Speck FitFolio iPad Case Review

Tuesday, 16 July 2013
FitFolio iPad Case Review

When I attended Britmums live last month in my goody bag was a lovely phone case from Speck, now before Britmums I had never heard of Speck. Unfortunately for me the Speck case did not fit my phone, but after speaking with the lovely people there they offered to send me a case which would be useful. I therefore opted for a FitFolio for iPad in Lovebirds Teal as I found this design really cute. I had been looking for an iPad case for a while but couldn't find one in which I fell in love with.
So, as I'd never heard of Speck Products before this I thought I'd share a little about them. Speck was founded in 2001 by a group of California-based engineers. Speck love to design cases to fit Apple products and so many more; they also believe they should be stylish as well as protective.

I've been using the FitFolio for around a week now, and looking back I don't know how I ever managed without a case for my iPad. The design, stitching and fold of the FitFolio is perfect; the FitFolio can be at varying heights, this is the part I found most useful about this case. I've always had to use it flat or prop it up, but it would always fall down, this had made it much more convenient to use my iPad. I also like the fact it has spaces cut out in the right areas for all the different buttons and charging points. To enable to case to stand up, the FitFolio has small indents in a variety of heights, which with a small lip on the other side enable the case to make a stand. The small lip on the other side then doubles up as a clip to enable you to clip the case shut. Therefore, when you place the case into your bag or anything the screen won't get scratched with the cover coming off as it's fastened shut. The FitFolio case I had for review retails at $39.95, I definitely think this is a reasonable price, and would definitely recommend to others.
As I previously said, Speck also do a range of phone cases. I have a CandyShell Case for iPhone 5 available for a giveaway. This is in the colour Pool/Wild Salmon. This case provides a dual layer protection for your iPhone with a combination of lovely colours.

Please Note. I received this Case from Speck Products as my Goody Bag Present, I was under no obligation to Blog about it.



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