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Friday, 5 July 2013
Gone are the days of being able to go out t the drop of a coin, not only for the fact of childcare but money too. In fact we hardly have time as just the two of us anymore. However, times have change, we are now parents and nothing is greater than that. A night out for a meal and a glass of wine is sufficient for me.
How about nights in? Money Supermarket have set a challenge to have a big night in on a budget of £50, what you do is entirely up to you.
I came up with a variety of choices: inviting friends over, having a take-away, have a games evening or make some tasty treats. So we opted to make some tasty treats as a family and enjoy a film and some games - hoping Jack would be able to join in. However, as a working family, times and plans often change at the last minute. Jack wasn't feeling brilliant and Ashley was set to be home from work late. So, we changed our plans and opted for ordering a pizza in, watching a new film suitable for us all, enjoying some snacks and playing with some of Jacks toys to keep him occupied. I dropped by the local shops and picked up some snacks, drinks and a film. I then headed home and ordered a pizza to arrive and fetched out a variety of Jacks toy.

The film we purchased was Cars 2 as I thought that would suit all of us well, so to fit in I fetched Jack's car mat and cars out. When Ashley got home from work I set out some snacks whilst Ashley placed on the film and we waited for the pizza. The pizza finally arrived and our big night in was well under way. After the film was finished we set about putting Jack to bed, tiding the snacks and having a glass of wine for a cool down.
Although to some people this may seem an average and boring night, but to us it was thoroughly enjoyable. We had a quality family evening even after our plans were changed. We rarely get quality family time, especially on an evening so this was a lovely way to enjoy.
This is my entry to Money Supermarkets Big Night In to which I was given £50 to spend.

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