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Tuesday, 5 February 2013
Yoomi Feeding System Review. 

Yoomi is a London based company created in 2009 by parents Farah and Jim. From their personal experiences of bottle warming, from making night time feeds and warming them to getting the bottle the right temperature when out and about. This inspired them to design the Yoomi feeding system. With a combination of Jim's engineering skills, Farah's inspiration and the help of expert advice and family and friends the Yoomi was created.

Yoomi is a feeding system which warms the temperature of the milk within 60 seconds to the perfect temperature of breastmilk. It is a simple yet amazing device; you do not require any plugs or wires to charge the Yoomi and it can be charged 150 times before it need replacing. Another great thing is you can charge the warmer and it will stay charged until you need to use it; this is the part I found really useful. The Yoomi bottle is also suitable for Breast-feeding parents as it has a breast like anti-colic teat which is designed for an easy latch.
The Yoomi bottle contains a unique warmer that is activated by pressing the orange button. This then triggers the internal solution to warm the unit within 60 seconds. The unit can be charger 150 times before it will need replacing. The cold milk is then warmed as it travels through the feeding chanels of the warmer. The warmer has been designed to stay warm for upto 1 hour so perfect for slow feeders. To create the warmth a gel is used (the same using in hand warmers). This gel is non-toxic and is a concentrated salt solution. Although it is perfectly safe some parent's will still worry; Yoomi also have this covered as they added a food grade colourant to the warmer so any leaks are visable; therefore even if there is a leak your baby will not be able to swallow any of the solution.

All parts used within the Yoomi are 100% BPA free and meet the highest safety standards after under going extensive testing. The teats are naturally shaped and have 6 anti-colic vents to allow the air to pass out of the teat. This helps prevent colic and offers the baby a relaxed feed.
You may think it works the same as a conventional bottle warmer in which you are able to find. However; the yoomi provides a constant warm temperature, just like mums breasts. Conventional warmers allow the milk too cool down.

We really enjoyed using the Yoomi feeding system and would definately recommend it to others. The packaging was well designed, it was very eye catching with the bright yellow; also the shape was well designed. Also upon the back were clear easy to follow instructions so you didn't need to read all through the enclosed instructions if you didn't have time. We were sent an 8oz feeding system for review, however Yoomi does also come within a 5oz feeding system.
When I first saw the packaging, warmer and charging unit I thought it was going to be really difficult to use; I was very kindly proven wrong. I simply placed the warmer within the pod, and then into the microwave following the instructions upon the back of the box. When it came time to use the bottle the warmer is simply placed within the teat, screw the lid onto the bottle and press the button upon the warmer. Instant warmth! The milk only becomes warm when it passes through the warming channels of the unit. The system is very simple to use. After using the warmer we simple rinsed it throughly to remove any excess milk, and recharged ready for the next use. The shape of the bottle was great and made it easy and comfortable to hold when feeding.
The only thing I did find was the bottle was a little heavy and Jack was unable to hold it himself as he normally likes too. However; during the day time we were able to still use the Yoomi feeder as it can be used with or without the warming unit. All Yoomi products are interchangable so when you are ready to move onto another bottle size you are still able to use the warmers if they have recharges left in them.

I would definately highly recommend this to any parents or parents to be. It is perfect for late night feeds but also when out and about. With the Yoomi you will no longer have to ask a resturant for some hot water for them to take a while to get it. I wish I had known about these bottles within the early stages of Jack being around.

The Yoomi 8oz feeding system is available to purchase for £23.50

Yoomi are offering all My Mummy's World Readers 15% off any order made. Enter 'MYMUMMY' at the checkout to claim your discount.
Please Note. These products were sent to me from Yoomi for the purpose of this review, all opinions and wording are my own.

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