Can the Use of Handheld Gaming Consoles Have A Positive Impact On Children's Education?

Sunday, 30 June 2013
Can the Use of Handheld Gaming Consoles Have A Positive Impact On Children's Education?

There is a lot of questions around whether games are positive or negative for children. Recently I have been discussing this topic with a range of people, mostly mothers. Ashley and I have also had this conversation as to whether we think Jack should be allowed computer games. 
Ashley played a lot of computer games when I first met him, where I on the other hand didn't. I did have computer games but didn't play them as much, I much thought of them as a wind down time, and Ashley saw them as a way to compete with friends for high scores. These days there are much more educational games, however I feel there are both positive and negative effects of gaming consoles.

Positively, you are able to develop great hand-eye co-ordination from some game consoles. Other games give you an opportunity to problem solve. I feel providing you buy age specific games for your children, you will help them develop. Ashley had such a positive effect from his games, it helped him develop great hand-eye co-ordination. There are many accessories you can purchase for games which allow you to develop hand-eye co-ordination and develop better skills. On the other hand, I feel if you allow your child too much computer time can make your child unsociable. Ashley's brother spends a lot of time playing on his computer on a variety of games which allow him to talk to other players. Although this helps him develop multi-national 'friends' as he has become to engrossed its also stopped him having face-to-face interaction with friends. I feel Ashley's brother has had a negative effect from playing action games.

So, will I allow Jack to play computer games when he is older? Yes, to a certain extent. I would rather he have an allowed time, with an age appropriate game but also allowing him to develop some skills. I also feel that handheld consoles can be a great way to allow for 5 minutes peace, as long as it isn't used as an all the time item. I would also ensure he used educational games, rather than action games. I would also rather him develop these skills in a home environment so I can ensure he is getting safe content. 

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