When your toddler goes quiet...

Friday, 26 April 2013
When your toddler goes quiet it's time to worry, Right? 
Ok well maybe not always but this week I definately had the toddlers gone quiet, what's he destroying feeling? 
Generally Jack is only quiet when he is sleeping so I'm allowed to worry when he is quiet. However he is getting better.
So this week, we experienced Jack destroying my crafting supplies why I'm loading the washing machine and tumble dryer. Never mind this is a regular occurrence when I do not move the box. This was Tuesday.
Wedmesday, whilst I was washing up, Jack was happily in his highchair eating his breakfast, next time I look at him he is sat in the middle of the dining room table!! When did my 'baby' learn to climb out of his highchair? Especially climb to sit on the table where has he learnt that??? 
Later the same day I was upstairs putting away the washing when Jack had toddled off into his bedroom, only for me to late discover he had squirted my most expensive cream all over his carpet and down the radiator!! 

Do you ever have times where you worry about your quiet toddler? 

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