Introducing my Sponsor Linkz

Friday, 22 March 2013
Introducing My BritMums Live 2013 Sponsor. Linkz.
June this year I shall be attending BritMums Live, one of the largest blogging conferences. I'd seen, heard and read so many wonderful things about the event that made me determined to go. But being a new parent I would need sponsorship to attend the event. After a few tweets and messages to various companies I got a lovely reply from Linkz who were interested in sponsoring me.

So who are Linkz?
Well you may not have heard much about Linkz as they are fairly new. However, Linkz is an app which allows you to scan enabled images and access exclusive content and deals.
Linkz was started to exploit new and exciting opportunities in ‘mobile technology’ that allows brand owners, publishers, retailers and advertising agencies to link their ‘passive’ marketing communications, content and advertising with interactive online content and websites through. Using the Linkz app, a smartphone user can scan something that has been Linkz enabled and see a microsite or website with more information, options to buy, download vouchers, games and rewards and much more without the need for ugly, space consuming and unsecure QR codes. The consumer doesn’t need remember the web address or phone number or search for what they were interested in, it’s all conveniently there on a device we all use all day every day - which leads to better response rates.
In addition to the basic functionality above, Linkz offers its clients further valuable services, including:
Data capture and analytics that will allow them to assess the effectiveness of their product offerings and marketing communications;
Direct response mechanisms that will increase the conversion rates of their customers;
Cost effective mobile web and microsite creating and hosting.
As a user of Linkz, you scan a Linkz enabled image - much the same as you would a QR code - with the Linkz App on your smartphone. The app will then take you to a custom built site. You can download the app from the App Store on iPhone or Play Store on Android.

Why is Linkz better than QR codes?
QR codes simply aren't safe anymore. They're easily hacked and often redirect you to harmful websites. You can't replicate this with Linkz app, all your information remains safe at all times.

Linkz can be found on both Facebook and Twitter.


  1. Oh, lucky you getting a sponsor for BritMums. I'm still thinking about it!

    1. This has been a long process, and I brought my ticket anyway as I wanted to go. So happy I got a sponsor though =D
      Hope you can come. x

  2. Well done babe. I haven't been searching properly for a sponsor but I'm still holding out hope! Congrats xxx

  3. Yay can't wait for britmums



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