OXO Tot Review

Tuesday, 5 February 2013
OXO Tot Review. 
OXO was created by Sam Farber, it was simply created when he asked himself 'Why do ordinary kitchen tools hurt your hands?' OXO was founded in 1990, and as since created lots of amazing ranges and wonderful products. The ranges include Good Grip, SteeL and Tot. I was sent some products from the Tot range to review with Jack.

As many readers will know Jack loves his food, maybe a little too much. We have done both spoon feeding and finger feeding, as Jack has become older he much prefers to feed himself a wide variety of things. Often we have tried to use cutlery but this never gets used also the plate normally gets thrown so he can eat straight from his tray. OXO Tot kindly sent us a variety of products to review including a Divided Plate, Fork & Spoon Set, Sippy Cup and Flip-Top Snack Cup.

Divided Plate. Generally we don't have any problems with Jack using a plate, but as a parent I can sometimes get portion sizes mixed up, or all the food mixed together. It is easily divided up to give you the correct proportion of each food. The plate also has a centre section which is perfect for sauces. I have however previously mentioned that occasionally we get Jack tipping the plate. This plate has a weighted non-slip base, which although Jack is still able to move slightly is has minimised the amount of spills we get. The plate has an outer ring which helps stop items falling off the plate, and helps with scooping up peas. This is then able to be removed as your child grows and masters the art of self-feeding. The plate is suitable from 6months +, Dishwasher and Microwave safe and comes in a choice of 3 colours.

Fork & Spoon Set.
As I have previously stated, getting Jack to use cutlery was really hard for us; as I'm sure it is for many parents. He would hold them the incorrect way or fill them and then drop it all back off. As we were sent these from OXO Tot, I decided we would give the cuterly yet another go. After a couple of attempts, Jack actually held the spoon, and was able to both fill it and place it in his mouth the correct way. I know it may not sound much but this is a great achievement. The way in which the fork and spoon are shaped is what I think helped Jack to be able to hold them well. They have soft, non-slip handles and are curved to stop help prevent them slipping into a bowl or plate. The fork tines are really effective yet they aren't sharp and the spoon has a deep shape. These are suitable from 12months+, Dishwasher safe and come in a range of colours.

Flip-Top Snack Cup.
Jack loves having a snack throughout the day, and where possible I like this to be something healthy. However, when we got out sometimes it can be hard to upkeep the snacking on healthy things as the easiest things to keep in the changing bag are often ready made and full of additives. This snack cup was perfect for us when out and about as its small but still has a large enough storage capacity for some fruit (150ml). This has a great lid which can be sealed and stays attached so cannot get lost during playtime. It has a non-slip grip around the outside and is the perfect width for toddlers tiny hands to be able to grip.  The only problem we had with this was Jack would struggle to open it alone, however this may be due to the newness or that he is only 11months. These are suitable from 12month+, Dishwasher Safe and come in a range of colours.

Sippy Cup.
If you are a regular reader you will know we had some problems getting Jack to be able to use a sippy cup, this resulting in him only using one with a silicone teat. Therefore; I didn't expect he would take to this cup very well when using the spout. At first, using this sippy cup with spout did seem difficult for Jack and he thought it was a game. However, with continued use he soon began to realise the juice inside would come out. The sippy cup also has a dimple within the lid which allows room for little noses. There is a leak proof valve within the sippy cup to prevent spills; the valve also releases pressure for comfortable sipping. Another great things about this cup is it transforms into a training cup when your child is old enough with another lid. This was great for us as Jack enjoys drinking from 'normal' cups but the liquid often comes too quickly for him. The training cup lid is perforated slowing spills to minimise any mess. The cup comes with soft non-slip handles, which can be removed and then there is a non-slip grip around the cup. Perfect cup which can grow with your child. I found this to be easy to clean as it all comes apart and the valve on the sippy cup lid is shaped well to be cleaned. The cup is suitable from 6months+, Dishwasher safe and comes in a range of colours.

All the OXO Tot range are BPA, phtalate and PVC Free.
I would definately recommend the OXO Tot range to any parents, I found all the items really useful and the soft grip handles on all the items were perfect.


All these products are available to purchase from the OXO Tot website and from Stockists. Below I have listed the RRP of each product within this review as per the OXO Tot website.

Divided Plate - £8.17
Fork & Spoon - £6.64
Sippy Cup - £10.21
Flip-Top Snack Cup - £5.11
Please Note. These products were sent to me from OXO for the purpose of this review, all opinions and wording are my own.

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