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Friday, 5 April 2013
Making Cornflake Easter Nests with a 13 Month Old!

On Easter Sunday we decided to do something different with Jack. As it was Easter, time fueled with Chocolate we decided to make Easter Nests. Making them with Jack, 13 months, could either turn out to be fun or a disaster, in which I was soon to find out.
We started by preparing everything before getting Jack involved hoping it would help then allowed Jack to sit and help with the actual making. As I'm sure we all now how to make Cornflake Cakes/Easter Nests I'm not going to include a run down of ingredients and recipe, just allow you to look at our pictures.
The only main Disasters we came across was that Jack would rather eat the chocolate then attempt to break it, and also enjoyed licking the spoon midway through creating the nests!
All in all it went well, and we gave some to Jack's grandparents who throughly enjoyed them.

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  1. I live in the States and just enjoyed these for the first time the week before Easter! One of my daughter's preschool classmate's mom is from England and she introduced us all to these. So festive and sweet!



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