Photobox Canvas Lite Review

Wednesday, 5 June 2013
PhotoBox Canvas Lite Review

We were recently contacted by PhotoBox in regards to reviewing a photo canvas from their range. The photo canvas in question was the PhotoBox Canvas Lite, which is their 1.8cm wooden frame. Of course, when becoming a mother, my new found fame was taking lots of photographs so I jumped at the opportunity.
PhotoBox are Europe's leading online digital photo service, and currently have over 24million users. They do a whole range of products including photo canvas.

The process of ordering the canvas was simple, the hardest part was choosing a suitable image. Luckily, I had the hand of the in-laws, they wanted a family photograph of their children, partners and grandchildren. We then decided we would get this photograph done on canvas and give it them as a gift. Once we had chosen the photograph, it was then to upload it to the PhotoBox canvas creator online. The process is simple, you choose the canvas and size you require, which then takes you to another page to upload the photograph. Although we had no problems with this, PhotoBox prefers you to use a photo of high quality and resolution. You are then given the option to have the frame portrait or landscape, and also to choose if you would like the image wrapped around the canvas or not. We chose to have the image wrapped, as personally I feel this looks better. You then click through to process your order and payment and await.

I was very impressed with the waiting time of the photo canvas, mainly because there wasn't one. I got an email the next day saying it would be shipped and to expect delivery the following day. The photo canvas come with a 3-4 day delivery and is delivered by courier. As the picture had such a quick turn-around I was a little worried about how the quality may turn out, however I need not have been worried. The quality of the canvas was amazing, and the joinery was amazing too. When we gave this to Ashley's parents they were impressed with the quality and the way the canvas had turned out, this now takes pride of place within their hall-way and is such a lovely addition. The canvas also comes with all the parts you need to hang it upon your wall so is easy to do when you get your canvas.  
PhotoBox photo canvas lite come within a range of 8 sizes and are printed upon a polyester canvas. They come on a 1.8cm wooden frame and are machine stretched to fit. Prices start at £24.99 for a 30.5 x 20.3cm canvas, which is what we had, and you also get a discount for bulk buy.
I will definitely be using PhotoBox again within the future, and would definitely order another canvas from them for ourselves.
Please Note. I was given £35 credit to my PhotoBox account for the ordering of this Canvas Lite and for the purpose of this review, all opinions and wording are my own 

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