Disney and Munchkin Dining Set

Friday, 14 June 2013
Disney and Munchkin Dining Set Review

Disney have recently joined with Munchkin to bring a selection of fun dining wear for children. Each munchkin products features a little something to help make parent's life easier when it comes to feeding, in return making meal times fun.
The Disney and Munchkin range currently features 5 different designs, and currently consists of 3 different cups and a dining set. I had never used any products from the Munchkin dining range before, so was keen to try it out. We were sent the Monster design, because simply Jack is a little monster. When we received the products, I was immediately impressed by the detailing in the design and could only begin to imagine what the other designs would be like.

The toddler dining set consists of a plate, bowl, fork and spoon. The plate and bowl are designed with a non-slip, grippy base. When your children move on from the suction plates it can be hard to not have the plate fly to the floor when your child is scooping up their food. The grippy base on the Disney Munchkin range helps with this as it grips to the table. The plate comes with three different sections to encourage portion control and develop healthy eating. We find this a great part to the plate as sometimes it can be hard to judge if your giving your child the right amounts. When the plate is almost empty, Jack also enjoys moving foods to different sections. The bowl in which comes with the set is a square design, initially this was weird to me however I soon discovered its for easy scooping. The square design makes it much easier for Jack to be able to scoop his food up from the corner than chase it around a circular bowl. To complete the set it also comes with a fork and spoon, these are of a curved design. They are also slightly rounded so they are not sharp for toddlers.
To complete the collection Jack was also sent a Click Lock Flip Straw Cup in the Monster design. I was a little apprehensive about how Jack would handle this cup, he did learn a while back how to drink from a straw, but then decided he would always rather take the straw out. He was amazed by the design so I decided I would put some juice in and let Jack try. At first he was unable to get any juice out, but after a few attempts he had mastered it. The Click Lock feature enables you to hear if you have closed the lid properly to ensure it is spill proof as it clicks when it is locked; you are also able to see and feel this. We found this a great addition to the cup as you could be guaranteed you had tightened the lid enough. The bottle is 9oz so provides quite a lot of juice for a little toddler, we generally get through 2 beakers a day.
All of the Munchkin products are BPA free and are safe to go on the top shelf of the dishwasher. I can honestly say after lots of washing and being placed in the dishwasher this dining set is still as good as the day we received it.

Please Note. I received these products from Munchkin UK for the purpose of this review, all opinions and wording are my own 

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