2012 In A Nut Shell and 2013 Resolutions

Monday, 31 December 2012
2012 has been a pretty amazing year and seen so many changes to my life. But like all years it has come with both ups and downs. I want to include all my memories on here as they have created my 2012.
I started the year at almost 33 weeks pregnant with my lovely baby boy. 2012 was when my pregnancy problems started with reduced fetal movements. However; with regular hospital visits we were ensured the little guy was perfectly healthy. January also saw me start my maternity leave, earlier than expected due to lots of hospital visits and stays. February then saw the birth of our beautiful little boy who would change our lives forever with a single scream. I was so lucky to have a lovely birth with great midwives, Ashley and my mom involved. March saw Ashley finally get a job after the recession and him loosing his; this was a huge relief with me being on maternity leave. Then came April, which started as a great month. We went on our first family holiday to Germany with both my parents and Ashleys family. Jack was just a mere 5 weeks old, and was good as gold (I was dreading the journey throughout). The holiday was amazing and we got to see so many new things. However; upon our return everything turned sour; my mum discovered that after 25 years of marriage my dad had been having an affair leading to them spliiting up. This in return lead to my mum having severe depression and wishing to end her life. This in turn put strains on Ashley and my relationship as I was having to look after both J and my mum (Ashley couldn't cope with J and being a father). The months following are a bit of a blur. However June saw my Auntie get married and also the Olympic torch pass through a local village; which was a great thing to witness. July was yet another bad month in which I discover Ashley is having an affair following in my dad''s traits. In which August I couldn't cope and spoke with Ashley about all of this, making the situation slightly worse. August also saw Jack's half birthday followed by my 21st. But also the month I began blogging; this became my escape and time out and gave me time to reflect on the best part of my life, Jack. September was a busy month; Jack began waterbabies which he throughly loved. It also saw Jack learn his first words/sounds, and saw his first tooth break through. For me September was a great month as I discovered we would be testing a pushchair for pushchair trader. I never win competitions or anything that is why this is such a highlight. October saw Jack's Baptism. A lovely day in which we all throughly enjoyed. October was when we discoverd J was so desperate to walk he had an early Christmas present of his walker. IT also saw Halloween and dressing J up. November saw me (and the blog) become a member of BabyHuddles Elite Bloggers. November also saw my return to work and J begin nursery. As much as I enjoy the adult interaction I truly miss Jack and his develpoment. Finally December, that saw my mum finally get back on her feet and Jack's first Christmas. It also saw Jack get rather ill with a chest infection and a cold but that's what winter bugs are for.
Throughout my 4 months of blogging so far I have made some wonderful friends and had some wonderful experiences.
To read more about some expereinces I have created links.

New Year Resolutions.
Every year I set resolution and never really follow them. This year through writing them down I hope I can stick to them. Here goes...
Loose some weight
Drink more fluids (not the alcoholic kind)
Move into our own home
Enjoy Jack's childhood and do more activities
Spend more time with Ashley and work at our relationship
Blog more
Take lots more photographs
Do more crafting.

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