PaperThemes Wedding Planner Review

Friday, 5 July 2013
Paper Themes Wedding Planner Review

How essential are wedding planners? The book versions. Originally I wasn't sure this was needed as I stuffed more and more away into folders. Although this is cheap and easy to do it doesn't allow anywhere for the more detailed items. Recently I was sent a wedding planner from Paper Themes for review, I now feel a lot more organised and prepared as I continue to plan our big day. Paper Themes are mostly known for their range of wedding invitations, however they do a range of other products too. I have previously reviewed their gorgeous range of stationary.

The planner arrived in a large box - originally making me think, no way can I carry this around. However it was stored within a smaller box and wrapped up for safe dispatch. The planner itself is just larger than A5. The planner is cream and taupe in colour with a lovely heart print on the front. The planner has 6 tabbed sections, pouches to keep clippings or business cards in and a couple of polythene pockets for storing items in. The 6 sections cover a variety of subjects which I have reviewed individually.

1. Getting Started
This section covers all the basic items, such as a small checklist, a budget planner and an undated planner. The undated planner covers 2 years, so perfect for me as most plans cover a 1 year period. There is also a space in the back for notes.
2. Guests and Stationary
I guess this section is self explanatory, it includes a section to list the guests name, address, phone and email address. It also has a tick box for when you have sent the invite and they have accepted. Another part of this I found useful was you can write the gift you received from them after the wedding and again a tick box for if you have sent a Thank You card. I think this will come in very handy when sending out invitations and also thank you cards so you are able to keep on top of the replies.
3. Wardrobe
This is the section to keep your ideas and measurements in one place. Not only is it for the brides measurements but also the grooms, bridesmaids and ushers. There is also a handy section which you can write down all the shops you visited and a contact name and notes for each.
4. Wedding Day
This section covers all the details for the main running of the wedding day. The venue, food & drink, music & entertainment, flowers & decoration, photography & videography, transport and honeymoon. There is sections within each to write a variety of information and notes down and also plain pages to place some inspirational ideas.
5. Gifts
This section is all about gifts, but not only gifts you would like to receive but gifts you will give out on your wedding day to helpers. The section includes a place to document wedding lists and start creating a simple list of what you would like to purchase.
6. Contacts and Notes
This is a simple section for you to include any other contact information related to your wedding which you don't feel fit into the other sections. There is also a lot of blank pages for notes which you may think of along the way.

Overall, I think the wedding planner includes everything in which you need to prepare for your wedding. Throughout the planner there are notes and prompts to help you throughout which I found very useful and helpful. Especially at the stressful times. The only thing I feel is missing is pages to create a mood board, I guess this is the use of the polythene pockets however it can be nice to look at them all on an open spread.

I would definitely recommend this planner to other newly engaged and brides to be. I have found it useful so far and looking forward to continue using throughout my bridal planning journey.


  1. It does look very useful! I'm following on Bloglovin' now, visiting from the I Love My Post hop.

  2. That looks cool and yes, useful. That planner would definitely help newly engaged and brides to be to organize their weddings. Congratulations on your planning. I'm looking forward to reading more of your posts about your bridaly planning journey.


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