EcoEgg Review

Wednesday, 3 July 2013
EcoEgg Review
Before having Jack I was not incredibly bothered about the environment or the detergents which we used. Of course we had detergents we preferred over others, when I met Ashley and he moved in with us we stitched to non-biological as he has sensitive skin. When we then had Jack we continued with the non-biological but struggled when it came to any stains. This meant we had so many detergents for different jobs. Last year when we placed Jack within real nappies I thought of the positive effects we were having on the environment and I continued to look for other ways to help the environment. During real nappy week this year I stumbled across 'EcoEgg,' am Eco-friendly laundry product, I have been lucky enough to have the opportunity to review a range if items and share with you.

I've been using the EcoEgg products for around a month now and have been thoroughly impressed. Initially I was curious how would it work? Would it even work? What about the stains? Looking back now I'm not even sure why I ever worried but with any new products there is always questions. The EcoEgg laundry egg is designed to replace laundry detergents, help the environment and save money. "The Laundry Egg lasts for upto 720 washes. For the average family that does 4 to 5 washes a week, it'll last for 3 years worth of washing." This results to the EcoEgg costing approximately 3pence per wash, saving you around £216. Unlike some laundry products the EcoEgg is safe to use on all fabrics including delicates and can be used with fabric softener.

Before using the laundry egg you are advised to detoxify your washing machine, by washing at 90°C, this rinses the remaining detergent. Whilst the washing machine was doing this I set about preparing my next washing load and the EcoEgg. The EcoEgg requires small pellets inside to work, the instructions are very clear to follow. You firstly open the egg and place one bag of ceramic pellets in (black) and 3 bags of mineral pellets in (white). Placing all of the pellets in and closing the egg was possibly one of the hardest tasks. The pellets go everywhere and it can be a struggle to place the lid back on, maybe this was because I was trying to do this whilst stopping the toddler from wanting the pellets. At least that was only once in 72 washes. After the initial detox had finished I was eager to get using the EcoEgg. I placed the egg within the drum along with my laundry, placed it on a 30° cycle and awaited the results. I'll be honest I wasn't expecting great results, I expected my laundry to still have marks on or be a musty smell however, I was pleasantly surprised. I fetched the laundry out of the machine one-by-one giving each an inspection, all of the laundry was stab free and didn't have any scent (I used the fragrance free EcoEgg). The next load I attempted was Jacks cloth nappies, we all know how messy nappies can get. I placed them on a 40° wash as I prefer these done warmer. Once the load had finished again I expected each one-by-one and all were mark free. I was also sent a laundry egg with a fragrance of soft cotton and a refill set of Spring blossom. I have used the soft cotton and the laundry comes out with a soft, gentle scent which isn't overpowering. I am yet to use the Spring blossom but through the refill packs this has a lovely floral scent. EcoEgg laundry egg is priced at £19.99 and comes in a range of 3 fragrances. You are also able to purchase refill packs at £7.49. Although this may seem a lot compared to powder or tablets but the £19.99 is for 720 washes so upto 3 years use!

I was also sent a tube of Eco stain remover, with a toddler we often have many hard to remove stains. During the last month I have only had the opportunity to use this twice. The first time Ashley spilt soup on his work shirt, to which I cleaned the same day and the stain came out really well. The other was for Jack rubbing food into his cream chair - including tomato sauce. Unfortunately I didn't manage to get to these the same day, so expected slight marking forever. I stripped the covers off the chair and put some of the stain remover on. The Eco stain remover is a slightly thick white paste which you rub on the stain, leave for 10 minutes and then wash. I put this in with the EcoEgg and a normal load of washing and checked it once finished. Upon the load completing I immediately checked the chair cover, the stains were gone, not faded - gone!! I dried the cover encase any marks were visible when dry - but even then no marks were visible. This impressed me, especially as the stains were not fresh. The Eco stain remover is priced at £3.99 for 135ml this is around 85 applications.

The final product I was sent was the Eco-dryer balls, I was able to smell the scent of these before opening the box. They were a soft floral smell being 'spring blossom'. As the scent was strong I expected it to be overpowering on the clothes. The dryer balls reduce the time taken to dry your clothes, whilst fragrancing and separating your laundry for easier drying. I was really keen to try these, especially as the weather hasn't been brilliant, I have been relying on the dryer a lot. Again, I wasn't disappointed by these they reduced the drying time by around 30-40 minutes and eliminated the need to use a fabric softener. The fragrance balls give the clothing a soft scent, which wasn't overpowering whilst the modules on the balls allowed the clothes to be softer. I feel these balls will help us save more money when we need to use the dryer. The dryer Egg retails at £9.99 coming in 2 fragrances with refills costing £2.49. However, you don't need the refills as the egg can be used without if you prefer no fragrance.

Overall, I shall definitely continue to use the EcoEgg products. I feel overtime they will enable us to save a lot of money and help by not making Ashley's or Jacks skin worse with chemicals. I would definitely recommend it to others looking to save money, help the environment or for a product kinder to your skin.  

Please Note. I received these products from EcoEgg for the purpose of this review, all opinions and wording are my own 

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  1. Just started researching this as I was recommended by a few people to use it for my cloth nappies I'm loving all the reviews I'm seeing about it :) x



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