Jack's First Snow Day

Saturday, 19 January 2013
Jack's First Snow Day.
So it comes as no surprise to everyone that the UK had a lot of snow especially from w/c 14/01/2013.
Up until this point we hadn't really had a lot of snow, and didn't get much until the 17/01/2013. In England, generally we don't get much snow anyway so I wanted Jack to be able to enjoy the experience. Although he is yet a bit young to understand the concept of the weather or build a snowman we still managed to have fun just by standing in it.
I dressed Jack up nice and warm with leggings on underneath his trousers, also placing him in a fleecy cardigan, which is a lot warmer than his coat. We then headed outside to see what Jack made of the snow. Although Jack can stand on his own, I held him up incase he fell over. He absolutely loved the snow; trying to grab it and eat it. It was still falling quite a lot when we went out so he was watching it. Below I have included some photo's from our snow day.


  1. Oh my Goodness, how cute!! Where did you get the hat? My little one is obsessed with the Gruffalo! xx


    1. Thank You! We got the hate from Mothercare, got little gloves with it too. You can't see from the pictures but it has little purple spikes along the back of the hat. x

  2. Very cute photos! Love the Gruffalo hat!

  3. Jack is SO adorable! Glad that he enjoyed the snow:)
    Amazing how it makes even adults feel like children...something quite magical about snow!


  4. It's amazing how magical it makes everything seem, even to babies that don't really understand, Connor was the same! He just enjoyed being in the snow!



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