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Sunday, 23 June 2013
BritMums Live 2013 : My Mummys World©

So the last two days, as I'm sure many of you know, I attended BritMums Live. Lets make a quick point for people not wanting to read, it was definitely a hit as I've purchased my ticket ready for next year.
This was my second Blogging event, but my first staying over night and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. Not only did I enjoy the amazing sessions but the inspirational talks and the amazing bloggers I met topped it off. For me the experience started early on the Friday with my journey down with Charlotte (The Mummy Blogger), Sarah (Yummy Mummy in Training) and Emma (Mum Mum Heart), this made the actual 'getting to London' a lot easier as I'd already made connections before hand. When arriving in London, more precisely Moorgate, Nicola and I spent what seemed like a lifetime searching for our hotel. BLISTERS!!! Finally, it was found and we headed to The Brewery for BritMums Live!

After registering and collecting my badge, I headed for a walk around the Brands, there were a wide variety of brands at the event, many of which fitted in with a plethora of blogs. It was quickly time for the Welcome and keynotes with Kirstie Allsopp, I've followed Kirstie's twitter for an awfully long time and I can truly say as a woman she is down-to-earth! Then it was time for the sessions, initially I wanted to learn a lot from Britmums, so I was looking forward to this part. On the Friday in the two sessions I attended I learnt all about what bloggers and brands what from each other,how to present your blog to the brands and getting paid. I specifically learnt a lot this day from Helen at Actually Mummy as she spoke about her media pack, so thanks Helen!

BiB Awards Brilliance In Blogging : My Mummys World©

It was then time for the Bibs, which before I started blogging last August, I watched on twitter this is part of my inspiration for blogging with the amazing finalists. You can see a list of all of the winners here and also find out why the judges chose them. If you are new to blogging I definitely recommend looking at the people for inspiration. Of course at the Bibs we were provided with lovely alcoholic refreshments which was a lovely end to the evening.  After some tea, it was then set for a lovely nights sleep, however for me and I'm sure many others this didn't happen! For me it was the fact of Fireworks going off at silly o'clock.

Saturday started with an inspiring talk from Katie Piper, if I'm honest I didn't think this story would be of interest to me, which I hope doesn't come across horrible. However, I can truly say this was a highlight of the whole weekend! Katie is such a brave and inspiring lady that her story can't help but hit you and place tears in your eyes. If you don't know Katie's story, you can read about it on her charity website.

Katie Piper Speaking At BritMums Live 2013 : My Mummys World©

The day was then set of sessions, food and coffee until the final keynotes. During the Saturday I learnt about blog design and SEO, the Legal side of blogging, the success stories of other bloggers, tips on writing reviews and sponsored posts and finally pinterest. After this is was then set for the final keynotes and goodbyes for another year. Unfortunately Emma Freud couldn't be there for her talk so Katy Hill kindly stepped forward an hour and told us about herself. Again a truly amazing down-to-earth lady who blogs herself about the joys of womanhood and parenting. It was then onto more keynotes but from bloggers, you can read them here. Some of these stories are happy and funny, whilst others are heart-warming and sad. Finally, a remembrance to Kerry from Multiple Mummy

Overall from the event I feel I have learnt a lot more about my blog, and my blogging mojo and discovered I have ventured a little. I'm therefore giving myself the challenge to write a lot more about us as a family, our adventures and plans. Of course some of the talks I went into I felt weren't useful and wish now I had chosen others, but guess you learn. I also felt some were too basic, even for me who knew nothing. On the plus side I have learnt so much which I hope to put to good use throughout my blog.

My tips for others attending BritMums next year:
Communicate with others who are attending before hand so you don't feel like a spare poppet when you are there, makes easier for conversation.
Make a list of who you want to meet before hand so you don't miss anyone out.
Do not bring up Follow v. No-Follow, just try and learn it beforehand.
Don't wear mascara on the Saturday as you will cry if anything like this year.

Again, I want to give a massive Thank You to my sponsors Linkz App for giving me the opportunity to go and learn so much.


  1. Heya - what a fab review - and thanks for popping along to my session [SEO] - I agree with making a list before you go - I managed to meet most of mine but I could have done with being a bit more organised!

  2. Glad to hear you had a great weekend! I think no matter how well you plan, there will always be a session you wish you had swapped for another, but as long as the weekend as a whole was good then that's great :)

  3. Great post Zoe, and really interesting to read your perspective on Brimums. I'm looking forward to next year!

  4. Sounds so great! I really want to go next year. I just have to find the money now!



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