Jack's First Ever Bloods.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013
First Ever Blood Tests!

Today Jack had his first ever blood tests, and he was such a brave boy. Now I'm not just saying that because he's my boy but he really was.
So the reason we have had to go for bloods is because of the whole Pooping/Milk saga, so now we are testing to see if Jack has Coeliac disease. So 45 minutes before we went, I popped on the numbing cream which Jack hated and headed off to the hospital. As Jack is suffering really bad with his skin again its hard to find a place which hasn't got cracked skin, and as it had to be placed on opposite arms I chose the one looking the best.
When we got to the hospital there was a Phlebotomist and Nursery Nurse within the room to keep the children occupied, I found this great! But I'd taken my mum for support too. Jack was distracted with a book whilst they tried to get a vein from within his hand, this lasted for a short while but they he was being nosey at the lady trying to stick the needle in. With no luck in that hand, she went to the other inside arm, but as Jack's skin was flared up a lot she was unable to take any from here. Here I was then thinking, no blood so a wasted journey and even longer we need to wait to see what it wrong with Jack. However, the Phlebotomist informed us they had a cancellation in 45 minutes so she would pop some more cream on the other hand as she could see a vein in that one. After 45 minutes we went back, and luckily this time, with a bit of poking we were able to get some blood. Unfortunately for Jack the doctor had requested a lot of samples, so needed 10 bottles of blood to be sent off for testing! I think Jack was having the blood taken for around 10 minutes, I know we were in the room a while, but as the blood was coming out slow and she needed so much it took a while. Jack was happily amused between the noisy book, but also being nosey watching his blood being taken. There is one thing for sure, he's not scared of blood.
After he had his bloods, he had two little plasters and two stickers for being brave. Now we just have to wait for results, and if he's not Coeliac back to thinking what may be wrong.

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