially those who love Organic products. Below I have listed some prices of foods in which we tested.

Scrummy Spaghetti Bolognese - £1.29
Creamy Tomato & Leek Pasta - £1.29
Apricot & Apple Desert - £0.89
Plum & Pear Pudding - £0.89
Garden Vegetable Risotto with Flaky White Fish - £1.59

Please Note. These products were sent to me from HiPP Organic for the purpose of this review, all opinions and wording are my own.

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