Top That Publishing Book Reviews

Sunday, 23 June 2013
Top That Publishing Book Reviews
A little while ago the lovely people at Top That Publishing sent us two books for review. Unfortunately its took me until now to review them as Jack has been flipping through books and choosing alternative ones each time. The two books we were sent were 'Little Ronnie and Magic the Horse' and 'Hamish the Horse.'
Before we had read the books, which I have previously said, Jack took great interest in playing with the puppet on 'Hamish the Horse' and looking through the pictures in both books. He is unable to read alone yet, so this was his independent reading.
The first book we read was 'Hamish the Horse' this was the one Jack showed most interest in. Personally I think it was because of the puppet interaction but who knows?. The text within the book is a variety of fonts, and there are short sentences upon each page. Near the end of the book I could tell Jack was loosing his concentration, I don't know if this was because the book may have been to in-depth for him or he wasn't enjoying it. One thing I do know he loved the puppet horse, I found this great for keeping your child engaged in the book. I also read this to a 3 year old who was thoroughly engaged and loved taking part in the story.
This book has a recommended retail price of £6.99, I found this very reasonable for the overall quality of the book.

Next Up was 'Little Ronnie and Magic the Horse,' the illustrations within this book were fantastic. The images would fill the whole page occasionally throughout the book which I thought was a fantastic idea. This book is aimed at 3years+ so Jack was too young, and even though I tried reading it to him he did get quickly bored, however he is only 16months. I did however try with my cousins 3 year old; he was thoroughly engaged throughout the book just getting slightly restless towards the end. He loved the pictures and pointing to the different objects upon the pages.
This book retails around £5.99, I find this a fantastic price for this book as the illustrations and overall story are fantastic.

I loved these books, and we will definitely be keeping them in the ever growing book pile for use within the future. I know when Jack is older he will love them.

Please Note. I received these products from Top That Publishing for the purpose of this review, all opinions and wording are my own 

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