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Saturday, 20 July 2013
I recently applied to take part in the Money Supermarket Charcoal Challenge, where you are given a budget of £50 to host a Barbeque. Now I love to put on a good foodie spread but at the moment we are having the whole of our garden re-vamped so we set to have it at the in-laws - after all they would be invited. We had planned to have the BBQ sooner, but good old British weather had made changes to the plans, so 2 weeks ago we set to have our BBQ and perfect timing as the weather took a fantastic turn.
When the weather turns warmer everyone feels obligatory to host a BBQ, you don't want to be stuck inside when you could be enjoying the weather, however the cost of these can become expensive. Money Supermarket set the challenge to enjoy a BBQ on a £50 budget, some may say simple but when you add up the cost of the drinks, food, and charcoal or gas it can become a lot.
You can't just have meat for you BBQ so we began by adding some accompiments. (l-r)
We baked some mini bread rolls, which you could add butter/spread to if you wish.
Boiled some new potatoes with some mint for added flavour.
Prepared the Salad and herbs.
Made a mint yoghurt to compliment the salad garnish.
Prepared boiled eggs ready for an egg mayonnaise
Cut up cucumber and peppers.
Spun the salad leaves.
Washed and prepared all the salad and herbs.
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Of course, you can't have a BBQ with no meat, well only if your a vegetarian. (l-r)
The burgers and sausages were cooked on the BBQ - flame grilled effect
The burgers and sausages before being cooked.
Marinating the pork.
Chicken ready to go in the oven.
Pork ready to go in the oven.
Chicken after being cooked.

This was our overall spread of food for a simple BBQ as a family. (Behind the glasses is the cucumber). Also, not included on the photograph are butters and spreads for the bread rolls.
For desert we had a Trifle, you cannot beat a strawberry trifle with an added touch of booze.
For drinks, we had a selection of wines and juices which we already had in the cupboards and then brought some extra fizzy drinks as a special BBQ treat.
  Please Note. I received £50 as a payment from Money Supermarket to host this BBQ and share tips.

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