Jack Turns One

Sunday, 3 March 2013
So on the 20th February 2013 Jack turned One!
What an amazing first year it has been.
This marked Jack's first year within the big wide world, but also our first year as parents, which we survived perfectly ok).
You cannot beat a little family gathering and a party, so although Jack wouldn't understand what was happening we still had a birthday party. One day he will look back on this and hopefully think 'Wow'.
We didn't want Jack to have too many presents as he had a lot for Christmas so mainly he just had money and a few presents to open. Still spoilt though.
We tried to get Jack to open his presents himself, however like we expected he wasn't really interested. We did get a small tear of a couple of presents but not too much. Maybe next year?
Jack was more interested in the balloons we had brought for his tea party and playing with the open toys.
Of course no party is complete without a cake, which I was a little unimpressed by so hopefully no-one will remember it and I will just wish I would have made it myself.
All in all Jack had a wonderful first birthday and got to spend it with all his close family and friends which was the most important. As a mother it was lovely to watch Jack, but also sad to know my baby is growing too quick and will soon be a 'toddler' who answers back at me.

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