My Return to Work.

Friday, 16 November 2012
Return to Work. 

Yesterday, saw my return to work. This was a moment I had been dreading for my time on maternity leave. When I originally finished work back in January I had no intentions of returning back to work, however circumstances have changed and I had no choice but too. I had approached work for different working hours, which they agreed but not on my terms, and still isn't. I also had the worry of finding childcare for Jack. 
My return to work went smooth and infact nothing to worry about, I guess it was the nine months off with Jack made me nervous. Also we had new management who had been giving me problems with my hours, when I returned it felt like I had never been away. Jack is yet to start nursery but I know he will be fine. 

If any of you are planning to change your hours on your return to work after maternity leave then I suggest to everyone to use the template letter upon the government website. It is so simple to use and you just fill in boxes. I wish I had knew about this before I wrote all my letters and it causing trouble with my hours. However,  if you are soon to return, don't panic I know it's easier said. My return went so smooth and Jack was fine Without me which is what was dreading most. 

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