Getting Kids Involved in The Garden

Wednesday, 24 April 2013
Getting Kids Involved in The Garden.

All children are inquisitive and enjoy participating in simple acitivties to help out. As the nicer weather approaches why not make a small garden outside with your children and encourage them to grow their own seeds and watch them grow.
Children can learn a lot from helping within the garden and it helps their development in many ways. They learn responsibility, co-operation, self-confidence, understanding and also creativity.

One of the easiest flowers to grow are Sunflowers and children can gain so much enjoyment from these. Sunflowers come in an array of colours and not just the standard yellow.
 'Keep the pots on the kitchen windowsill to encourage germination and then once your little plants are well underway gradually acclimatise them to outside temperature before planting them out where you want them to flower.' (Quoted from Garden Health)
You could plant Sunflowers and as you watch them grow, encourage your child to measure themselves next to them to see how tall they grow. This encourages your children too look after them to get the highest.

Another way you could encourage your children to plant seeds is by growing fruit and vegetables which they may eat afterwards. You are able to purchase a wide variety of children's fruit to be able to grow and most of it is simple to do with the care and watering. As your child watches them grow they will be encouraged to keep at it.

If you have a large enough garden space, you could also create a small garden area dedicated for your children to grow plants. They could start them as seeds or even place in ready started plants and just have the responsibility of looking after them.  You could even be creative and create a Scarecrow with them to place in their very own garden or the family garden. Older children may also wish to help with the digging giving them responsibility, you could buy them their own 'child friendly' tools to use.
Older children, especially those interested in nature could also create a little worm farm and watch the worms go in and out and help look after their plants.

When in the garden with your children always remember safety. Keep sprays and fertilisers out of reach of children and keep tools secured away out of reach. Also ensure you wear correct clothing and secure any loose garden fencing.  

Please Note. This is a commisioned post, all opinions and wording are my own.  


  1. I love it when the children can help in the garden - unfortunately my youngest helped with the vegetable planting last year by pulling up everything I'd planted! :D

  2. I would love to grow something with the kids in the garden, normally they just play but doing something more learning about the gardening process would be so good. My 4 yr old is doing that topic in school now and really enjoying it, he's planted a bean today apparently

  3. My little bit was out helping his Daddy in the garden last night. He is fascinated by it all, I'm yet to see if him helping to grow the vegetables will encourage him to eat them!

  4. Thanks for the comments Ladies.
    Pippa, Hope it encourages your LO to eat them too :)
    Anna, Glad he is enjoying gardening at school.
    The Brick Castle, that maybe would have been a help for when they had all grown?



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