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Wednesday, 24 April 2013
Jungle Beat Review.
We were recently approached by the lovely Hayley from Sunrise Productions to ask if we would like to review their animation series, Jungle Beat. This is being launched on iTunes UK.
'In a nutshell; Jungle Beat is a fun, family friendly series of self contained, dialogue free, 5 minute animated shorts focusing on different animals and the bizarre situations they encounter in nature.'
The Jungle Beat Series consists of 5 miniute episodes focusing on a different animal and a variety of situations they encounter with a little twist. The series is aimed to 'entertain, inspire and ignite children's cutiosity.'
Jack doesn't really watch much of television, however we do occasionally watch some or put on a children's DVD mainly animation for him to watch. As he is only young he has a short attention span and doesn't watch a full animation film. However, we put in the Jungle Beat DVD and Jack would sit and watch the animation. He would sit still for around 1 and a half clips and then move on, this is because of his age though. He seemed to throughly enjoy the series and smile along and talk to the television.
I also placed the DVD on for my cousin who is 2 and a half and he sat and enjoyed each episode and would often give out a little giggle to what he had seen. Intentionally these are short clips aimed at giving children 5 miniutes of entertainment, especially when travelling.
Currently Jungle Beat is only avilable to purchase on iTunes and the series can be found here.
Below I have included a clip of the trailer for Jungle Beat in which you can watch.

We really enjoyed the animation of this series. The humor in it is easily amused by all, especially children. There is a large variety of animals included within the series which all get up too funny things. The only way I can describe it without you all actually watching is like 'Ice Age'. However these are shorter films so children with a short attention will fully enjoy.

Please Note: We were sent a copy of Jungle Beat on DVD for the purpose of the review. All wording and opinions are my own.

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  1. Amazing animation! I will have to buy an episode for D to see if she likes it :) Thanks for linking up to Modern Mummy Loves x



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