Using my Motherly Instinct

Wednesday, 12 December 2012
As mothers, we all have a ‘motherly instinct’ on what is best for our children, and when they are ill. Yesterday I got to use mine; Jack has been ill for a couple of weeks now, it started with a sickness and diarrhoea bug, which seemed to clear up but Jack still had slightly runny poop. This I began to think would be normal for a while as he has never really had solid poop. Sorry for all the information there. However, he’s also had a bit of a cough develop over the weekend, Monday nursery had pointed out his throat was really sore but our Doctors were unable to see us, so first thing Tuesday I rang to make an appointment to see the Doctor. Firstly I took Jack to be weighed by the Health Visitor and he had lost 6oz in a month; she wasn’t overly concerned as I said I had a Doctors appointment as he had been ill. In reply to this she asked us to get the Doctor to do a stool sample for testing. We then headed up to the Doctors for our appointment; as usual the Doctors were running 35 minutes behind. Eventually we got called through to see the Doctor who was extremely rude to us, and after checking Jack said he was completely fine; I asked him about the stool sample which he wasn’t concerned about but still gave us the forms. At this point Jack’s temperature was 36®C, his chest and mouth were clear according to the Doctor. As the day went on, occasionally Jack would seem a bit brighter so I began to think maybe the Doctor was right but would then start being sick everywhere. When my partner came home from work he rang the NHS Direct for us and they explained we would need to see the GP within 6hours. So we rang the Out Of Hours and they asked to go in after 9pm. When we got there we waited for roughly 1hour until we were seen, but the Doctor in there was through. He checked Jack’s chest, temperature, throat and ears. Jack’s temperature was now 39®C, chest and ears were clear but his throat was inflamed, really red with puss spots. In regards to the diarrhoea, that is being treated as something separate. This Doctor believes Jack may have an infection on his tonsils, so we have Anti-biotics to clear that and Dioralyte for his diarrhoea. I am truly disgusted with the misdiagnosis during the morning, but happy that we got some answers. Sometimes we all have to trust our motherly instinct when it comes to our children, even if we turn out to be wrong it is best for us to get checked over.

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  1. Well done you for trusting your gut. It's so hard to believe a doctor might be wrong but like you say, as Mothers, we know when something isn't right.
    Scarlett once had an infection, just a small cough and cold at first but it all started to get worse. We were fobbed off and ignored until we took her to the children's emergency hospital where they told us she had severe croup and needed steroid treatment ASAP.

    It's angering to know that we're ignored and not taken seriously because they assume we're over reacting. A mothers instinct is more than often right.

    I hope Jack feels better soon xx



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