From Reflux to Cows Milk Allergy

Wednesday, 26 June 2013
When Jack first come out of hospital he was diagnosed with reflux and prescribed Infant Gaviscon. This was prescribed to help thicken his milk for it to lie better on his stomach. To some extent this had worked, the sickness was much less. We were then advised to try an alternative milk brand to see if this would help with the rest. Again, for a short while it did. In August 2012, I finally managed to convince our health visitor to refer us to a Dietician to seek further help and advice as the sickness continued. Jack's sickness was a lot worse when having more milk than usual or eating cheese or yoghurts - all dairy, so it seemed a coincidence.
As we still hadn't heard from the dietician, I would keep asking the health visitor for updates or for her to chase the referral with the same responses always being 'They do have a long waiting list'. Eventually, Jack's sickness improved but his nappies got worse. Now I don't have a problem with cleaning dirty nappies all day its part of becoming a parent but its not nice for Jack. Loosing all hope about the referral in April 2013 on another check-up with the health visitor we saw a different lady. I therefore asked her about an update on the referral almost 8 months on, surely the waiting list wasn't this long. I was informed she would make another - but if I'm honest I had no hope anything would come from it. At the end of April, we had a letter stating Jack had finally got an appointment with a dietician for May, how quickly had that happened this time?
The appointment day quickly come around, I explained all of our history with the milk to the dietician where she decided to place Jack on a soya milk diet for a month. After a week on the Soya milk it didn't seem to be making a difference but we stuck it out for the month. Once the month was up I rang the dietician explaining how we got on - no different - but since being on the soya milk Jack's skin had flared up badly with eczema. From this we were advised to stop the soya instantly and return to cows milk; she explained about prescription milks but advised we asked our doctor for an allergy test first.
So where are we now, we are currently back on a cows milk diet avoiding cheese and awaiting a doctors appointment for another referral. I have since been back to the health visitors for Jack to be weighed and given them an update for them to inform me Jack should never have been placed on soya milk. Its such a funny circle we are in.

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  1. Oh no! It must be so tough and stressful for you all not knowing what is happening.

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