Jack's 1st Christmas

Monday, 31 December 2012
So another Christmas has been and gone. This year our Christmas was better than any other; it was Jack's first Christmas. 

When you are younger, Christmas is all about receiving gifts and your not too fussed about anyone else. Then suddenly you have a baby and everything changes. Christmas suddenly becomes all about them and how they will react. I promised myself we wouldn't get Jack lots as he wouldn't have too much of an understanding as to what was happening. He's only 10months after all! However, he somehow still managed a large pile of things with more to come from everyone else. He was well and truly spoilt. This year Christmas was different for us, not only to the fact we had a baby and I didn't have a dad but we wanted everyone to enjoy Jack's first Christmas. With this in mind we all headed to the in-laws (thats my mum included) at lunchtime for even more present opening and lunch. After all of this, we continued with our normal routine of heading to my nans for a buffet tea and more presents. Christmas 2012 was definitely very enjoyable. Jack didn't have too much understanding about all the presents and opening of them but did enjoy playing with his new toys. Unfortuanely we didn't take too many pictures as the day was hectic. I cannot wait for Christmas next year as Jack will have such a better understanding.
Hope all of you had a lovely Christmas also.

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