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Saturday, 27 April 2013
Paper Themes Vintage Wedding Invitations Review.
 I recently received a range of Paper Themes Vintage Wedding Invitations to Review. Normally this would not fit into the normal trend of my blog, however I am now wedding planning so it fits. But that's for another post :)

Paper Themes have been a brand within the wedding stationary market for over 100 years. They create bespoke, personalised wedding stationary for happy brides to be all across the world. They have a talented team of designers behind the scenes who are dedicated to creating the quality of style within each of their designs. Paper Themes is not just for stationary as they also provide a variety of advice for your Big Day.

I was kindly sent a range of 8 of the invitations from the Vintage Range available from the website. Images included below are Stock Images from the website as I feel these show the colouring and detailing better than my photographs.

I received my Sample Pack from Paper Themes very quickly and was very impressed by the speediness from them. The cards arrived very neatly packaged and in a large envelope. There was no damage to the invites showing they travel well via the postal system.
To save continuously writing this beside each of the invitations; the card stock used for each of the invitations was very thick and stayed together really well. All invites come with complimentary envelopes to send your invitations out.
Spots and Stripes

 This pocket style invitation includes your wedding date and names on the front. There are small pinstripes on the top of the invites with small polka-dots below, separated with a ribbon and bow. Inside the invitation is the invitation printed to the page which has clear font, fitting in with the vintage style and room for you to write the names in. It also have a RSVP and Guest Information included within the fold. Each of these are a perfect size, small enough to fit in but still be able to read. Overall, this design is great and all of the design fits together lovely. The RSVP has a return address on the back of the card to ensure quick return.

Teal Vintage Damask

Wallet style invitations are a big favourite of mine, and damask style is yet another of my favourite styles so this invite was a big hit with me. The Damask style continued on the pull out information that is within the pocket. On the front of the Pocket Fold is the Bride & Grooms names along with the date. Inside is a Invitation and RSVP, both have clear writing on and are easy to understand. These are fastened together with a piece of ribbon through a hole-punched hole at the top. You can easily un-do the ribbon to return the RSVP without ruining the invitations. The style and colouring continues throughout and was a very strong invitation. The RSVP has a return address on the back of the card to ensure quick return.

Almond Eat, Drink & Be Married
 Again, another wallet style invitation, however this one doesn't have as much design. The front of the invitation is very eye-catching but yet very elegant. Included inside is the Invitation and RSVP. On the inside of these just the patterned design from the front carries through however you can still tell they belong together. Unlike the previous invitations this one does not have the Return Address already printed on the RSVP. I like these invitations as they are simple and straight to the point whilst still being eye-catching.
Country Garden

These Country Garden invitations are a postcard design decorated with a lovely watercolour floral picture. This is a lovely invitation and would fit perfect for a Vintage tea-party style wedding. The wording on the front is elegant and still easy to read. Unlike the others this does not come with a RSVP due to the styling. The invite is printed upon embossed card stock which adds to the effect. Overall this is a gorgeous invite for a Country style wedding.

Vintage Rose
These Rose invitations are gorgeous, again printed on slightly embossed card-stock. The rose picture continues inside the invitation, again this is a pocket-fold invitation. The writing is done in the style of a vintage type-writer and is simple to follow. Included are Guest Information and RSVP - again with the return address printed on the reverse side. I found the writing on these a little lighter than the main invite so a little harder to see. The only problem I found with these is the tape which keeps the pocket down came unstuck, however once I pressed it back down it seemed a lot more secure.

Ticket of Love

Another postcard style invitation printed on embossed card. I loved the style of this invitation, the wording is easy to see. From afar you are able to see all the important information as this is printed larger and in a clear font. This is a simple design and I believe would fit in with any wedding style. Again this does not come with a RSVP due to the styling.

Wedding Lace

Truly, Madly, Deeply
This is my favourite design of all 8 sent to me (I know I shouldn't choose favourites). It is a lovely strong invitation with rounded edges at the top but has a lovely lace style to the bottom. From afar it looks like lace is attached however its printed on. This includes the invitations, guest information and a RSVP with a printed return address; all held together with ribbon. The writing is a little smaller than the others however is in a simple clear font which is easy to read.  

Vintage Bus Ticket
Another wallet style invitation, however slightly more bulky than the others. Again using embossed card for the design. The front of the 'wallet' has a simple quote on the front with the date of the wedding. However inside is a lovely Union Jack design with clear font to be able to read. The colours included are very 'vintage' and have a variety of style with them. An invitation and RSVP with return address is included.

This is a lovely vintage style bus ticket. It is printed on a lovely pale, embossed card. The front acts as a 'Save The Date' card with the important details included upon the back. The styling of this invitation is simple yet informative and would fit in great with a vintage wedding.

Please Note. These products were sent to me from Paper Themes for the purpose of this review, all opinions and wording are my own.

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