Loosing That 'Mummy Tummy'

Wednesday, 5 December 2012
Loosing That 'Mummy Tummy'
I thought I'd write a post on a topic close to me but one I'm sure many of you can relate too; loosing the mummy tummy. I'm sure every one of us can think of someone who wore their pre-pregnancy clothes home; for me, that was my cousin. I could call her every name under the sun right now but she is an exception, and women like these are.

 When your baby is first born you generally lose between 15-20lbs which is a great weight loss tool in my view; however the rest of the weight can take a while. It takes us nine months to gain the weight and it takes most people at least the same amount of time to lose it. Jack is now 9 months old and I'm in a clothes size bigger than I was pre-pregnancy. I'm now really struggling to lose the weight but don't feel like I could rush into it. I know I will NEVER have my pre-pregnancy body but a slightly smaller tum would be nice. Also, due to the rapid gain of weight my stretch marks are quite bad, these no longer bother me as much- these are the proof I grew my healthy little boy inside me.
My main advice to ladies in the same situation is to take it slow and be realistic. Motherhood is a demanding job and you need a lot of energy. Eating healthy foods and doing light exercises such as yoga or low impact aerobics is all we need to do. Gradually over time, you can build up the intensity of the exercise. If your no good at the yoga poses, or aerobics you could pop your baby into the pushchair and go for a power walk. This is a great weight loss technique which needs no effort and involves your baby. You could also join a New mum fitness class if they are in your area; this helps with the weight loss and you can meet other new mums.
Do not rush yourself into losing the weight or do a crash diet as you eventually gain more weight. Take it slow and gentle and enjoy your new mummy body for the time you have it.
Do you have any other tips? Or Do you know anyone who was soon back into their pre-pregnancy jeans?  

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