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Friday, 17 May 2013
Prezzo Review
As I have previously mentioned we are keen lovers of going out for meals so when given the opportunity to visit Prezzo and review their new menu we jumped at the chance. Neither of us had been to a Prezzo restaurant before however we had been looking at going as we do enjoy Italian food. This was to be a whole new experience for us, so when I discovered we had a restaurant within our local area I was keen to try it out. The restaurant in which we attended was at Swadlincote.
Prezzo Swadlincote


Initially we found it very difficult to find the restaurant, this was through no fault of Prezzos just our Sat Nav's refused to work when nearer the area. I rang up Prezzo as we had gone 10miniutes over our reservation time and the staff who answered the phone was very friendly and said it was ok. This initial phone call experience was fantastic, I was really looking forward to getting there.

When we arrived, it was very clear to see, it had a lovely big sign clear from all around, and the outside was very tidy, it was a very welcoming restaurant. Upon entering the restaurant the inside layout was lovely and the tables were well spaced out so families did not feel they were eating on-top of another family.
Upon sitting down we were kindly asked by the waitress if we required any drinks, and had the menu clearly explained to us alongside the additional menu. We were given a fair and reasonable amount of time to order our meal, from ordering our meals to receiving our starters was a short 9 minutes. This was a very quick service, although it was quick our food was no less cooked than others. The starters were served warm as they were supposed too. We were amazed at the portion size of our starters. Mum and I had a Bruschetta whilst Ashley had a Ciabatta Bread. We thoroughly enjoyed our starter and found it very filling. We found the selection of both red and green tomatoes were great and were kindly complimented with the pesto. 
Ashley's Ciabatta bread was chosen from the Bread & Olives menu which I believe was to compliment viewing the menu. However we found the ciabatta was a perfect size for a starter. The dipping oil which was served alongside was a perfect compliment to the bread.
Ciabatta Bread
After completing our starters and having our table cleared was a further 9 minutes. The waiting times were amazing and hardly anything! Each of us had chosen a different meal, I had chosen the Calabrese which is part of the new Spring Menu currently available within Prezzo. This was a large chicken breast which was chargrilled and served within a lovely sauce, alongside this I had house fries. The fries were also very nice as they had no added salt. Within my first mouthful I found this dish a little spicy, however it later occurred to me I had eaten a chilli. I found this meal very filling and very tasty.

My Mum had ordered a Gorgonzola, which again was a chargrilled chicken breast within a gorgonzola and cream sauce. Alongside this my mum had chosen gratinated potatoes. Mum really enjoyed this and said the sauce and mushrooms worked really well together and it was a very tasty meal.
Ashley had chosen to have Roasted Duck Leg, again this was from the new Spring menu. This was served on a bed of potatoes, asparagus, broccoli, onion, chilli and tomatoes. The portion size again was large. The arrangement of the meal was well done, and the food worked very well together. The duck was cooked very well as the meat was easy to detach from the bone.
Roasted Duck Leg
We did have Jack with us however I never got round to taking a photograph of his meal. For Jack we ordered a Pizza, when it arrived he had a large Pizza to himself. I found this a really large meal for Jack, and would still consider it a large meal for an older child, however Jack had a good go at finishing it, and thoroughly enjoyed it. What I loved about where we were sitting and the cooking is we were able to see the pizza's being cooked within the open stove.

Upon completing our foods we were asked if we would like to look at the desert menu, which we did and the waitress kindly cleared the table. Mum and I decided we would try a pudding as they looked very nice. When we placed our order for the desert the waitress kindly cleaned the table for us. I found this a great touch as I have never experienced this within a restaurant before.

From ordering our deserts to them arriving was 4 minutes, again amazing service from the staff! Mum had ordered a Strawberry Eton Mess Cheesecake, this was served on a strawberry sauce alongside a strawberry. The overall taste of the cheesecake was nice and it all complimented each other very well.
Strawberry Eton Mess Cheesecake
I had opted to have a Honeycomb Smash Cheesecake, this was served upon a chocolate sauce and topped with crushed honeycomb pieces. Overall this was a very delicious pudding and I was extremely full after the whole meal.

Honeycomb Smash Cheesecake

The overall experience of Prezzo was amazing, we had excellent service and the meals were definitely great value for money. The presentation and care which had gone into the food really showed upon serving the meals to us. We will definitely be visiting Prezzo again, and will definitely be recommending the restaurant and the chain to others.

Please Note. We received a free meal from Prezzo for the purpose of this review, all opinions and wording are my own

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