Snoodie Review

Tuesday, 5 February 2013
Snoodie Review. 

Mama Designs Ltd was created by Keira, mum to Sam and Lily who are the inspiration for the products she creates. Mama Designs creates innovative products to make a parents life easier. All items are firstly tested by parents and UK safety standards, which is always a great start! Mama Designs started with the Mamascarf, a breastfeeding cover up then the Babasac and Snoodie.
The Snoodie was created as dribble bibs, left Keira's daughter Lily's neck wet and sore. This was as some of the bibs were not absorbant enough. The Snoodie has an inner absorbant layer with soft jersey and sits higher up the neck to a dribble bib. The Snoodie has a double popper so it has an adjustable size.

As I have posted about before Jack is a very fond dribbler, especially as more and more teeth are pushing through. The Snoodie itself is really well made, the fabric is really soft to touch so I was in no way worried about putting this onto Jack. Both the front and back are made of the same soft jersey, in the same colour and then the inner has an absorbant layer. You are able to feel from the outside the inner layer is quick thick to maintain a lot of dribble. The bib is quite warm, so acts as a scarf when outdoors too. The back of the Snoodie consists of two poppers so it is able to grow with your baby.

The Snoodie is suitable from birth, however I would say that on a newborn baby and even maybe a 1 month old the snoodie would be a little too big and not be able to catch the dribble as well. On Jack, 11 months, the bib looked a little large at the back with excess fabric; I am not sure if this was me not putting it on correctly. However, at least I know it will still fit him when he is older and still dribbling.

 The other great thing about the Snoodie is it still keeps your baby look adorable and is fashionable too if thats what you like. I have also placed the Snoodie in the washing machine after it got a little too wet from masts of dribble, and it washed and dried extremly well with no shrinkage or colour run.

The Snoodie is priced at £6.95 each or £12.00 for a twin pack. The Snoodie comes in a range of colour including Green, Purple, Navy and White Stars and Red and White Spots. Although the Snoodie is a little more expensive then other Dribble Bibs around I personally think it is worth the money; due to the thickness, durability and fabrics.

Please Note. These products were sent to me from MamaScarf for the purpose of this review, all opinions and wording are my own.


  1. Ah what a great product- you don't want them to wear a bib all the time but sometimes the drool just gets you down!

    1. It still allows so much movement, and they are not restricted, which is great.

  2. That is great, I hate dribble bibs but my Little Miss is always dribbling! A much nicer looking product!

    1. I found these were a lot thicker than Dribble Bibs. x



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