HiPP Organic Christmas Tips & Giveaway

Thursday, 6 December 2012
HiPP Organic’s Top 10 Tips for Surviving Christmas

1. Set a present budget for baby and stick to it!
They’ll probably be more interested in the boxes and bows anyway!

2. Delegate
Plan ahead and put your guests in charge of special jobs. Photography is a great one to hand over – you won’t have time and will want a record of this special day.
3. Rule The Routine  
One of the benefits of hosting Christmas is that you can do it on your terms and time dinner around baby’s routine.  Use nap time to prepare the veggies, to enjoy your own meal or open presents.

4. One Christmas Outfit Just Isn’t Enough
Have a couple of Christmas outfits in reserve for baby and for you – just in case baby spreads more than just joy this Christmas!

    5. Say ‘Yes’
If anyone suggests they bring a dish or a side order accept their offer.  It will make your life easier and allow you to spend more time with your family.
6. Baby Proof The Tree
Avoid decorating the lower branches of the tree.  Baubles are really tempting to babies, so make sure they are out of reach.

    7. Teach Them How To Share
If you have two sets of grandparents coming they will all want to spend time with their baby grandchild.  Consider giving them a specific baby related role on the day to ensure they get their fix!

     8. Give Baby A Break  
Whilst babies love attention, too much from different people at once could make them irritable and fractious, so make sure they get their quiet time too.

      9. Keep A Watchful Eye
If older children are sharing your day watch out for unwrapped presents with small pieces that baby could get hold of.

    10. Have a HiPPy  Christmas
Follow the HiPP Organic Christmas menu for a stress free meal that baby will love


  1. I like the new sachets of food

  2. Thomas likes pretty much all the jars I dont think we have come across any he doesnt like

  3. The rice cakes! and the rice pudding ;)

  4. I love the fruit pots they do!

  5. All I've used is the formula so far - but Daisy is only 5 weeks old, plenty of time to try the food :)



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