Maxi Cosi Loola. Task 2

Wednesday, 31 July 2013
Maxi Cosi Loola. Task 2

So last week we received our Maxi Cosi Loola, our first task was to unpack and assemble. Then came task 2 – Hidden Treasures. This week we were challenged to take the Loola out and rediscover the area we live in and explore 3 new spots. Now this week has been a hard week for me, not with the task just in general so I could have been a lot more creative.

Visit to the Park.
Now, you may find it hard to believe but I have never taken Jack to our local park, ever! We have many parks in our little village but I normally go to the ones slightly further out which I find better. However, this is ‘new spots’ so after Jack was home from nursery I decided I would take him to the park for some family time as I hadn’t seen him all day. So into the Loola we got and went to explore the local park. Jack had great fun with a little help from daddy on the climbing frame and monkey bars. Unfortunately this is the park near the playing fields so looks a little worse for wear.

Feeding the Ducks.

 Again, near us there are several places to feed the ducks, generally I would take Jack a walk around and then feed the ducks at the nearest pond to us, so instead we went on a walk further afield and the fed the ducks. This did however encounter a long walk which the Loola coped well with, luckily by the time we got to the ducks there were a lot of them around to greet us and eat the bread. At our local pond there is only normally a handful of ducks so this was fun for Jack.

Visit to Chasewater Country Park & Railway.

 Our final hidden treasure was a walk to Chasewater and the railway. Now we have been to Chasewater on several occasions as we live quite near, however I decided to walk a different way – this being the hidden treasure. On walking a different way we discovered a field full of horses, various fruit bushes and lots of wildlife. The new way in which we walked was a lot more peaceful and scenic and provided lots for me to explore with Jack.


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