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Thursday, 26 September 2013
Dr Beckmann Service It Deep Clean Dishwasher Cleaner.
Dr Beckmann is a well known brand associated with laundry and household cleaning. After being around for over 30 years it is a brand well loved. I was sent a range of Dr Beckmann products including the Service It Deep Clean Dishwasher Cleaner.
'Dr Beckmann Service It Deep Clean kills 99% of micro-organisms and bacteria leaving your machine hygienically clean and smelling fresh.'
As a house proud parent, I enjoy my home being as clean as possible. However, owning a dishwasher it is hard to clean the inside workings of it. I have tried many products which are available on the market which state to clean your dishwasher throughly, but never found one which solely stuck out to me. After using the Dr Beckmann Service It Deep Clean I can honestly say this brand has. I throughly recommend this product to anyone who owns a dishwasher.
The product comes as a small packet of powder and a wipe. Firstly, I used the wipe to go around the seals and outer side of the machine. I then placed the powder in the bottom of the machine as stated and placed it on a wash load as normal. Upon the wash completing, I opened the door to be greeted by a lovely smell. Not an overpowering one, or one which stays on your washing up for a while. Also, you could tell instantly the inside had a well-deserved clean as it sparkled. I wanted to see if the Service It Deep Clean had done as its states and cleaned the inside so I took apart the food disposable section at the bottom to look inside. It had done well as I was able to see from inside there was no left over food droppings or anything else. This then meant to me the insides had also had a good clean; which therefore meant further loads of washing up would receive a great clean.

Dr Beckmann Service It Deep Clean Dishwasher is currently only available to purchase online. The retails at £2.99

Please Note. These products were sent to me from Dr Beckmann for the purpose of this review, all opinions and wording are my own.

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